By Charles Samson

Inside the church of St Gatien-des-Bois, France (pictured above), a plaque commemorating the first Samson settlers was erected in January of 1997, which reads (translated from French): 

"In 1665 the brothers Gabriel and Jacques Samson, born at St. Gatien des Bois and baptized in this church in 1643 and 1647, left to settle in New France, and are the ancestors of numerous descendants living today in Canada and the United States" 

The two Samson brothers, at only 22 and 18 years of age, left their home in Normandy, France to settle in the New World. Gabriel and Jacques Samson were born in St. Gatien-des-Bois, France, and established homes side by side in Pointe de Levis, Quebec, Canada. Twenty eight children were born to the two original settlers, including Gabriel Jr., who started the Acadian branch of the family. This homepage traces Gabriel and Jacques' descendants, the Samsons (and Sampsons) of North America, and provides a means of sharing genealogical and historical information. 

Much of the information contained on this web site has been supplied by direct descendants of Gabriel and Jacques.  The generosity of information has helped numerous other Samson descendants trace their roots.  If you would like to make your branch of the tree available to others who may be searching, please contact me.  All personal information (such as birth, marriage, death dates) occurring within the past 100 years will be kept strictly confidential. 

I am a descendant of the Acadian line.  My father was born on Isle Madame,  Nova Scotia, a remote enclave of French Acadian descendants, the son of a fisherman.  His ancestors had been fishing off the island for over 7 generations, but he decided to pursue a career in medicine.  After residing in Nova Scotia and the Ottawa region for over 16 years, our family settled in Cajun Louisiana, where many residents speak in the same French that they do on Isle Madame (Cajun comes from the word Acadian).  Although separated for over 200 years, the two cultures remain very similar. 

I have always been fascinated with my Acadian heritage, and remember my early childhood in Nova Scotia well, especially Isle Madame. I currently live in Los Angeles, California, and work as an architect designing custom house additions and renovations, although genealogy has always been a hobby. We have a rich and fascinating heritage that should be recorded and made available for future generations. The Irish philosopher, Edmund Burk (1729-97) once remarked: "People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors" I hope you will enjoy reading these family histories as much as I have enjoyed putting them together. 

Charles A. Samson,  March 1999 



St Gatien-des-Bois, France 
The Samson Early History 
Genealogy of Toussaint Samson 
Maps, Photos, Documents 

Pointe de Levis, Quebec 
Settlement in the New World 
Genealogy of Gabriel & Jacques Samson 
           Maps, Photos, Documents 

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
The Acadian Branch
Genealogy of Mathieu Samson
Maps, Photos, Documents

Isle Madame, Nova Scotia
Escape From Deportation
Genealogy of Michel Samson
Maps, Photos, Documents


While compiling my data, I have relied on the assistance and contributions of several people, whom I would like to acknowledge. My sincere thanks to the following individuals: Jeanne Joyce-Stone, collaborator and creator of this site, without whose help this information would not be made available. Stephen White, genealogist at the University of Moncton, Centre d'Etudes Acadiennes, for providing most of the Samson genealogy and biographies. Marcel Samson, Roger Samson and others for preparing their document "Familles Samson, Tricentenaire Au Canada", in July 1967. George Sampson of West Newton and Gilbert Samson of Levis for providing information on the early Samson history and many of the lineages of the Samson family. Al Samson of Montreal and Madeleine Samson of  Plaquemine for providing photos of St. Gatien-des-Bois; and Alan Samson of Nova Scotia for providing copies of original documents. And many individuals on the Isle Madame listserve who have added so much of the genealogy included in this homepage.

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