KENNEY (Kinney)

The Family of Israel Kenney 
and  Susannah Hood

ISRAEL KENNEY  b. abt 1740 possibly Belfast Ireland  d. 24 Dec 1791 Maugerville, Sunbury, NB,
                Canada.  Removed to Maugerville, Sunbury Co., NB after April 1767 following Susannah's
                sisters Sarah and Abigail and their Husbands. According to Edwin W. Bell in "Israel Kenny.
                His Children and their Families" Israel was an accomplished Blacksmith.  During the winter of
                1791 while Susannah was in Topsfield Visiting relatives Israel fell through the ice of the
                St. John's river and drowned.  His last son was born shortly after his death.   
                 Married  Susannah Hood  d/o NathanielHood ( some sources say Israel)  & Abigail Potter on
                6 Jun 1763 in Topsfield MA.  She was born 27 Oct 1745 in Topsfield, MA.

Their Children:

DEBORAH KENNEY -  b. 30 Jan 1763  Burton, NW Canada   d. 13 Apr 1852  Woodstock,Carelton Co, N. B. Canada.  Source:  Husband's Pension Files.
Married: BENEN FOSTER.  They moved to old Wakefield, Sunbury, NW around 1800.  Their farm was on lot 31 at Somerville.  They had 14 children
For these children see the generation 6 on the FOSTER page.

Sarah Kenney - Married Richard Kimball they lived in Oromocto, NB.

Stephen Kenney -  b 1771 Married  Merab Ives  d/o Capt David Ives a loyalist during the American Revolution.  They moved to Greenfield, Carleton Co., NB shortly after 1890.  They had 10 children.

Israel Kinney - Married Abigail Cram on 6 Mar 1793.  He died young leaving his wife with 5 young children.

Nathaniel Kenney - Married  on 18 Jul 1794 Elizabeth Mills from Boston, MA.  Her family moved to New Brunswick with the loyalists in 1783.  They  resided in Oromocto, NB where they had 9 children.

Susan Kenney -  Married on 6 Jul 1793  Elisha Shaw  s/o John Shaw & Mary Burrell. They moved to the Parish of Northhampton, Carleton Co., NB  around 1800.  They had 12 children.  Son William listed below.

John Kenney - born 1778 Married Phoebe Tompkins  d/o Edmond Tompkins of Canterbury Parish, York Co., NB.  They lived in Greenfield, Carleton Co., NB and had 12 children.

Elizabeth Kenney - born Oct 1780.  She married Charles Boyer26 Feb 1796 and moved to Victoria Corner, Carleton Co., NB.  The descendants of this couple still reside in the area as of  1974.

Eunice Kenney - born 9 Apr 1782  married Nathaniel Churchill.  They moved to Wakefield around 1800 then in 1831 to Ontario.  Most of their 12 children accompanied them.

Elijah Kenney - never married.  Died about the age of 26. lived with brother Nathaniel in Oromocto.

Asa Kenney  - born May 1785 twin of Mary below.  Married  Elizabeth Thompkins d/o Edmund Tompkins ( Phoebe's sister ?) on 19 Aug 1808. They moved north of Bristol soon after marriage and remained there.  They had 8 children.

Mary Kenney - born May 1785 and is the twin of Asa . Thought to have married James Siperell s/o William Siperell & Sarah Foster.

Abigail Kenney -  born 18 May 1789.  Married Henry A. Shaw s/o John Shaw & Mary Burrell ( brother to Elisha above ?) on 20 Sep 1807.  They lived in lower Wakefield and had 11 children.

Andrew Kenney - born 1782 in Topsfield, MA, USA after his father's death.   Married Martha Webb and lived in Oromocto until about 1825 and moved to Greenfield, Carleton Co., NB.  They had 10 children.

Source:  " Pioneer Families of Carleton County New Brunswick";  George H. Haywood  1974

The Family of Elizabeth Kenney and Charles Boyer
Charles E. Boyer - born about 1768 in New York died 4 Feb 1861 Victoria Corner, NB aged 91 years.  He married on 26 Feb 1796 in Maugerville,NB, Elizabeth Kenney born Oct 1780 and died 13 Apr 1864 Victoria Corner, NB d/o Israel Kenney & Susannah Hood
Their Children:
          in addition to this list there are possibly two more daughters Victoria & Jane.
John Boyer - born c. 1797  died 1879. Married (1) Ruth Partridge this couple had 8 children. He then married (2) Naomi Wheeler on 26 Sep 1835 and with her had 6 children.  They resided in Florenceville on the west side of the St John's river.

Charles E. Boyer - born Apr 1799 died Jan 1881 in Florenceville, NB.  Married Elizabeth Tompkins on 18 Sep 1820. The census of 1851 had them residing in the Parish of Brighton (which included Peel) and the census of 1861 in the Parish of Peel. They had 13 children.  I do not believe this is the same Elizabeth Tompkins that married Asa Kenney.

George Rex Boyer - born c. 1801 died 10 Jun 1886 Victoria Corner, NB.  Married Chloe Churchill d/o Lemuel Churchill & Lois Foster ( d/o Benen Foster & Deborah Kenney).  He manufactured leather goods in Victoria Corner.  They had a least 9 children.

Asa Kenney Boyer - born c. 1805 died about 1879 aged 52 in Victoria Corner, NB. Married (1) Prudence Rideout d/o Oliver Rideout & Susannah Seaman and (2) Letitia her last name unknown.  He had 3 children

Edward Neil Boyer - born c. 1807 died about 1879 at Victoria Corner, NB. He married Miriam and had 3 children.  He was a boot & shoemaker as well as a farmer.

Mary Boyer - born 10 Jun 1813 and died 2 May 1858 at Peel, NB.  Married Charles Rideout  s/o Thomas Rideout & Hannah Lunt on 2 Nov 1830.  He was born 10 Oct 1809 at Peel and died there on 7 Jan 1878.  They had 16 children all born in Peel where they lived their entire lives together.

William J. Boyer -  born 28 Nov 1817 and died 1891 in Sommerville.  Married Susannah H. Shaw d/o Nathaniel Shaw and Phoebe Ackerson.  She was born 24 Dec 1817 in Victoria Corner, NB and died 21 Oct 1893.  They had 12 children, many died young.

Moses Boyer - born c. 1819 and died about 1887 in Victoria Corner, NB. Married (1) Martha Shaw  d/o Elijah Shaw & Nancy Ackerson and (2) Ameliah Shaw d/o Nathaniel Shaw and Phoebe Ackerson. (sister of Susannah Shaw above). They lived in Victoria Corner, NB. He had at least 9 children.

Ester Boyer - married David Phillips

Sally Boyer - married William Shaw s/o Elisha Shaw & Susan Kenney.  This would make them first cousins as Sally's mother is sister to Susan Kenney William's Mother.

Source:  " Pioneer Families of Carleton County New Brunswick";  George H. Haywood  1974

The Family of Nathaniel Hood & Abigail Potter
Nathaniel Hood & Abigail Potter
(1) Susannah Hood - Married Israel Kenney. She was born 27 Oct 1745 in
        Topsfield, MA
(2) Sarah Hood  - Married 9 Dec 1762 Alexander Tapely in Topsfield, MA
(3) Abigail Hood - Married 18 Jul 1761 Stephen Hovey in Topsfield, MA

Both these sisters of Susannah Hood and thier husbands moved from Topsfield, MA  to Maugerville, New Brunswick Canada on the schooner "Eunice"and arrived there 26 Apr 1767.


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