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Autosomal DNA and Genealogy (my latest obsession)


The Statler Genealogy and DNA Project

Statler Project


Genealogical Information on Lewis Michael of Wallhaben Germany, York County PA, Baltimore MD, Bedford and Somerset Counties PA:

Finding Lewis Michael

Descendants of Jacob Michel/Michael grandfather of Lewis

My notes on the Oberthur/Oberdeer family of York County PA


My Jones Family

Ephraim Jones of Woodbridge, New Jersey; Northumberland County, Pennsylvania and Monroe County, Ohio


John Ten Brook 1738-1826


The Piper Family of Jefferson County, West Virginia


Bamford Family of New Hampshire, New York, Indiana and Iowa


I started researching my family after finding old photographs from Muscatine County, Iowa.This was back in 1971, time to share them.Many are still unidentified; if you have any information please let me know.

19th Century Photographs of the Gilbert and Bamford Families of Muscatine

Family of Hiram Gilbert

Family of Samuel Bamford

Family of Harvey and Almira Bamford Gregory

Unknown Couples

Unknown Females

Unknown Males

Since most of these photographs date from the 1860ís here is a list of the families in 1860

1860 Census



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