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SS Taorminia 1921

SS Taormina
which arrived
in New York November 1921.
The names are type written on
the manifest so
they are "as-is".
Individuals are listed by name
age and city they came from

Just a note for veiwers ..... I am NOT in anyway associated nor do I transcribe passenger lists for Rootsweb's Transcirbers Guild NOR Olive Tree. I transcribe for my Own benefit and the benefit of others. The other People that have posted here, are not in anyway associated (as far as I know) with Olive Tree or Transcribers Guild either. I hold my own Copyrights to my own Transcriptions. I do not hold copyright to donations of others on my page, they hold thier own Copyrights on thier own transcriptions. Thank you for visiting my pages.



VIRNO, Emilia 23 F Annunziata

sister, Rosalie 21 "

sister, Margherita 16 "

TARABORELLI, Maria Giuseppa 35 Casoli

(son)AGATONE, Giustino 12 "

" ", Domenico 10 "

MODARELLI, Maria Giuseppa 22 Colabraro

CRESTINO, Vincenzo 33 Roma

LANNI, Eugenio 21 Amantea

MAGNO, Rosina 35 Rovito

(daug)FORTINO, Adelina 8 "

SCURA, Demetrio 18 S Demetrio

LUZZI, Natale 26 "

GARCIONE, Giuseppe 16 Acri

VACCARO, Carmine 22 "

BASILE, Filomena 52 "

AMOROSO, Lucio 22 S Marco

ARENA, Francesco 34 Cosenza

GRAMOGLIA, Immacolata 20 S Marco

ESPOSITO, Carmine 24 Acri

RITOCCO, Salvatore 18 "

VIGLIONE, Liberato 21 Campagna

(wife), Luisa 26 "

BORRELLI, Crescenzo 22 Pignataro

CALIENTO, Pasquale 22 "

IZZILLO, Enrico 15 Ceppaloni

TEDESCO, Grazia 37 Guardavalle**
The individual's surname was
corrected in script from(TUTISCO)

(daug) FIORENZA, Assunta 12 "

DE SANDO, Michele 46 S Biase

FESTA, Maria Grazie 25 Prata

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