Amer. SS Vallencia Venezuela - NYJuly 9, 1883
America SS Vallencia
Capt. Samuel Hess
Venezuela via Curacao to NY
July 9, 1883

film donated by Erwin Pavlik
transcribed by

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Miguel Tafera         35      m   deprntst?               Venezuela   England 
F. Sengsbuch        27y2m     m   mining                  Venezuela   Venezuela
H. Shotbirgh          42      m   lietinant Dutch Navy    Curacao     Holland
C.  Shotbirgh       16y1mo    f                           Curacao     Holland
L. Shotbirgh          10      f                           Curacao     Holland
H. Oduber           20y3mo    m   student                 Curacao     England
C. Go?svia          35y2mo    m   student                 Curacao     England
John Gorsica?       18y3mo    m   student                 Curacao     England
Francesco Salas     45y2mo    m   merchant                Venezuela   Venezuela
Pedro Davila        16y1mo    m   student                 Venezuela   Venezuela
John Lembcke        53y7mo    m   farmer                  Germany     Germany
Mrs. J. Lembcke       18      f   farmer                  Germany     Germany
Miss L. Lembcke       18      f   farmer                  Germany     Germany
Miss C. Lembcke       15      f   farmer                  Germany     Germany
Ernst Knuckt*        27y8m     m   farmer                  Germany     Germany


**umlaut over u in knuckt 


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