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This web site updated 1 Jan 2020

Steven D. Rutherford

World Connect not working so all links to family members do not work.  There is no time frame as to when it will be fixed.  I am looking for another site to host Tippah Familys and will post here when I find one that I like.  You can email me here EMAIL ME, thanks.



See the new Rutherford pictures from Randle Beavers

More new Rutherford pictures on the Henry Allison Rutherford family with thanks to Terry Rutherford and Lisa Rinewalt 

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Camburn Pic Page

now with some new pictures of Jamieson, Stark, and Childers from Bill West


This site dedicated to my 3rd Great Grandfather

Capt. William Williamson Rutherford

5 Jan 1833 - 17 Feb 1890

(Many thanks to my cousin Mildred Rutherford Holliday for this picture.)

See more new pictures at Rutherford Family Pictures


Welcome to all. I hope this site will help in your search for our past.

I got started on this project while researching my 3rd Great grandfather William Williamson Rutherford and his Civil War records. I continued with his brothers and started to have all this family information. So I decided to write it all down but that was becoming very large. I purchased a genealogy program and have been adding to it almost everyday now. It has become a very interesting hobby to find out about my past. So now I present this page for all of those who have touched my life whether they knew it or not. As with any project this size there will be errors, so please let me know if you find something that needs correcting. If you have additions let me know so I can include that family line. I hope you find what your looking for here. I have had a lot of people and family help with this project either in person or thru the internet. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Without people like you we couldn't do what we do.

Steven D. Rutherford 

Ripley, Tippah County, Mississippi 



OUR KIN                    Always


  Thanks to all who have contacted me with new information. Special thanks to Dan and Melissa Minter for some new RUTHERFORD PICTURES, check them out! Also to Sidney Dyess for the WILLIAMSON FAMILY PICTURES, and of course Bobby Rutherford for his hard work on the TEXAS RUTHERFORD's.

  If you and your family are not listed let me know and we'll get your line in here somewhere.

 Good luck with your search!!!


General Griffith Rutherford Monument at Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., TN town square.


My direct Rutherford line



Origin of the name Rutherford

General Griffith Rutherford updated

Rutherfords of Hunthill updated


The Rutherford Coat of Arms


Posted here by permission of Gary Rutherford Harding

See more of Gary's work at his website 

Rutherford Coat of Arms


I found this but make no claims as to its authenticity. I have no name to give credit to as this site is not signed by anyone that I could find. It has a good write-up on some of the Rutherford history (but not my family YET) and is very interesting. My understanding about Coat of Arms is that it is given to an individual and that it is passed down through the family. So this Rutherford Coat of Arms may not belong to all RUTHERFORD's.






Tippah County Mississippi Web Site


Fred's Tippah County Mississippi Civil War Web Site

In memory of Fred Cox


Bios of my Civil War Ancestors

Capt. William Williamson Rutherford (pic)

Lt. James McCullough Rutherford (pic)

Sgt. Thomas Franklin Rutherford (pic)

Pvt. John Lemon Rutherford (pic)

Pvt. Robert Walker Rutherford (pic)

Pvt. David Flynn Rutherford (pic)

Pvt. James M. Hawkins (tombstone pic)

Pvt. Prince Albert Washington Caviness ((working on it)

Bios were written from their official records.  

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Please submit yours today!!

I will start the Rutherford Family  with some of Bobby Rutherford's pictures he took while in Scotland and some others in Texas. I will be putting here, mainly older pictures, of our relatives. If you know of any old pictures of our Rutherford Family please let me know as I would like to share them with others. 

Check out the new Rutherford pictures from Dan and Melissa Minter!!  

I have added a new page for the Williamson Family with some excellent pictures from another distant cousin Sidney Dyess.  Enjoy!!

Rick Neal, has submitted some great pictures of his side of the family.  Look in the Rutherford Family to see these new pictures.  Thanks Rick!

See new Texas Rutherford pictures, thanks to Cullen and Diane Warren!

New Rutherford pics from Randle Beavers!


Rutherford Family Pictures


More Family Pictures

Family Stories

Williamson Pictures

Camburn Pic Page





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