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"Hello All and Welcome to Robert and Ruth Wills' Genealogy Page"

Our Family Surnames Include:
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A Little about our Family: Ruth and Robert have been married for 36 years and we have 3 children together. Robert has 5 more children and we have 17 grandchildren. We feel it a necessity to leave a record of their heritage for them.

Ruth was one of ten children from the Nickles family and most of us were adopted. After the death of my adopted Mother I started searching for my family. Within 2 years I had gathered all of my brothers and sisters together. We had been seperated for 50 years. We now have a Nickles Family Reunion every year in Frankfort, Indiana in the town where we were born. This led to my interest in genealogy.

On July 25, 2002 my brother, Robert James Moore, was called home by our Lord and Savior. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten.

My husband, Robert, has always been the push behind me to find my family. He also got interested in tracing his family heritage. Being one of the eldest members of his family, he feels it important to preserve the family records for his decendants as well. He has researched his family, Wills and Jones, back to the pre-revolutionary war era. He has found his family was friends with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry, and helped win our independence from England. His Grandmother was also a member of the McCoy Clan of the Hatfields and McCoys Feud. Both sides of his family were instrumental in the settling of the state of Kentucky well before it became a state and were among the original pioneers in that area.

Our records are complied from several different people and resources. If anyone should find any errors in our research, or have any information to add, please email me with the correct information.