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Arterberry Biographies

Taken from:


compiled by Dayton Birdwell (copyright 1992 by Wm. B. Harlan Memorial

Library of Tompkinsville, KY)

Published by Monroe County Press, Inc. of Tompkinsville, KY

(out of print)

Note from Nova Lemons: The article on Moses Arterberry was submitted by Wanda W. Walters and is on pages 164 and 165. The book also has 3 other Arterberry articles: Moses Alexander Arterberry and James Harvey Arterberry; Thompson Arterberry; and William Tyre Arterberry. Those articles are all on page 165 and the last two were submitted by Wanda W. Walters. I believe she also sent the article on Moses Alexander Arterberry and James Harvey Arterberry. The compiler must have forgotten to put her name with that article.

Also from Nova: p. 7 -- Tompkinsville in 1913, 1918-19. From a list of businesses and professionals listed in the TOMPKINSVILLE NEWS in 1913, 1918 and 1919 show: Attorneys -- H. T. Arterberry and Herman L. Arterberry.

Thanks Nova!

Moses Arterberry

Moses Arterberry came to the McFarland Creek area of Ky by 1811, as listed in local census . He had sold land in Chester co S.C. which had been left to him by his father, Nathan. He moved after the 1800 census of that county. Moses, wife,Mary Alexander, assumed to have been bor nin S.C. also. Moses,James, Elijah,and Elizabeth were the children of Nathan and Pattey Arterberry, as establishedby despersal of property papers executed in 1796, since there was no will. All of the family settled in neighboring counties of Kentucky and Tennessee. Gov. Thomas Metcalfe granted Moses 17 acres of land in early 1800, and before a boundry change it was located in Tennessee. Many land grants secured by members of the family on McFarland Creek. Family legend has Moses fought in the war of 1812, when the records were researched it was found that he fought in Capt. James Bennet's Company of the infantry in Col. Robert Steels regiment of the Tennessee Malitia. Census record show that Moses and Mary between 1875 -1880, (must be a type o it should say 1775-1780 because both died in Monroe County, Kentucky in 1840.) They had a large family possibly 10 children. Known children were THOMPSON, WILEY ,BENNETT, GEORGE, MOSES, NANCY, and perhaps MARTHA & DICEY. a grandson BENJAMIN FRANKLIN ARTERBERRY, was quoted in the BIOGRAPHICAL SOUVERNIER OF THE STATE OF TEXAS,as saying about his grandpa Moses , "he was a man of some what agressive, adventurous, disposition , fond of the chase and keenly sensible of the pleasures of pioneer life ... nor in anywise deferred from pursuing those pleasures by thier accompanying perils." Partly in defense of the statement that his grandfather was not young when he was asoldier in the war of 1812.

Thompson Arterberry, born 19 May 1806, probably in South Carolina. Moved with his parents Moses and Mary Alexander Arterberry to Jackson County, Tennessee before 1811. Married a neighbor girl Elizabeth Johns about 1829. Elizabeth was born 17 May 1813. Seven of their children were born in Jackson county, Tennessee and 5 in Monroe County, Kentucky.

James Harvey, born 31 Jan 1831, died 13 July 1875

Benjamin Franklin, born 11 Dec 1832, died ? in Texas

William Tyre, born 27 May 1834, died 26 July 1863

Moses Alexander, born 11 Dec 1837, died 28 Mar 1862

William Campbell, born 30 Dec 1839, died ?

Nancy A. born 12 Apr 1842, died ? in Texas (Note, Nancy Ann died in Granite, Greer County, Oklahoma)

Lucindy Barnettee, born 1 June 1845, died ? in Texas

Mary L. born 21 Feb 1847, died in Texas

Martha Rosetta, born 6 Aug 1850, died in Kentucky

Sarah Lee Anne, born 8 May 1853, died 31 July 1855

Marion Bertrand, born 12 Apr 1856, died in Texas

Sarah Lee Ann Wilson, born 5 Mar 1858, died ?

Thompson, born 5 Sept 1860, died ? (Note: some researcher show this Thompson as being the son of William Tyre but not only does it show this Thompson as the son of Thompson Sr and Elizabeth Johns in the Monroe County book, but I also have copies of the original bible records showing Thompson as the 13th child of Thompson Sr. and Elizabeth. Thirdly, I have records from Reed Rush in his own handwriting listing this Thompson as the 13th child.)

Thompson received several grants of land in county court orders of McFarland Creek near Cumberland River and they purchased many more acres of land. The Arterberry farm was beautiful and very productive, their sons purchased land adjoining their parents farm. The last family member to own land was a grandson JOHN FRANKLIN ARTERBERRY, the second son BENJAMIN FRANKLIN and wife NANCY WILLIAMS ANDREWS, moved to Greyson Texas buying land there before 1859 , in time for Benjamin Franklin to fight in the Civil War, the eldest son James Harvey remained on the farm with his parents. After his 2 brothers William Tyre & Moses Alexander died during the war. The fifth son Wilson C. was a bugler in the Army and went to Texas with his wife, Catherine Martin. After the war, THOMPSON died 5Sept 1872, and was buried on a bluff overlooking the farm. After her husband's death, Elizabeth went to Texas & died in Venus,Johnson County, 9 june 1892.

Other family members that moved to Texas were, Nancy Ann and her husband, Jefferson Davis, Mary Lucetta and husband Francis M. Wright, Sara L.W. and husband W.R. Davis, Lucinda Bernetta, was married in Texas to Benjamin Barnes, Martha Rosetta was married to Lewis Foster, Marion Bertrand moved to Texas was never married.

Moses Alexander and James Harvey Arterberry

Moses Alexander and James Harvey Arterberry, were sons of Thompson Arterberry and Elizabeth Johns. She was the daughter of William Harvey and Nancy Ann (Hughlett) Johns.

Moses Alexander, born, 11 dec 1862, He married Catherine Sims. Born to them were 2 children, John Franklin born 23 Nov 1860, died 18 Mar 1947 & Mary Alexander born 15 may 1862 ,died 31 July 1930. ( Moses Alexader born date must be wrong but that was the way it is written in the book) In the 1862, Moses Alexander was on his way to the barn when soldiers came riding up to his house. His wife begged them not to kill him, although they shot and killed him while Catherine was holding on to his coat. (Note: Catherine was 8 months pregnant with their child, Mary Alexander.) The holes to this day can be seen in the gate next to his house. About 2 years after his death, Catherine married Moses Alexander's oldest brother James Harvey Arterberry. They had 5 children

Alice L, born 14 Oct 186? died 13 may 1941. Alice married SAM SMITH Children: Bedford and Fred

Eunice M, born 8 July 1867, died ? Eunice married James T. Rush. Children: Raymond and Reed

Cora Elizabeth, born 187?, died 17 June 1930. Cora Elizabeth married Will D. White. Children: Ernest, Kate and Eston

Ida Bell, born 27 Oct 1871, died ?. Ida Bell married Jim Ishom Thompson. Children: Ray, Audrey and Alva Kate.

William Tyre Arterberry

William Tyre Arterberry was the third child of Thompson & Elizabeth (Johns) Arterberry. Born 27 May 1835 in Jackson County, Tennessee. He was living on the family farm in the 1850 census. William Tyre was taken along with his parents and siblings, by 1860 census for Monroe County, Kentucky. William Tyre and Moses Alexander had purchased their own farms. William Tyre married Catherine Black in Overton County (no state given, but this is Tennessee) 28 Aug 1856. Their first child, Martha Elizabeth born 18 Sept 1859. Catherine, daughter of Thomas & Nancy (Holman) Black. The young couple had at least one grant of land for 200 acres adjoining other Arterberry land. The land was said to be very fertile and they successfully farmed until William Tyre enlisted in the army during the Civil War. The date of his enrollment, 19 Aug 1862 in Lebanon. The soldiers were assigned for a period of three years or as long as the war should last. His company was 'M' in the 9th regiment of the Pennsylvania Calvery Volunteers. The pension papers attest to the fact that on his entry, William Tyre was a very healthy young man. During various periods of time, he was in hospitals in Murfreesboro, Lebanon, Louisville, and Nashville. Catherine Black Arterberry remarried after the death of her husband to John Bayless Hestand. His parents were Byran & Mary Ann (Bayless) Hestand from Monroe County, Kentucky. William Purcell married John & Catherine at the Germany Church 2 April 1862. James Harvey Arterberry & John White as witness. Four children were born to this family. Julie and Hardy, born in Monroe County, Louella & Bedford born in Jackson County. the family apparently lived for a period of time with Catherine's mother, Nancy Neely & stepfather. Martha Elizabeth married James Bailey Weaver of Butlers Landing, Clay County, Tennessee. they were the parents of 5 children: William Radford, Mary Kate, Annie Lou, Samuel Bedford and Bryan Weaver. William Tyre and Catherine's son, Thompson married Mollie Stone in Celina, Tennessee and soon moved with the Hestands to Texas. Thompson settled in Collin County, while John and Catherine followed the Oklahoma land rush and settled in Canadian County, Oklahoma.

Note: Again, this information is incorrect concerning the above mentioned Thompson. He was NOT the son of William Tyre and Catherine Black. He also settled in Celina, Texas where he is burried.


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