Ancestors of Olive Gage

Wife of  Joseph Wheeler and mother of Olive Wheeler 
who married Almon Grover of Bethel, Maine

1. John Gage  1604 -24 Mar 1673/74 married Amy who died abt  June 1658

2. Daniel Gage ( John1) 1639 -8 Nov 1705 Bradford, MA who married Sarah Kimbal Daughter of Henry Kimball and 
                    Mary Wyatt.  She was born about 1654 and died 15 Sep 1692. 

                    Childern:  (1)  Daniel Gage  born 12 Mar 1676
                                    (2)  John Gage born 1 Jan 1677 
                                    (3)  Samuel Gage born 9 May 1680
                                    (4)  Mary Gage  born 1 Feb 1680(?) married Samuel Griffin
                                    (5)  Lydia Gage  born 30 Jan 1684 married  Elezer (Ebenezer ?)  Burbank
                                    (6)  Sarah Gage born 4 Jan 1687 married Samuel Barker


3. Daniel Gage  ( Daniel2, John1) 12 Mar 1676 in Bradford, MA and died 14 Mar 1747 Bradford , MA and he married 
                    Martha Burbank who was born 22 Feb 1630 and died 6 Sep 1741.  They were married on 9 Mar 1697 and they
                    had thirteen childern.  He married (2) Margaret Herriman on 12 May 1742.  Daniel Gage served in the 
                    French and Indain War the Essex North Regiment. He was a member of the North Regiment in Essex and 
                    was one of those who under the command of Capr Hoseltine of Bradford in 1710 were appointed to keep 
                    snowshoes and moccasins.

                    Childern:   (1)  Josiah Gage born 3 Dec 1701
                                     (2)  Moses Gage Born 1 May 1706
                                     (3)  Daniel Gage born 22 Apr 1708
                                     (4)  Amos Gage born 28 Jul 1718
                                     (5)  Mehitable Gage  born 29 Dec 1698,  Married Benjamin Barker
                                     (6)  Martha Gage  born 7 Apr 1703 marries James Wilson
                                     (7)  Lydia Gage born 24 May 1705 married John Morrill
                                     (8)  Sarah Gage  born 19 Feb 1709 married Edmund Hardy
                                     (9)  Jemima Gage born 2 Dec 1711 married (1) Richard Kimball (2) John Webster
                                    (10)  Naomi Gage born 25 Mar 1714 married David Hall
                                    (11)  Esther Gage born 15 May 1716 married John Currier
                                    (12)  Mary Gage born 31 Aug 1722 married Ebenezer Goodhue
                                    (13)  Abigail Gage born 13 Mar 1724 married Phineas Hardy


4. CAPT. Amos Gage ( Daniel3, Daniel2, John1) born 28 Jul 1718 in Bradford, MA  and died 8 Sep 1792 in Pelham, NH
                    He married 18 Dec 1740  Mehetable Kimball. She was  borm 27 Nov 1721 in Bradford , MA and died 16 Feb 
                    1794 in Pelham, NH.   They had eight childern.  Capt Gage served in the French and Indian War.
                    Amos Gage was the captain of one of the five companies raised by New Hampshire to reinforce Fort 
                    Edwards during the French and Indian War and was stationed at what is now Charlestown, NH by order of 
                    General Webb. He was a selectman of Pelham in 1775 and 1776. He was the captain of a company of 
                    volunteers which marched from Pelham 29 September 1777 and joined the Continental Army at Saratoga. 
                    He evidently served only a short time in this capacity as he is listed as a lieutenant in Isaac Cochran's 
                    company,  Moor's Regiment of Volunteers at Saratoga in 1777, his date of entry being given as 29 September
                    1777 and his date of discharge as 25 October 1777. 

                    Childern:    (1)  Daniel Gage born 5 Oct 1741.  He was killed during the French and Indain War.
                                      (2)  Asa Gage born 15 Apr 1755
                                      (3)  Abel Gage  borm 9 Sep 1761
                                      (4)  Daniel Gage born 28 Sep 1761 
                                      (5)  Elizabeth Gage born 22 Dec 1743
                                      (6)  Sarah Gage born 20 Mar 1748
                                      (7)  Besty Gage born 1751 and died 28 Dec 1754
                                      (8)  Deborah Gage born 8 May 1753 and married Peter Austin  27 Mar 1790 in Pelham, 
                                             Hillsborough County, NH 


5. Daniel Gage (Amos4 Daniel3, Daniel2, John1)born 28 Sep 1761 married in 1788  Sarah ( Sally ) Grover daughter of 
                   Deacon James Grover & Sarah Wellman. Her ancestry continues in the Grover genealogy. 
                   Daniel like his father was also a soilder of the American Revoultion, a sergent in the Massachusetts line.  He 
                   was at the Battle of Monmouth and during the fighting rushed forward when the color bearer of his regiment 
                   was shot, seized the flag , and by his actions caused the regiment to rally and stop the advance of the enemy.
                   A few days afterwards as General Washington was reviewing the brigade, he stopped at the company in 
                   which Sgt. Gage served , called him to the front , and personally tahnked him for his bravery and soilderly
                   conduct. ( Lapham's history of Bethel, p 538-539)

                    Childern:    (1) Sarah Gage
                                      (2) Olive Gage  married Joseph Wheeler and thier daughter Olive Wheeler married her first
                                            cousin once removed Almon Grover of Bethel, Maine. Their common ancestors  are Deacon 
                                            James GROVER Jr. and Sarah WELLMAN.  Followed this family in the 

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