SS Zaandam - Amsterdam to NY- May 26, 1883
 SS Zaandam

Amsterdam - NY
May 26, 1883
Capt. B. Chavilier


film donated by Erwin Pavlik
transcribed by

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J.F. Schelbert                     40    m    farmer         Netherlands
Hendrikje Schelbert                36    f                   Netherlands
Pieter Schelbert                   11    m                   Netherlands
Hendirck Schelbert                  9    m                   Netherlands
Jan Schelbert                       7    m                   Netherlands
Albertus Schelbert                  4    m                   Netherlands
Gerhardus Schelbert                 2    m                   Netherlands
Keert Boone                        25    m    farmer         Netherlands
Lubbetjo v.o. Berg                 21    f                   Netherlands
Elis. Boone                        6mo.  f                   Netherlands
Hillegicus Wierniga                55    f                   Netherlands
Willend deWit                      17    m    laborer        Netherlands
?  Beickema                        26    f                   Netherlands
Pieter Kul                         45    m    carpenter      Netherlands
Chalho Helemas                     49    f                   Netherlands
Tobias Helemas                     57    m                   Netherlands
Eugettje Helemas                   32    f                   Netherlands
Tobias Helemas                     11    m                   Netherlands
Geriena(Gersena) Helemas            5    f                   Netherlands
Albertina Helemas                   2    f                   Netherlands
Annegien Goldasuna                 22    f                   Netherlands
Jan Olthuns                        60    m    farmer         Netherlands
Sjord Olthuns                      26    f                   Netherlands
Anna Olthuns                       11    f                   Netherlands
Cornelia Olthuns                    9    f                   Netherlands
Mina Olthuns                        7    f                   Netherlands
Anlje Olthuns                       4    f                   Netherlands
E. Mulder                          38    f                   Netherlands
Janlje Blitrenna                   26    m                   Netherlands
Janlje Blitrenna                    4    m                   Netherlands
Wilke Blitrenna                     3    m                   Netherlands
Birk Blitrenna                     6mo   m                   Netherlands
Jacob Dejsterhuis                  50    m                   Netherlands
Troulvsino(Trouisvino) Hofstero    40    f                   Netherlands
Eliz. Hofstero                     16    f                   Netherlands
36) missing
37) missing
Jetsho Hofstero                    11?   f                   Netherlands
Gerrit Hofstero                     9    m                   Netherlands
Tjaat Hofstero                      7    m                   Netherlands
Henne Kerkhoffs                    36    m    carpenter      Netherlands
Derk Dykstra                       22    m    smith          Netherlands
Jan Mersnia                        29    m    saylor         Netherlands
Martje Duisterivwhol(al)           29    f                   Netherlands
Jantje Duisterivwhol(al)            3    m                   Netherlands
Elke Duisterivwhol(al)             26    f                   Netherlands
Martje Hamstra                     23    f                   Netherlands
Memel Sterkenburg                  57    m    clerk          Netherlands
Hendertje Posternia                59    f                   Netherlands
Bienke Sterkenburg                 29    f                   Netherlands
Jan Sterkenburg                    27    m    smith          Netherlands
Jelktje Sterkenburg                19    f                   Netherlands
Toÿutje Stap                       30    f                   Netherlands
Albert Noordhuis                   25    m    taylor         Netherlands
Frientje Sterkenburg               25    f                   Netherlands
Frans Noordhuis                  83or25  m                   Netherlands
Hendrikje Noordhuis                6mo   f                   Netherlands
Kietske Walbrück                   40    f                   Netherlands
Trÿutje Stap                       30    f                   Netherlands
Jacob Wolbrück                      8    m                   Netherlands
Gerrit Wolbrück                     4    m                   Netherlands
Jaio Wolbrück                       2    m                   Netherlands
Jantje Wolbrück                    6mo   m                   Netherlands
Pietas F v.d. Wal                  52    f                   Netherlands
Autje Wal                          42    f                   Netherlands
Hendrstje Wal                      17    m                   Netherlands
Klaus Wal                           3    m                   Netherlands
Oectje Wal                         11mo  f                   Netherlands
Gerrit Daneatra                    40    m    taylor         Netherlands
Bruntje Heins                      33    f                   Netherlands
Jan Heins                           7    m                   Netherlands
(Domves)Dowves Heins                6    m                   Netherlands
Zieter Heins                        3    m                   Netherlands
Sjvicke Ramman                     60    m    farmer         Netherlands
Paulin Bunwalda                    46    m    smith          Netherlands
Trÿntje (F)Tjepkema                40    f                   Netherlands
Tilke Bunwalda                     11    f                   Netherlands
Anna Bunwalda                       9    f                   Netherlands
Ljoicke Boemen                      9    m                   Netherlands
Martin Boemen                       8    m                   Netherlands
Jan Kaper                          23    m                   Netherlands
Burtje Baaisma                     23    f                   Netherlands
Alle Kaper                          5    f                   Netherlands
Gerlof Poelstra                    45    m                   Netherlands
Soaphe Poelstra                    40    f                   Netherlands
Willen Poelstra                     8    m                   Netherlands
Biet Poelstra                       4    m                   Netherlands
Hendrik deWal                      30    m    coachman       Netherlands
Antje deWal                        28    f                   Netherlands
Zieter B. Beitrema                 19    m    taylor         Netherlands
J.C. Haugweld                      55    m    farmer         Netherlands
Mina Huisman                       33    f                   Germany
Albert Janzen                      33    m                   Netherlands
Beren?ina Vrieke                   34    f                   Netherlands
Geertruida Gies                    56    f                   Netherlands
Johanna Vicere(Vocere)             20    f                   Netherlands
Mida Vicere(Vocere)                15    f                   Netherlands
Johannes Vicere(Vocere)            18    m                   Netherlands
Wihelmus Vicere(Vocere)            11    m                   Netherlands
Bernardus Vicere(Vocere)            2    m                   Netherlands
Marie Vicere(Vocere)               9mo   f                   Netherlands
Eduard Ter Steeg                   41    m                   Netherlands
Catha Tangeler(v)                  34    f                   Netherlands
Bernh. Ter Steeg                   11    m                   Netherlands
Eduard Ter Steeg                    7    m                   Netherlands
Martinus Ter Steeg                  4    m                   Netherlands
Gerhard Ter Steeg                   8    m                   Netherlands
Johannes Ter Steeg                  2    m                   Netherlands
Jacob Dieblined(?)                 24    m                   Netherlands
Joseph Maudl(Mandl)                57    m                   Netherlands
Emilie Maudl(Mandl)                33    f                   Netherlands
Therese Maudl(Mandl)               14    f                   Netherlands
Frank Maudl(Mandl)                 11    m                   Netherlands
Marie Maudl(Mandl)                  9    f                   Netherlands
Magdalina Maudl(Mandl)              6    f                   Netherlands
Jos Küur                           57    m    smith          Netherlands
Margaretha Küur                    56    f                   Netherlands
Mary Küur                          21    f                   Netherlands
Paul Küur                          25    m                   Netherlands
Andreas Küur                       16    m    taylor         Netherlands
Hildergard Kast                    20    f                   Netherlands
Clara Bieger                       23    f                   Netherlands
Hed Dusch                          47    m    farmer?        Netherlands
Anton Friedrich                    48    m    baker          Netherlands
Ottelie Friedrich                  14    f                   Netherlands
Mathias Friedrich                   9    m                   Netherlands
Rosa Friedrich                      6    f                   Netherlands
Friedr. Friedrich                   3    m                   Netherlands
Anna Friedrich                      2    f                   Netherlands
Johs. Kopfhamer                    22    m    smith          Netherlands
Paul Brumbenger(?)                 23    m                   Netherlands
Joseph Katheder                    19    m    farmer         Germany
Louisa Feick                       23    f                   Germany
Christ. Wollaldt(?)                25    m    smith          Germany
Gottl. Winkler                     28    m    farmer         Germany
Samuel Haas                        3?    m                   Germany
Marie Haas                         29    f                   Germany
Sam Haas                            5    m                   Germany
Johanna Haas                       11    f                   Germany
Cath Haas                           1    f                   Germany
Christian Haas                     2mo   m                   Germany
Magd. Schwargerer                  18    f                   Germany
Rosine Weiss                       30    f                   Germany
Michael Wieland                    48    m                   Germany
Rosine Wieland                     42    f                   Germany
Christine Wieland                  11    f                   Germany
Cath Wieland                        9    f                   Germany
Caroline Wieland                    4    f                   Germany
Martin Weidner                     77    m                   Germany
Jacob Claus                        35    m    carpenter      Germany
Friedr. Claus                       5    m                   Germany
Catherina Claus                     6    f                   Germany
Leno(Lena) Laber                   17    f                   Germany
Peter Laber                        16    m    taylor         Germany
Christ Pe?ie????                   26    m                   Germany
Pauline Bayer                      27    f                   Germany
Gottl. Bohoenger(Bohienger)        22    m                   Germany
Friedr. Lochile                    33    m                   Germany
Maria Leufer                       18    f                   Germany
Ludiv. Schle                       52    m                   Germany
Otto Schumpf                       19    m                   Germany
Carl Schmid                        19    m                   Germany
Sebert Schauer                     24    m                   Germany
Louise Bohoenger                   17    f                   Germany
Jacob Geiger                       33    m                   Germany
David Nagile                       31    m                   Germany
Sofia Mollema                      19    f                   Germany
Friedr. Nappaedt                   24    f                   Germany
Johannis Noessler(Roessler)        31    m                   Germany
Christine Welles(Willes)           24    f                   Germany
Elis. New                          12    f                   Germany
Math. New                           4    f                   Germany
Rich New                          6mo.   m                   Germany
Joseph Pfaudler                    22    m    taylor         Germany
Joseph Algeÿer                     25    m    baker          Germany
Marg. Koch                         31    f                   Germany
Heinr Koch                          9    m                   Germany
Albert Koch                         5    m                   Germany
Willi Koch                          4    m                   Germany
Eva Koch                            2    f                   Germany
Herman Koch                       3mo.   m                   Germany
Bertha Wonner(Women)               19    f                   Germany
? Hech Beisel                      17    m    farmer         Germany
Mich. Bohlman                      64    m    taylor         Germany
Friedr. Nössler(Rössler)           24    m                   Germany
Georg Müller                       42    m                   Germany
Carla Müller                       42    f                   Germany
Carolina Müller                    16    f    taylor         Germany
Deter Müller                       12    m                   Germany
Anna Müller                        11    f                   Germany
Ph. Müller                          9    m    taylor         Germany
Johan Müller                        5    m                   Germany
Karl Müller                        11    m                   Germany
Robt. Kremer                       27    m    smith          Germany
Philipp Tehl                       18    m                   Netherlands
Hermanus Vreman                    33    m    minister       Netherlands
Gerrit Bessückpa                   33    m    taylor         Netherlands
Berendina Bessückpa                34    f                   Netherlands
Jan Bessückpa                      11    m                   Netherlands
Johanna Bessückpa                   8    f                   Netherlands
Dirk Bessückpa                   7or4?   m                   Netherlands
Geertr. Bessückpa                 3mo.   f                   Netherlands
Christine Bessückpa                17    f                   Netherlands
Dirk Rensinck?                     32    m    farmer         Netherlands
Gerrit Rensinck?                   37    m                   Netherlands
Mina Rensinck?                     32    f                   Netherlands
Geertr. Rensinck?                  17    f                   Netherlands
Hendr Rensinck?                     7    m                   Netherlands
Dora Rensinck?                      4    f                   Netherlands
Gerrit Rensinck?                    1    m                   Netherlands
Berend Harbers                     52    m    baker          Netherlands
Dora Harbers                       52    f                   Netherlands
Geertr. Harbers                    22    m                   Netherlands
Johanna Harbers                    16    f                   Netherlands
Berend Harbers                     13    m                   Netherlands
Dora Harbers                       11    f                   Netherlands
Hendrik Harbers                    55    m      ?            Netherlands
Gerrit Klemparhousen?              20    m                   Netherlands
Jurgen deBoer                      24    m                   Netherlands
Anna Andreessen(Andreesser)        24    f                   Netherlands
Berend Dies                        24    m    farmer         Netherlands
Hendr. Hessinkoeh                  23    m                   Netherlands
Adrianus deVasf                    22    m                   Netherlands
Herbert deVasf                     21    m                   Netherlands
Pieter deVasf                      19    m                   Netherlands
Elis. Praffes                      25    f                   Netherlands
Herm. Homring(?)                   28    f    taylor         Netherlands
Klaas F(T)oppen                    27    m                   Netherlands
Haum(Hanm) Homring(?)               6    m                   Netherlands
P. Gueker(Gueter)                  27    m    smith          Germany
Wilh. Kramer                       25    m    farmer         Germany
Anna Kramer                        25    f                   Germany
Heinr. Kramer                      20    m    cork           Germany
Herm Kramer                        19    m    carpenter      Germany
Bernh. Kramer                      19    m    farmer         Germany
Weh.? Golling(?)                   30?   f                   Germany
Heinr. Schürman                    20    m                   Germany
Bern. Berning                      60    m    farmer         Germany
Anne Berning                       55    f                   Germany
Bernh. Tasthofen                   26    m    taylor         Germany
Peter Schiebeltowski(?)            40    m    farmer         Germany
Horenh(?) Schiebeltowski(?)        30    m                   Germany
Maria Schiebeltowski(?)             9    f                   Germany
Peter Schiebeltowski(?)             8    m                   Germany
Elise Schiebeltowski(?)             6    m                   Germany
Jacob Schiebeltowski(?)             4    m                   Germany
Johan Schiebeltowski(?)           3mo.   m                   Germany
Heinr. Bröer                       20    m    baker          Germany
Elisab. Nanninge                   59    f                   Germany
Daatje Theescher                   26    f                   Germany
Wilh. Blanke                       18    m                   Germany
Clara Meies                        20    f                   Germany
Martin Lomchowski                  30    m    zoeter(?)      Germany
Marie Lomchowski                   33    f                   Germany
Jacob Lomchowski                   10    m                   Germany
August Lomchowski                   4    m                   Germany
Frank Lomchowski                    2    m                   Germany
Therese Lomchowski                6mo.   f                   Germany
August Günther                     31    m    farmer         Germany
Jan Günther                        28    m                   Germany
Piet. Günther                       5    m                   Germany
Joseph Günther                    6mo.   m                   Germany
Walburge Kraft                     20    f                   Germany
Moses Tolkensten                   19    m      ?            Germany
Josef Schmidt                      30    m      ?            Germany
Robert Meusel                      20    m                   Germany
Sophie Kraubes                     20    f                   Germany
Carl Dehl                          37    m    smith          Germany
Bertha Dehl                        35    f                   Germany
Ewald Dehl                          5    m                   Germany
Carl Dehl                           4    m                   Germany
Anna Dehl                           3    f                   Germany
W. de Groat                        59    m    farmer         Germany
Tronwte Kuper(Knipers)             28    f                   Germany
Jan Holwarda                       50    m    baker          Germany
Jantje Holwarda                    45    f                   Germany
Goeste Holwarda                    17    f                   Germany
Seite Holwarda                     25    f                   Germany
Sietja Holwarda                    15    m                   Germany
Halse Holwarda                     11    m                   Germany
Jetske Holwarda                    10    f                   Germany
Grietje Holwarda                    8    f                   Germany
Albetus Jansen                     49    m    taylor         Germany
Grietje Jansen                     40    f                   Germany
Autjo Jansen                       49    f                   Germany
Ericke Jansen                      18    m                   Germany
Joha. Jansen                       16    m                   Germany
Albertus Jansen                     9    m                   Germany
Hendckje Jansen                     7    f                   Germany
Evert Kanninge(?)                  20    m    farmer         Germany
Menno Bernieha                     32    m    smith          Germany
Frans Jablouski                    30    m    baker          Germany
Johan Grune                        40    m                   Germany
Wilhelmine Grune                   38    f                   Germany
Johan Grune                        15    m                   Germany
Henri Grune                         6    m                   Germany
Joeline Grune                       3    f                   Germany 
Johan Risch                        16    m    carpenter      Germany
Rudolf Stark                       35    m    farmer         Germany
Auguste Stark                      33    f                   Germany
Elise Stark                        58    f                   Germany
Bertha Stark                       11    f                   Germany
Wilhelm Stark                       9    m                   Germany
Emily Stark                         5    f                   Germany
Friedr. Stark                     9mo.   m                   Germany
Julius Zieteh                      24    m    taylor         Netherlands
Geertr Goeren                      36    m    farmer         Netherlands
Renshe Goeren                      25    f                   Netherlands
Oels Goeren                         8    m                   Netherlands
Teke Goeren                         4    f                   Netherlands
Wietse Goeren                       2    f                   Netherlands
Gustje Goeren                      8mo   f                   Netherlands
Weite v.d. Peÿ                     40    m                   Netherlands
Jantjo Peÿ                         23    f                   Netherlands
C???tje Peÿ                        50    f                   Netherlands
C?udress Borginow(?)               17    m    taylor         Netherlands
Jacob Harringe                     46    m    farmer         Netherlands
Aaltje Harringe                    48    f                   Netherlands
Ysbrand Harringe                   11    m                   Netherlands
Johanna Harringe                    7    f                   Netherlands
Wilhelmina Harringe                 3    f                   Netherlands
Trientje Harringe                  17    f                   Netherlands
Jan Dorken                         23    m    taylor         Netherlands
Gabiel Kiewich(Kiewiëh)            40    m    farmer         Netherlands
Joanna Kiewich(Kiewiëh)            37    f                   Netherlands
Hendr. Kiewich(Kiewiëh)            13    m                   Netherlands
Catharina Kiewich(Kiewiëh)         12    f                   Netherlands
Cornella Kiewich(Kiewiëh)           9    f                   Netherlands
Johannes Kerkhof                   20    m                   Netherlands
Hans Grois                         27    m    baker          Netherlands
Grietjo Grois                      28    f                   Netherlands
Johannes Grois                     6mo   m                   Netherlands
Wollingjo Grois                    11    f                   Netherlands
Klaas Grois                         9    m                   Netherlands
Klarke Grois                       9mo   m                   Netherlands
D. v.d. Wal                        68    m    taylor         Netherlands
Antjë Wal                          66    f                   Netherlands
Hendr. Wal                         23    m    taylor         Netherlands
Roelf Wal                          20    m    carpenter      Netherlands
Jan Wal                            40    m    farmer         Netherlands
Herm. Wal                          39    m                   Netherlands
Hendr. Wal                         14    m    taylor         Netherlands
Jan Wal                             6    m                   Netherlands
Roelf Wal                           3    m                   Netherlands
Jelle Raasenia(Raasemia)           41    m                   Netherlands
Johanna Raasenia(Raasemia)         40    f                   Netherlands
Liebe Raasenia(Raasemia)           14    m                   Netherlands
Fietske Raasenia(Raasemia)          7    m                   Netherlands
Sietske Raasenia(Raasemia)          5    m                   Netherlands
Anna Falsma(Falsina)               23    f                   Netherlands
A. Cunesload(?)                    23    m    baker          Netherlands
I or J Verivey(Verävey)            17    m    saylor         Netherlands
A. v.d. Sloat                      19    m    smith          Netherlands
Heim. Doornboreh                   20    m    farmer         Netherlands
Jacob Glisch                       38    m    baker          Netherlands
Heim. Nyhoff                       30    m    clerk          Netherlands
Nicklas Weiss                      45    m    gardener       Belgium
Anna Weiss                         45    f                   Belgium
Mathias Weiss                       6    m                   Belgium
Johann Weiss                        4    m                   Belgium
Peter Weiss                        27    m                   Belgium
Man Guldenstein                    32    m    smith          Germany
? Pnaladowski                      24    f                   Germany
Fram Wallerad                      20    m    taylor         Germany
Carl Weiland                       33    m    ?              Germany
Bertha Frost(Trost)                27    f                   Germany
Emil Frost (Trost)                 6mo   m                   Germany
Anna Ebenhil                       47    f                   Germany
Maria Ebenhil                      10    f                   Germany
N? Peterson                        28    m                   Germany
Hanna Peterson                     26    f                   Germany
Christian Peterson                 6mo   m                   Germany
Laurens Postema(Posterna)          42    m    baker          Netherlands
Gietje Postema(Posterna)           38    f                   Netherlands
Jantjo Postema(Posterna)           24    m                   Netherlands
Klemps Postema(Posterna)           10    m                   Netherlands
Jantje Postema(Posterna)            8    f                   Netherlands
Nanus Postema(Posterna)             6    f                   Netherlands
Djoetje Postema(Posterna)           2    f                   Netherlands
Ljoen v.d. Meer                    38    m    taylor         Netherlands
Doÿke Meer                         35    f                   Netherlands
Hieltjo Meer                        6    f                   Netherlands
Gerritje Meer                       4    f                   Netherlands
Tokjo Meer                          2    f                   Netherlands
Jacob Febrowski                    21    m                   Netherlands
Johan Prpeujalh(?)                 40    m    carpenter      Germany
Casper Schweirser                  60    m    taylor         Germany
Aug. Stalks                        30    m    taylor         Germany
Anne Bröchers(Bröckers)            41    m    gardener       Netherlands
Hilda Bröchers(Bröckers)           14    f                   Netherlands
Nicklas Bröchers(Bröckers)         11    m                   Netherlands
Petrus Bröchers(Bröckers)          10    m                   Netherlands
Gerh. Bröchers(Bröckers)            3    m                   Netherlands
Johannes Bröchers(Bröckers)        6mo   m                   Netherlands
Loues Werkman                      23    m    farmer         Netherlands
Peiter Brah                        56    m                   Netherlands
Wilh. Brah                         16    f                   Netherlands
Nÿssina Brah                       11    f                   Netherlands
Wille de Jonge                     50    m    baker          Netherlands
Geerbünde de Jonge                 50    f                   Netherlands
Helene v.d. Berg                   41    m    taylor         Netherlands
Jantje Berg                        50    f                   Netherlands
Jan Berg                           11    m                   Netherlands
Grietje Berg                        9    f                   Netherlands
Pieter Berg                         7    m                   Netherlands
Etlberd Baller                     33    m    smith          Netherlands
Harm. v. Dÿh                       32    m    farmer         Netherlands
Klasien v. Dÿh                     29    f                   Netherlands
Pata Larson                        42    f                   Norway
Axel Larson                        12    m                   Norway
Lena Larson                        10    f                   Norway
Anna Larson                         5    f                   Norway
Amalia Larson                       3    f                   Norway
Johann Larson                      6mo   m                   Norway
Simon Kasswinski                   50    m                   Germany
Franz Kasswinski                   20    f                   Germany
Stanislaus Gosaski                 18    m                   Germany
Heinr. Christ                      35    m                   Germany
Elise Christ                       30    f                   Germany
Gustav Labude                      26    m    taylor         Germany
Joseph Ziller                      48    m    baker          Germany
Jan Smit                           50    m    farmer         Germany
Ferdn. Kling                       16    m    taylor         Germany
T. Beuthar(Benthar)                18    m    carpenter      Germany
Alb. Goldsmit                      16    m    farmer         Germany
Geertruda Scheer                   46    f                   Germany
Geertr. Scheer                     22    f                   Germany
Elise Scheer                       12    f                   Germany
Andreas Scheer                     10    m                   Germany
Hans Scheer                         4    m                   Germany
Arnold Schuers                     20    m                   Germany
Gerard Teuburek                    18    m    taylor         Germany
Wilh. Berlash                      39    m    farmer         Germany
Johan Leheurk                      25    m    smith          Germany
Robert Schneider                   45    m    smith          Germany
Wilh. Schneider                    28    f                   Germany
Georg. Schneider                   19    m    farmer         Germany
Robert Schneider                   11    m                   Germany
Rosalie Erber                      39    f                   Germany
Robert Erber                       16    m                   Germany
Anna Erber                         11    f                   Germany
Paul Erber                          9    m                   Germany
Bertha Erber                        7    f                   Germany
Rich. Erber                         5    m                   Germany
Otto Erber                          4    m                   Germany
Pieter Erber                       3mo   m                   Germany
Joseph Bauer                       22    m    taylor         Germany
Carl Wemsch(?)                     25    m    farmer         Germany
Johan Bauman                       17    m    taylor         Germany
Joh. Bradzweger                    23    m    baker          Germany
Carl Braün                         26    m    gardener       Germany
Julius Dietrich                    26    m                   Germany
Jacob Wenger                       24    m    taylor         Germany
Joseph Stözer                      20    m    baker          Germany
Leop. Kaltbërger                   20    m    farmer         Germany
Marga Roth                         41    f                   Germany
Mich. Roth                          7    m    smith          Germany
Heinr. Roth                         9    m                   Germany
Sophia Roth                        11    f                   Germany
Caroline Hausman                   19    f                   Germany
Corn. Wisve(Wisoe)                 27    m    farmer         Germany
Maria Wisve(Wisoe)                 27    f                   Germany
Isaac Wisve(Wisoe)                  6    m                   Germany
Susanna Wisve(Wisoe)                4    f                   Germany
Friedr. Köbler                     19    f                   Germany
Adelhein Leherer                   43    f                   Germany
Emelie Leherer                     20    f                   Germany
Marie Leherer                      18    f                   Germany
Pauline Leherer                    15    f                   Germany
Anna Leherer                       12    f                   Germany
Alfred Leherer                      9    m                   Germany
Philipp Leherer                    11mo  m                   Germany
Katha Lentr                        17    f                   Germany
Caroline Hait                      28    f                   Germany
Wilh. Hait                          2    m                   Germany
Alëu Fahrt(Fohrt)                  20    f                   Germany
Wilh. Mares                        37    m                   Germany
Apolona Schweisser                 24    f                   Germany
Eduard Baset(Baseh)                17    m                   Germany
Joseph Rapp                        26    m    taylor         Germany
Marie Rapp                         19    f                   Germany
Catha Weiss                        18    f                   Germany
Bertha Etorren                     19    f                   Germany
Johan Kreille                      26    m    farmer         Germany
Anna Taul                          25    f    farmer         Germany
Rosine Krebs                       20    f                   Germany
Christ Kehrer                      18    f                   Germany
Johan Hartmann                     24    m    gardener       Germany
Fredericke Hartmann                26    f                   Germany
Louise Deyle                       20    f                   Germany
Hch. Gerlach                       17    m    baker          Germany
Gottl. Claus                       24    m                   Germany
Emile Mähle                        19    f                   Germany
Andreas Kammer                     24    f                   Germany
Anna Heller                        25    f                   Germany
Marg. Bossler                      19    f                   Germany
Maria Schoubergard                 18    f                   Germany
Andreas Mendler                    46    m    farmer         Germany
Hch. Mugler                        35    m    baker          Germany
Rud. Bandscheck(uck)               26    m    smith          Germany
Michael Claus                      25    m    taylor         Germany
Marie Claus                        21    f                   Germany
Bernh. Claus                       6mo   m                   Germany
Joseph Balbach                     27    m                   Germany
Josef Jacob                        57    m                   Germany
Sophie Weber                       32    f                   Germany
Melchoir Zeller                    43    m    farmer         Germany
Maria Janck (Janek)                24    f                   Germany
Marg. Bohuer                       23?   f                   Germany
Jos.(Jas) Hindelborg(er)           22    m    baker          Germany
Philipp Lipp                       48    m    farmer?        Germany
?irl Lebart(Lehart)                23    m    taylor         Germany
Reinald Appelfelder                25    m    baker          Germany
Alfred Schulte                     16    m    saylor         Germany
Catha Dader                        45    f                   Germany
Elisa Dader                        10    f                   Germany
Wilh. Dader                         8    m                   Germany
Ludev. Dader                        5    m                   Germany
Friedr. Wagner                     17    m    gardener       Germany
Wendel Schüsler                    54    m    farmer         Germany
Catha Schüsler                     60    f                   Germany
Maria Schüsler                     21    f                   Germany
Maria Ehmann                       20    f                   Germany
Anna Blatz                         23    f                   Germany
Josephine Blatz                    16    f                   Germany
Emma Danner                        16    f                   Germany
Wilh. Danner                        5    m                   Germany
Wilh. Schüsler                     16    m                   Germany
Fritz E. Frey                      16    m                   Germany
Josef Manger                       23    m                   Germany
Lebart Hafner                      25    m                   Germany
Wilh. Schelling                    27    m    taylor         Germany
Robert Siniveel(Sinived)            8    m                   Germany
John Ellingson                      8    m                   Norway
Berend Ellingson                    5    m                   Norway
Aate Ellingson                      3    f                   Norway
Hans Bjouried(Bjourëd)             24    m    baker          Norway
Törjer Olsen                       42    m    smith          Norway
Gurine Olsen                       45    f                   Norway
Anna Olsen                         16    f                   Norway
Serenno(a) Olsen                   11mo  f                   Norway
Ole Olsen                           9    m                   Norway
Ole Abachansen                     32    m    farmer         Norway
Erik Johannisen                    18    m                   Norway
Marthe Larsen                      60    f                   Norway
Andres Olsen                       33    m    baker          Norway
Bandi Olsen                        32    m                   Norway
Kai Olsen                          52    m                   Norway
Hilda Olsen                         9    f                   Norway
Barend Olsen                       6mo   m                   Norway
Olaf Olsen                          5    m                   Norway
Peter Gandersen                    20    m    farmer         Norway
Nils Gandersen                     19    m    taylor         Norway
Christ. Michalsen                  46    f                   Norway
Hanna Michalsen                    17    f                   Norway
Jacob Michalsen                    11    m                   Norway
Karma Michalsen                     5    f                   Norway
Sigtjann(?) Michalsen              6mo   f                   Norway
Anelire(Axelire) Olsen              3    m                   Norway
Gabriel Jacobsen                   45    m    farmer         Norway
?(Harild) Hustrad                  36    m    smith          Norway
Marie Hustrad                      12    f                   Norway
Sarah Hustrad                       8    f                   Norway
Theodora Hustrad                    5    f                   Norway
Joseph Hustrad                      3    m                   Norway
Jacob Hustrad                      10    m                   Norway
Alois Hustrad                      6mo   m                   Norway
Hans Hänner                        36    m    baker          Norway
Ansan Olsen                        26    m    taylor         Norway
Alfred Christensen                 36    m    smith          Norway
Tellof Tellesen                    34    m    carpenter      Norway
Velas Betulsen                     20    m    baker          Norway
Osolf Osolfsen                     15    m                   Norway
Jörguis Esserwalden                40    m    farmer         Norway
Olse Jorgensen                     24    m    taylor         Norway
Josephine Jorgensen                40    f                   Norway
Jan Jorgensen                       5    m                   Norway
Anna Jorgensen                     12    f                   Norway
Helene Jorgensen                   20    f                   Norway
Olaf Jorgensen                     18    m    baker          Norway
Ole Ferjesen                       16    m    taylor         Norway
Aaneus Aaneussen                   50    m    smith          Norway
Arcner Aaneussen                   18    m                   Norway
Anna Marie Aaneussen               18    m?                  Norway
T. Borje Aaneussen                 48    m    farmer         Norway
Christ. Aaneussen                  41    f                   Norway
T or F  Aaneussen                  12    m                   Norway
Hanna Aaneussen                    10    f                   Norway
Carl Aaneussen                      8    m                   Norway
Hulda Aaneussen                     6    f                   Norway
Waren Knudsen                      55    m                   Norway
Anna Knudsen                       20    f                   Norway
Marie Knudsen                      17    f                   Norway
Karl Pcatow                        27    m    baker          Norway
E. Proitz                          16    m                   Norway
Ole Jensen                         25    m    gardener       Norway
Yder Ericksen                      22    m    smith          Norway
Christ. Ericksen                   19    m                   Norway
Johann Gulbradt                    58    m    farmer         Norway
Gui Mikkelsen                      22    m    laborer        Norway
Magnus Olsen                       20    m    smith          Norway
Claus Olsen                        50    m                   Norway
Anna Gansta                        30    f                   Norway
Lars Gelseth                       52    m    farmer         Norway
Mariet Gelseth                     48    m    baker          Norway
Berit Gelseth                      15    m                   Norway
Lars Gelseth                       11    m                   Norway
Peder Gelseth                       9    m                   Norway
Ingebrit Olderold                  45    m    farmer         Norway
Anna Olderold                       7    f                   Norway
Johnsen Mali                       50    m                   Norway
Emanuel Petersen                   47    m    smith          Norway
Peder Petersen                     17    m    saylor         Norway
John Emanuelsen                    11    m                   Norway
Mali Emanuelsen                     7    m                   Norway
Zigebrit Radoald                   48    m    minister?      Norway
Berit Radoald                      41    m                   Norway
Gisten Radtoald                    18    m    baker          Norway
Marie Radtoald                     11    f                   Norway
Johannes Radtoald                   8    m                   Norway
Jugebor Radtoald                    4    m                   Norway
Jannetje Radtoald                  3mo   f                   Norway
Johans Radtoald                    19    m    gardener       Norway
Ludwig Haven                       30    m    farmer         Denmark
Christ. Nicolassen                 18    m                   Denmark
Jens Fredericksen                  22    m    baker          Denmark
Marie Fredericksen                 20    f                   Denmark
Jacob Andriessen                   21    m    farmer         Denmark
Johannes Ebbessen                  25    m    smith          Denmark
Manna Lasow(Larson)                39    f                   Denmark
Peter Lasow(Larson)                 3    m                   Denmark
Maria Lasow(Larson)                6mo   f                   Denmark
Olof Larsen                        6mo   m                   Denmark
Hanna Datter                       48    f                   Sweden
Nielson Bant                       40    m    farmer         Sweden
Corn. Schipper                     47    m                   Netherlands
Anna Kase                          20    f                   Germany
Aug. Diechaler                     21    m    baker          Germany
Anna Sichles                       20    f                   Germany
Emma Boale                         28    f                   England
Cath Corts(Corls)                  24    f                   England
Charl. Francis                     22    f                   England
Katha Morgan                       19    f                   England
Chisr. Stanley                     28    m    farmer         England
Albert Tearn(Fearn)                17    m                   England
Fred Tearn(Fearn)                  17    m                   England
John Jonas                         27    m    baker          England
Alfred Sturm                       21    m    gardener       England
Mary Collins                       39    f                   England
Frank Collins                      18    m                   England
Charles Collins                    14    m                   England
Marie Collins                      11    f                   England
Joseph Collins                      9    m                   England
Pery Collins                        7    m                   England
Herbert Mallem                     19    m    tarber         England
William Towson                     56    m    taylor         England
Elise Towson                       28    f                   England
Emily Da????                       28    f                   England
Charlotte Wels                     33    f                   England
Emil Cainerstein                   32    m    farmer         England
Peter? Cowell(Cawell,Powell)       27    m    baker          England
Mary Cowell(Cawell,Powell)         27    f                   England
David Robinson                     22    m    taylor         England
Mich Retallie(r)                   24    m    baker          England
Whm. Retallie(r)                    4    m                   England
Adolf Retallie(r)                   2    m                   England
Albert Retallie(r)                 9mo   m                   England
John Gladslow                      34    m    farmer         England
Saml. Lines(Sines)                 27    m    smith          England
Amalia Lines(Sines)                28    f                   England
Will. Ennus                        39    m    farmer         England
John Carrigan                      23    m    taylor         England
Alfred Oxlade                      27    m    smith          England
John OBrien                        58    m    carpenter      England
John OBrien                        20    m                   England
Christ. Walter                     17    m    taylor         Germany
David Sulledig                     28    m                   England
Wilke Tder Heerberg                22    f                   Netherlands
Jan Pikkaart                       25    m                   Netherlands
Corn. Pikkaart                     27    f                   Netherlands
Mich Pikkaart                       3    m                   Netherlands
Ploontje(?) Pikkaart               10mo  f                   Netherlands
Adam Brown                         30    m    smith          England
John Hart                          25    m    smith          England
Hugh Collagan                      27    m    farmer         England
Mary Duffy                         21    f                   England
John Lÿnch                         23    m    farmer         England
Mich. Lÿnch                        17    m                   England
David Lamand                       19    m    farmer         England
Alex Hugie                         30    m    smith          England
Joseph Krause                      30    m    taylor         Germany
Aug. Ehlke                         21    m    gardener       Germany
Johann Eroth                       32    m    laborer        Germany
Carl Seib                          21    m    taylor         Germany
Meyer Trouberg                     32    m    smith          Germany
Wildfener(Wildfeuer)               32    f                   Germany
Ascher Larson                      18    m    farmer         Germany
Tirchel Adamowich                  40    m    farmer         Germany
Wilh. Müller(Mieller)              28    m    taylor         Germany
Bernh. Sones                       23    m    smith          Germany
Jacob Lhoinonch(?)                 49    m    gardener       Germany
Alfr. Christ                       15    m                   Germany
Ludw. Dahl                         47    m    farmer         Norway
Carl Sennen                        26    m    baker          Norway
Mina Warleman                      27    f                   Germany
Hch. Konig                         18    m    smith          Germany
Fr. Dorfmüller                     20    m    taylor         Germany
Vincentz Fiecke                    18    m    carpenter      Germany
Alex Nowochs(Nomochs)              22    m    farmer         Germany
Paula Malentia                     27    f                   Germany
Bernh. Huine                       20    m    taylor         Germany
Luden Kugge                        22    m    farmer         Germany
Rosa Beth Lange                    38    f                   Germany
Angela Lange                       10    f                   Germany
Antonia Lange                       9    f                   Germany
Ernest Lange                        5    m                   Germany
Antonia Talamini                   38    f                   Germany
Maria Talamini                     17    f                   Germany
Madalinae Talamini                 15    f                   Germany
Thomas Talamini                    10    f?                  Germany
Josephine Talamini                  8    f                   Germany
Caroline Talamini                   7    f                   Germany
Joseph Wusr                        22    m    farmer         Germany
Heinr. Kempes                      20    m    taylor         Germany
Berend Gorström                    37    m    saylor         Germany
John Sehiel                        18    m    gardener       Germany
Lorentz Blatz                      16    m    baker          Germany
Wilhelm Sturrn                     18    m    taylor         Germany
Henry Wantes(Wanter)               38    m    farmer         England
Henry Haygrew                      20    m    smith          England
Dennis Martin                      24    m    farmer         England
Anton Wysocki                      32    m    smith          Germany
Natalia Wysocki                    29    f                   Germany
Antonia Wysocki                     9mo   f                   Germany
Valent Nosckenoly(Noschenolz)      23    m    farmer         Germany
Fritz Reincke                      19    m    taylor         Germany
???lan Goldbauer                   59    m    farmer         Germany
Jan Jankman                        22    m    baker          Germany
Math. Villwoch                     25    f                   Germany
Heinr. König                       17    m    gardener       Germany
Carl Keirerberg                    30    m    farmer         Germany
Christ. Christoffels               40    m    taylor         Germany
Johan Weiss                        27    m    smith          Germany
Jacob Appemann(Appenbaum)          23    m    farmer         Germany
Jacob Sauer                        18    m    baker          Germany
Cath. Geljuis                      23    f                   Germany
Brand Krandsina                    35    m                   Netherlands
Chr. Jacobsen                      42    f                   Norway
Willem Harrings                    27    m    laborer        Netherlands
Eibe(Eëke) Harrings                25    f                   Netherlands
Daniel Harrings                    5mo   m                   Netherlands
Jan Prins                          32    m    gardener       Netherlands
Täsëhe(Täsëke) Prins               22    f                   Netherlands
Geeske Prins                       4mo   f                   Netherlands
Chafke Prins                       60    f                   Netherlands
Harte Prins                         4    m                   Netherlands
Jan Tewards                        25    m    farmer         Netherlands
Nils Olsen                         47    m    farmer         Norway
Anna Zeigt                         42    f                   Germany
Paul Zeigt                          9    m                   Germany
Maria Zeigt                        12    f                   Germany
Alois Zeigt                        1½    m                   Germany
August Sacher                      32    m    taylor         Germany
Heinr. Heide                       43    m    smith          Germany
Harm. Muke(Muhe)                   47    m    farmer         Germany
Anna Muke(Muhe)                    50    f                   Germany
Marens Muke(Muhe)                  18    m                   Germany
Hans Muke(Muhe)                    16    m                   Germany
Heinr. Muke(Muhe)                  12    m                   Germany
Johan Muke(Muhe)                    5    m                   Germany
Marie Muke(Muhe)                    3    f                   Germany
Emma Muke(Muhe)                    11mo  f                   Germany
Carl Heide                         15    m                   Germany
Leopold Blum                       49    m    farmer         Germany
Ole Gulbrandsen                    20    m    gardener       Norway
Reinard Gulbrandsen                17    m    taylor         Norway
Oline Gulbrandsen                  39    f                   Norway
Peter van Diepenbeer(?)            25    m    farmer         Netherlands
Julius Lange                       30    m    farmer         Germany
Peter Meurer                       30    m    farmer         Germany
Johanna Meurer                     29    f                   Germany
Catha Meurer                        3    f                   Germany
Johan Meurer                       4mo   m                   Germany
Sibella(Libella) Bellingham        63    f                   Germany
Christina Eich                     27    f                   Germany
B???? Bechstein                    17    f                   Germany
Carl T??ali                        29    m                   Germany
Ernst Tushe                        30    m    taylor         Germany
Johan Rutman                       19    m    smith          Netherlands
Pesnia Rutman                      22    f                   Netherlands
Johan Belt                         34    m    farmer         Germany
Carl Theiman                       35    m    farmer         Germany
Gerrit Zeeman                      26    m    gardener       Netherlands
Toÿntje Zeeman                     19    f                   Netherlands
Katha Zeeman                       11mo  f                   Netherlands
Christ. Rahlf                      38    m    farmer         Germany
August Riedel                      39    m    farmer         Germany
Leop. Grinfeld                     27    m    taylor         Germany
Anton Charlsen                     24    m    gardener       Sweden
Ludw. Schwardz                     29    m    farmer         Germany
Max Schwardz                        5    m                   Germany
Lara Schwardz                      11mo  f                   Germany
Joseph Schmitt                     23    m    smith          Germany
Jules deSac Martin                 36    m    farmer         Belgium
Carl Ruchenbradt                   25    m    laborer        Germany
Aug. Staelor                       50    m    farmer         Germany
Wilh. Staelor                      40    m                   Germany
Berten Staelor                     17    m                   Germany
Wilh. Staelor                      16    m                   Germany
Alb. Staelor                       14    m                   Germany
Ulrich Staelor                     10    m                   Germany
Friedr. Staelor                     8    m                   Germany
Julia Staelor                       5    f                   Germany
Herman Staelor                      2    m                   Germany
Carl Becher                        22    m    taylor         Germany
Jacob Flaretz                      39    m    baker          Germany
Clara Flaretz                      41    f                   Germany
Wilh. Flaretz                       7    m                   Germany
Christian Flaretz                   3    m                   Germany
Jules Wisterhas                    23    m    farmer         Germany
Arthur Fösser                      23    m    farmer         Germany
?  Kirstoff                        21    m    taylor         Germany
Mathias  ?                         60    m    smith          Germany
?  Rahlf                           60    m    taylor         Germany
Ludw. Dude                         40    m    gardener       Germany
Mina Dude                          12    f                   Germany
Wilh. Dude                         11    m                   Germany
Ludiv. Dude                         9    m                   Germany
Mina Dude                           7    f                   Germany
Frida Dude                          5    f                   Germany
Emma Dude                           2    f                   Germany
Herman Gerbrecht                   15    m    gardener       Germany
Louis Comedt                       41    m    farmer         Germany
Marie Comedt                       38    f                   Germany
Leontine Comedt                    15    f                   Germany
Rudolph Comedt                      9    m                   Germany
Telist(Felist) Comedt              4mo   m                   Germany
Dirk Brïnkerman                    19    m                   Netherlands
Christ. Rÿpersnan                  34    m                   Netherlands
R.H. Soeran(Loeran)                38    m                   Netherlands
Christ. D. Schaay                  19    m                   Netherlands
Caroline Leuselink                 19    f                   Netherlands
?  Sloatemaker(Sloatmaher)         12    m                   Netherlands
Alida Meiller(Müller)               7    f                   Netherlands
C. deBaer                          29    m                   Netherlands
F. deBaer                          27    f                   Netherlands
A. deBaer                         3y6m   m                   Netherlands
G.C. deLange                       35    m                   ?
Alice deLange                      22    f                   ?
Conr. Weistirch                    28    m                   Germany
Aug. Segler                        30    m                   Germany
Bertha Weigle                      22    f                   Germany
David Ruminski                     19    m                   Germany
August Albers                      26    m                   Germany






notes: all the occupations that are empty are followed by a ditto note, meaning if a male was a taylor as were his family and ones who followed. I left those out due to possible mistakes in note taking. Also this list had gotten hard to read, so I did my best to transcribe. If you find you have a relative here and want a copy of that particular part of the Manifest please send me an email and I would be happy to send you a scanned copy thru email as an attachment. Please make sure you put the name above and after as many names are alike, so I would like to make sure you recieve the right place in the manifest.
Good Luck to you all!!


©Ruth Anne Lucas©
all rights reserved on transcriptions
uploaded 8-7-2000