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Stewart Burials in Puslinch (Presbyterian) Cemeteries

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Contents of this page

  1. Introduction
  2. Stewarts in Killean Cemetery
  3. Stewarts in Crieff Cemetery
  4. Stewarts in Crown Cemetery
  5. Index of Burials
  6. Burial Transcriptions
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This page is a continuation of the study of pioneer families in Puslinch Township with the surname Stewart.  If you are just arriving here from somewhere else then you may wish to begin here.

Anyone researching Stewarts in the Puslinch area is eventually likely to end up at one of the three Presbyterian cemeteries: Crown, Crieff, or Killean. I have presented a listing of all the Stewarts buried in these cemeteries along with a reference to which family the deceased belongs to. For a history on each of the families please refer to the links at the left.

It's certainly true that not all of the pioneer families in Puslinch were Presbyterians, and there are also cemeteries from other denominations in Puslinch, however all of the Stewarts known to be living in Puslinch prior to 1860 were Scots Presbyterians.  So it's reasonably certain that all of the pioneer Stewarts who were buried in Puslinch are PROBABLY represented on this page.  Their descendants, however, may be found in other cemeteries.  If you are aware of any pioneer Stewarts from Puslinch who are buried in Puslinch but who do not appear in this work, please contact me so that I may add their information for other researchers.

I have so far been able to account for over 80% of the Stewarts buried in Crown, Crieff, and Killean Cemeteries; in fact, only 12 of the 97 Stewarts listed below have not been accounted for elsewhere in this work. I hope this will save future Stewart researchers a great deal of time.

Stewarts in Killean Cemetery

There are no "Stewarts" buried in Killean Cemetery, however there is the following stone for a �John Stewat� (with no �r�), probably a misspelling of Stewart.  If it is a misspelling, please note that the stone is actually engraved "Stewat", and it is NOT a transcription error.

bulletJohn Stewat, died May 1858, age 62 years (age is unclear, it could also be 42 or 32 years) of Perthshire, Scotland. (unknown family)

Such a person does not correspond with any known John Stewart found elsewhere in this project.  He MAY be the John Stewart "of Scotland" from the Other Stray Stewarts.

Stewarts in Crieff Cemetery

The following entries were personally transcribed by me.

bulletAllan C. Stewart d Dec29, 1919, 68th yr, (b 1852), wife Jennie Paddock, d Jan 18 1944 77th yr (b 1868). (Crieff family)
bulletDonald Stewart, d Apr 23 1889, age 82, (b 1807), native of Perthshire, Catherine Cameron, wife of Donald, d Feb 22, 1904, age 88, (b 1816). Elizabeth Stewart d Jan 25, 1925, age 83 yrs (b 1842) (Crieff family)
bulletDonald Stewart, d July 23,1935, 81st yr, (b 1854), wife Euphemia M. Martin, d Nov 11, 1924, 47th yr (b 1878) (Crieff family)
bulletIsabella Stewart 1877- 1921, and a second Isabella Stewart on the same stone simply noted as "died Nov 17, 1937" (Stray Stewarts: Robert of Beverly)
bulletAlexander McGregor Stewart, Oct 3, 1906-July 14, 1964. (Crieff family)
bulletEdna F. Stewart, July 10, 1910-Aug 16, 1966, husband Douglas Lane. (Crieff family)
bulletL. Bruce Stewart, 1913-1975, wife Emily M. 1916-1998. Donald A. Stewart, 1903-1991. Merne Nicol, 1898-1981. (Crieff family)

The following stone is mostly unreadable at the cemetery, but is found in the 1977 transcriptions:

bulletStewart, William A. died 12 Nov. 1871 at 3 years and 1 month, son of Stewart, Robert & Isabella.  Daughter, Margaret died 6 Nov 1871 at 7 years and 6 months, and daughter Stewart, Agnes, died 17 Nov 1871 at 5 years and 6 months. All that is visible reads: " Erected by Isabella Stewart in memory of her beloved children" (Stray Stewarts: Robert of Beverly)

Stewarts in Crown Cemetery

Many of the old stones in Crown Cemetery are so worn now that they are almost impossible to read. Thankfully, the Ontario Genealogical Society had the foresight to transcribe these stones in 1984-85. The complete transcriptions are available from the Puslinch Historical Society. Below, I have reprinted the references to all the Stewarts buried in Crown and listed in the transcriptions. Beside each transcription I have noted which of the Stewart families the deceased belongs to. The index system used below is the same as that used in the Crown Cemetery transcriptions in order to facilitate easy cross-referencing.

bulletCrown Cemetery Transcriptions - (c)1989, Waterloo-Wellington Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society, Kitchener, transcribed by members of the Waterloo-Wellington Branch OGS, supervised and collated by Norma Huber, data entry by Sybil Card Crawford.

Index of Burials

All of the following persons are surnamed Stewart.  Please check below for the corresponding cross-reference.

bulletAgnes - C-76
bulletAlexander - C-66, C-76
bulletAlexander - C-284
bulletAlexander - C-310
bulletAllan - C-310
bulletAndrew - C-105
bulletAngus - C-233
bulletAnnie I. (Clark) - A4-6
bulletBeatrice - D13-13
bulletCatherine A. - D15-16
bulletCatharine (Kennedy) - C-66, C-76
bulletCatharine - A5-5,
bulletCatharine - C-140
bulletCatharine - C-162
bulletCatharine - C-233
bulletCatherine (McPherson) - A3-8
bulletCharles K. - D24-6
bulletDavid Currie - A4-5
bulletDonald - D16-10
bulletDonald - D21-3
bulletDonald A - D2-10
bulletDonald W. - D8-7
bulletDuncan - C-371
bulletElizabeth - C-310
bulletElizabeth (McPherson) - C-284
bulletElizabeth S. - D15-16
bulletFlorence J. (Swanston) - D2-1
bulletFrances May (McIntosh) - A5-7
bulletGeorge A. - A4-6
bulletGeorge A. - D15-17
bulletGertrude M. (Playfair) - A4-4
bulletGordon Lachlan - A5-7
bulletHarvey A. - D15-17
bulletHowitt - D24-7
bulletHowitt J. - D13-11
bulletIda May - C-367
bulletIsabel J. - D9-15
bulletJames - C-370
bulletJames S. - C-32, C34W
bulletJane - C-76
bulletJane G. (Pinkney) - A4-5
bulletJanet - C-104
bulletJanet - C-367
bulletJanet H. (Ross) - C-232
bulletJean - D24-7
bulletJean (Chisolm) - D13-11
bulletJean Elizabeth - D11-17
bulletJennett - C-310
bulletJohn - C-65
bulletJohn - C-284
bulletJohn - D24-8
bulletJohn Harvey - D10-18
bulletJoseph M. - A4-1
bulletKaye L. - D6-5
bulletKenneth - D10-1
bulletMargaret - A5-5
bulletMargaret - C-105
bulletMargaret - C309
bulletMargaret (Bell) - D16-10
bulletMargaret Elizabeth - C-233
bulletMargaret I. - D15-17
bulletMargaret Jane (Meldrum) - C-32
bulletMargery - D21-2
bulletMary - C370
bulletMary - D15-16
bulletMary (Gillespie) - C-162
bulletMary (McWilliams) - C-233
bulletMary J. (Currie) - D24-6
bulletMurray - D24-7
bulletNeil - A3-8
bulletNellie (Broadfoot) - D10-18
bulletOlive M. (Wyse) - D24-6
bulletPeter - D10-1
bulletRobert - D17-12
bulletRobert - C-162
bulletRobert - C-232
bulletRobert - D15-16
bulletRobert Russell - A5-5
bulletWilliam - C-233
bulletWilliam E. - D24-6
bulletWilliam R. - A4-7

Burial Transcriptions

A3-8 In memory of Neil Stewart, 1872-1954, his wife, Catharine McPherson, 1871-1953. (Comrie family)

A4-1 This is an error in the original transcription index. It should read "A4-4".

A4-4 In loving memory of Joseph M. Stewart, 1894-1978, wife, Gertrude M. Playfair, 1902-1983. (Mountsberg family)

A4-5 In loving memory of David Currie Stewart, 1888-1959, husband of Jane G. Pinkney, 1889-1981. (Mountsberg family)

A4-6 In loving memory of George A. Stewart, 1890-1964, his wife, Annie I. Clark [no dates for Annie]. (Mountsberg family)

A4-7 William R. Stewart, 1929-1994, his beloved wife, Audrey H. Stewart, 1940-1982. (Mountsberg family)

A5-5 In loving memory of James W. Dainard, 1898-1949, beloved husband of Margaret Stewart, 1896-1960. Robert Russell Stewart, 1898-1950. In loving memory of Neil Finch 1908- ___ [still living as of 1984 transcriptions], beloved husband of Catharine Stewart, 1906 - ___ [still living as of 1984 transcriptions]. Their daughter, Mary E. Finch, 1943-1950. (Mountsberg family)

A5-7 In loving memory of Gordon Lachlan Stewart, September 22, 1890-September 30, 1972, his wife, Frances Mary McIntosh, October 11, 1895 - June 25, 1975. (Mountsberg family)

C-32 In memory of Margaret Jane Meldrum beloved wife of Rev. James S. Stewart, who died November 20, 1884, aged 37 years and 7 days. (unknown family)

C-34W Rev. James S. Stewart, 1840-1918, interred in Ottawa (other Meldrum family members listed).  (unknown family)

C-65 John Stewart, a native of Perthshire, died November 25, 1856, age 83 years. (Mountsberg family)

C-66 Alexander Stewart died 23rd December 1889, Aged 83 years and 4 months, A native of Perthshire, Scotland. (Mountsberg family)

C-76 In memory of the children of Alex and Catherine Stewart, Jane, died March 23, 1860, age 1 year and 2 months, Agnes died April 8 1860, age 4 years and 4 months. (Mountsberg family)

C-104 In memory of Janet Stewart who died 26 October 1884, aged 48 years. [buried with Jeffreys and Somervilles]  [She is Janet McFarlane, wife of Andrew Stewart C-105] (Stray Families - Andrew Stewart)

C-105 In memory of Andrew Stewart who died February 15, 1876, aged 45 years. Also Margaret, infant daughter of the above who died September 5, 1873, aged 14 days. (Stray Families - Andrew Stewart)

C-140 In loving memory of John Smith, who died September 6 1905, aged 68 years, also his wife, Catharine Stewart, who died August 18 1912, aged 65 years. (Crieff family)

C-162 Catharine, relict of the late Robert Stewart, died September 1848, aged 70 years. Mary Gillespie, wife of Robert Stewart, died February 1848, aged 35 years. Robert Stewart, died January 1849, aged 35 years. Native of Perthshire, Scotland. (Comrie family)

C-232 Robert Stewart, 1858-1949, Janet H. Ross, wife of Robert Stewart, 1857-1934. (Mountsberg family)

C-233 William Stewart, 1800-1878, his wife Catherine, 1803-1895. Angus Stewart 1848-1929, his wife, Mary McWilliams, 1857-1930. Margaret Elizabeth Stewart, 1889-1983. (Stray families - William Stewart)

C-284 Farewell to Alexander, son of John and Elizabeth Stewart, died September 21, 1851, aged 1 year, 10 months, 7 days. (Crieff family)

C-309 Margaret Stewart, died May 12, 1890, aged 84 years, Native of Perthshire, Scotland [Other McDiarmids are listed on the same stone.] (Crieff family)

C-310 Alex Stewart, died February 28, 1854, aged 81 years, his wife, Elizabeth, died July 16, 1874, aged 92 years. Allan Stewart died October 15, 1864, aged 61 years. Jennet Stewart, died November 23 1900, aged 79 years. (Crieff family)

C-367 Janet Stewart, wife of Duncan McDonald, died 6 March 1847, aged 72 years. A native of Inverness-shire, Scotland. Ida May Stewart, 1887 - 1963. [buried with other McDonalds]. (Unknown family)

Two possible IGI matches:

  1. m 28 NOV 1795 in Fortingall, Perth, Scotland
  2. m 26 SEP 1798 in Kingussie, Inverness, Scotland

C-370 Mary Stewart, died January 23, 1844, aged 12 years. James Stewart, died July 13, 1854, aged 15 years and 3 months. (Unknown family)

C-371 Sacred to the memory of Duncan Stewart, a native of Cantire [sic. s/b "Kintyre"] Argyleshire, Scotland, died July 2, 1880, aged 85 years. (Stray Stewarts - Duncan Stewart). 

bulletThis Duncan Stewart MAY have been related to the family of "John Stewart of Scotland" who is listed amongst the stray families, only because it is possible that both men MAY have come from Argyll and no other Stewarts were known to have come from Argyll.

D2-10 Donald A. Stewart, December 4 1930 - ___ [still alive as of 1984 transcriptions], beloved husband of Florence J. Swanston, march 14 1931 - April 12, 1999. (Mountsberg family)

D6-5 Dave M. Billingsley, 1957-1978, beloved husband of Kaye L. Stewart. (Comrie family)

D8-7 Donald W. Stewart, 1929-1962. (Mountsberg family)

D9-15 Isabel J. Stewart 1920 - ___ [still living as of 1984 transcriptions]. Allan A. Elliott, 1918 - ___ [still living as of 1984 transcriptions]. (Mountsberg family)

D10-1 Kenneth Stewart, died May 18, 1919, aged 44 years. Catherine Stewart, died March 22, 1904, aged 87 years. Peter Stewart, died December 3, 1901, aged 85 years [sic 88 years], Catherine, his wife, died January 16 1883, aged 39 years. (Comrie family)

D10-18 John Harvey Stewart, 1905-1980, beloved husband of Nellie Broadfoot, 1902-___ [still living as of 1984 transcriptions]. (Comrie and Mountsberg family)

D11-17 Albert Edward Robinson, 1906-1975, his beloved wife, Jean Elizabeth Stewart, 1908-1988. (Comrie and Mountsberg families)

D13-11 In memory of Howitt J. Stewart, 1885-1958, beloved husband of Jean Chisholm, 1892-1979. (Mountsberg family)

D13-13 In memory of John Clayton Haugh, 1908-1967, husband of Beatrice Stewart, [no dates]. (Mountsberg family)

D15-16 Mary Stewart, January 29 1867 - November 6, 1921. Elizabeth S. Stewart, September 4. 1878 - August 28, 1936. Catharine A. Stewart, wife of D. McNaughton, 1870 - 1936. Robert Stewart, 1868-1955, Mary, Annie, Elizabeth, Robert. (Comrie family)

D15-17 In memoriam, Harvey A. Stewart, 1877-1930, his wife Margaret I. Stewart, 1880-1967. In memoriam, Flying Officer, George A. Stewart, RCAF, killed on active service, June 2, 1945, in his 27th year, serving with the S.E.A. Air Forces. Interred in Myingyan Military Cemetery, Myingyan, Burma. Re-interred in Taukkyan war Cemetery, Rangoon, Burma, plot XX, row G, No. 15. (Comrie and Mountsberg families)

D16-10 Donald Stewart died June 23 1909, in his 68th year, his wife, Margaret Bell, died January 10 1955 in her 100th year. William S. Stewart died November 21 1925 in his 37th year. (Stray families - William Stewart)

D17-12 Robert Stewart, died January 3, 1907, aged 76 years and 7 months. (unknown, possibly Arden family, child of Duncan Stewart)

D21-2 At rest, in memory of Margery Stewart, died 10 June 1883, aged 17 years. (Crieff family)

D21-3 Gone home, in memory of Donald Stewart, died 16 October 1884, aged 21 years. (Crieff family)

D24-6 William E. Stewart, 1852-1932, his wife, Mary J. Currie, 1862-1948. Charles K. Stewart, 1891-1941, his wife, Olive M. Wyse, 1898-1947. (Mountsberg family)

D24-7 Murray Stewart, 1921-1948, beloved son of Jean and Howitt (Mountsberg family)

D24-8 John Stewart, died May 28, 1923, aged 77 years. Penelope, wife of John Stewart, died July 19, 1920, aged 67 years. (Mountsberg family)

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