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Ancestors and Descendants of our Baker, Williams,

Pira, Bit-Abram, Paur, (and more) Families


Genealogical Research and History


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Richard Walter Baker









For there was a time when every man was a part of his mother, and (earlier still) part of his father as well: and when they were part of his grandparents. If you could see the humanity spread out in time, as God sees it, it would not look like a lot of separate things dotted about. It would look like one single growing thing  - rather like a very complete tree. Every individual would appear connected with every other. And not only that. Individuals are not really separate from God any more than from one another. Every man, woman, and child all over the world is feeling and breathing at this moment only because God, so to speak, is ‘keeping him going.”

Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis




BD14868_         Welcome to my genealogy research website.

I have posted this genealogy/ancestry Website for my fellow genealogy researchers. Information from this site may be used to aid your own genealogy research. These files represent part of my ongoing family history research findings.


Richard W. Baker


“We All Do Fade As A Leaf”


Majestic tree, thy beauty shines

In budding spring and summer green:

But autumn brings thy blushing smile,

Surpassing all before had been.


Cold blasts will strip thee of thy robe,

And bring thy beauty to the ground,

But fallen leaves enrich the earth

That yet a larger life be found.


Teach me the way that I should live,

Filling each day with duty done;

Let passing years my ripeness prove,

Tho’ life as yet is just begun.


Autumn of years, while vigor fails,

Brings fitness for the life to be;

Then welcome winter, frost and snow;

Beyond, another spring I see.


Written by my great grandfather

Rev. Owen A. Williams – Oct. 27, 1914

Born 1837 – Died 1915






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*       More about the Nicholas Baker family:




awillbu1  Nicholas Baker of Baltimore/Harford Co., MD

An updated genealogy of Nicholas Baker


Nicholas Baker married Martha Wood, 4 Jan 1741 in St. George’s Parish, Baltimore Co., Maryland.

Nicholas came to America in September 1737 aboard the ship Pretty Patsy (Pretty Patsie). The passengers on that ship had been held at the Newgate Goal in London, England and had been sentenced to transportation (deportation) to America. The tobacco merchant Jonathan Forward traded these men for cash or tobacco in Maryland. Nicholas Baker was charged with the theft of a pair of shoes and some lace. Others on this ship are known to have prospered in Maryland as did Nicholas Baker.

I have found no evidence, and have no reason to believe, that Maurice Baker  is the father of this Nicholas Baker. One should beware of genealogies declaring that Maurice Baker is the father of Nicholas Baker (husband of Martha Wood) who resided in Baltimore/Harford Co., MD in the mid 1700s.

Also in error are genealogies that state Nicholas Baker’s son, Nicholas Jr., married Mary Stevens. He married Agnes (surname unknown).


image014    Evidence Relating to the Above Warning


          awillbu1  The Family of Nicholas Baker of Baltimore/Harford Co., MD

By Jon Harlan Livezey

“No proof of relationship of the Nicholas Baker family with the other Bakers outside of the Carsins Run- Aberdeen area has yet been unearthed.”

“Nicholas in 1737 was apparently living in the part of Spesutia Upper Hundred which became Susquehanna Hundred.

In 1768, he was described as a planter when he leased the 125 acre tract of ‘Halls Plaines,’ where he was living, from

William Horton for ten years. He died sometime before May 1774, when his estate was opened.”

“The register of St. George’s Parish gives the senior Nicholas’s marriage to Martha Wood [b. 14 Feb 1724, dau. Of

Joshua & Martha] as 4 January 1741. The children were Providence, b. 17 Sep 1743, Nicholas, b. 1 Sep. 1748, Benjamin, b. 16 Mar 1750, Martha, b. 12 Mar 1754, John Wood, b. 2 Jul 1756, George, b. 23 Jan 1759, and Joshua, b. 1 Jun 1761.

Nicholas m. (2) Mary, apparently identical with Mary Gilbert, b. 9 Oct 1747, the daughter of Charles and Elizabeth

(Hawkins) Gilbert, who m. (2) James Horner, by whom she had children. Nicholas and Mary had daughters,

Mary, b. 12 Mar 1765, and Susannah, b. 5 Aug 1768.”


          awillbu1  Nicholas Baker II, John Wood Baker & George Baker – sons of Nicholas & Martha Wood Baker


Descendants of Nicholas Baker II (son of Nicholas)


Descendants of John Wood Baker (son of Nicholas)


Will of John Wood Baker

This page includes a transcribed Last Will and Testament and short biography from the History of Washington Co., PA.


                        Descendants of George Baker (son of Nicholas)










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