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Kristine Brewer - great grand daughter of Thomas and Theresa Repka and grand daughter of Thomas and Ida Repka and daughter of Marian (Repka) and Bill Brewer


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Repka Reunions

At the 2014 reunion, Kris Brewer informed the family that she was unable to continue managing the Repka Reunion. There was a vote and those in attendance and the majority voted to continue with the reunion. When those in attendance were asked who wanted to take over, no one volunteered. Kris will send a note to all family member in the Repka Reunion database informing them of this and ask if anyone would like to take over managing the Repka Reunions. She will also ask the family what should be done with the $204 that we have in our account and will suggest that the money be used to clean the Thomas and Theresa Repka tombstones and if there is money left over then clean Ida and Millie's tombstones as well.

The purpose of this web site is to collect and share information about the Thomas Repka and Theresa Jaron Rzepka, their parents, siblings, ancestors, descendents, and any information that will help us to understand them. They came to this country as Thomas and Theresa RZEPKA but eventually changed their name to REPKA. Throughout this web site, they will always be referred to as REPKA.
Hi, my name is Kristine Brewer and this is my story as it was told to me by my Great Aunt Ida Repka when I was about 18 years old. One day I asked her to share with me what she could remember about how her parents came to this county. She said they came from Prussia, Germany in the year 1885 and the surname was Rzepka. During the journey to America, her mother was pregnant with her sister Anna. We know Anna was born in July of 1885, so their voyage must have taken place sometime between January and July, in the year 1885. Ida told me that they came to Sauk County, Wisconsin because Thomas' sister, Susanna Repka Hanusa, was already living in Leland with her husband Carl. Since this conversation, many years ago, I have gathered additional information about that voyage and this couple. We now know that they departed Germany from Hamburg on April 25, 1885 on the ship called Weiland and entered the port of New York on May 6, 1885. Check out Thomas and Theresa's family tree link to learn more.

I am sure there are many more stories to be told. I invite you to send them to me email and they will be shared in the pages of this family web site.

To the best of my ability, all information with in these pages is correct. If you find incorrect information, please e-mail me with correct information and the source. If possible, scan and send the source document.
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