John Miller of Wayne Co KY

Cumberland Lake

Descendants of John Miller

of Wayne, Russell and Clinton Counties, Kentucky
Great grandfather of Harold W. Groves

The following history has been submitted by several different descendants and researchers of the John Miller family of Wayne Co, Kentucky.

There are several Miller households listed in this area of Kentucky in the 1800s. Many of them have similar and unusual childrens names like General, Larson, and Ranson. The Millers included here have been proven to be from the same line as our General George Washington Miller. A link at the bottom of this page will take you to data on other Miller families in the area. Please let me know if you can prove a connection or provide additional information on this family.

This family as well as the other Miller families from the area, have frequent ties to the Hart, Bolen and Coffey families of the Cumberland Lake Area.

Wayne County and Russell County
are now across the lake from one another. It takes 5 minutes to ride a boat to Wayne County if you cross from ONO or Dunbars Landing in Russell County.Russell, Wayne and Clinton counties are located in the south central portion of KY. If you look at a map of the state, find Somerset and look southwest and there they all are. Lake Cumberland (a huge tourist attraction with over 1100 miles of shoreline) has become the county line between part of Wayne,Russell, Pulaski and Clinton counties.

1 John Miller 1825 - 1870
+Sarah Am Bolen 1820 -

Possible family of Sarah Am Bolen.
Living next door to John Miller and wife Sarah in 1850 Wayne Co Kentucky.

BOLEN William 56 Tenn
Elizabeth 46 "
William A. 22 " farmer
George W. 21 " laborer
Larkin B. 17 " "
R.S.F.M. 14 KY
Elizabeth 11 "
Louisa 7 "
Roza E. 5 "
Sarah A. 9 "

Children of John Miller and Sarah Bolen according to Kentucky census

1850 Wayne County, KY Census

#100 - Laborer
Sarah A. 27 Tenn
William F. 6 KY
James H. 4 "
Elizabeth J. 2 "

Wayne County Vitals by Bork
No marriage listed, but under births,

John Miller & Sarah Bolen
twins son 1 Dec 1852
dau 2 Dec 1852
premature at 6 months born on the Cumberland River.
Dr. John C. Lankford attended.
It is undetermined if either of these children survived. It is considered very unlikly.

1860 Russell Co, Ky

#548 John Miller 35
Sarah Ann 40
William F 16
James H. 14
Sarah Ann 12
Elizabeth 12
John L. 9
Ranson P. 5
George W. 2

William F. Miller - 1st born son of John Miller and Sarah Bolen

No information

James Miller - 2nd son of John Miller and Sarah Bolen

Son named James married Sarah E. Hart (Sarah b. 1858 d. 1895).
Other children were: William F., Sarah Ann, Elizabeth, George W. John L.and
Jan Wilson - Mason, Ohio

Sarah Miller - daughter of John Miller and Sarah Bolen, twin of Elizabeth Miller

Possible marriage of above listed Sarah:
Russell County: marriage for Sarah A. Miller and David McGowan Jr.
10 June 1866. At the home of Hardin Wilson Russell Co in the presence
of William A. Bowlen, Jacob Anderson and Christopher Lafevers by H.
Wilson. (William A. Bowlen would be her uncle.)

Elizabeth Miller - twin to Sarah Miller

No information

John Miller - 3rd son of John Miller and Sarah Bolen

Provided by Shirley Miller
Descendants of John L. Miller

1 John L. Miller 1851 -
.. +Mary Bolen
. 2 John Preston Miller 1875 - 1960
..... +Sarah Elizabeeth Duncan
..... 3 Joe Finely Miller
......... 4 Shirley Miller
. 2 Lee Miller 1878 - 1958
. 2 Lina Miller 1880 -
..... +Young
. 2 James L. Miller 1883 - 1943
. 2 Rosie Miller 1885 - 1962
. 2 Joe Miller
. 2 Catherine Miller
..... +Smith
. 2 Cy Miller

Ransome Miller 4th son of John Miller and Sarah Bolen
No inofrmation

General George Washington Miller - last born son of John Miller and Sarah Bolen
(Grandfather of Harold W. Groves)

1900 Kentucky Soundex
Wayne Co, Mag Dist 4 Vol 73 ED 132 sht 1

General G.W. Miller
1/1860 40 yrs
Nancy I. wife 3-1872 28 yrs
General H. son 12-1888 11 yrs
Luther E. son 9-1890 9 yrs
Clint W. son 8-1892 7 yrs
Sammerley son 4-1894 6 yrs
Vandaly dau 10-1897 2 yrs
Sarah a. dau 8-1899 9 mos

Not listed born after 1900: John B. Miller son 1905

1910 Wayne Co,KY Census

George W Miller
Enumeration District: 0236 Color: W
Age: 58 Birth Place: Kentucky
Visit: 0047
County: Wayne
Relation: Husband
Relatives: Wife Nancy I 37, Kentucky
Son Clint W 17, Kentucky
Son Smauel E 14, Kentucky
Daughter Van Delia 12, Kentucky
Daughter Sarah E 10, Kentucky
Son John B 05, Kentucky

Parmley's Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
located Eadsville Road. Turn off HWY 92, Junction 789W,turn off Eadsville Road near Junction 1720.

Miller, G.H. Dec 27, 1888 - July 4, 1955
Bertha Coffey "Mother" April 1, 1879 - Oct. 13, 1944
General George Washington Jan. 5, 1858 - April 12, 1928
Nancy Ida Hart March 5, 1872 - June 29, 1929

"Wayne County Vitals" a six volume set authored by BORK.

The children of General George Washington Miller and Nancy Ida Hart

General H. Miller
Submitted by Rita Johnson
1910 Kentucky
General H Miller
Enumeration District: 0236 Color: W
Age: 21 Birth Place: Kentucky
Visit: 0048
County: Wayne
Relation: Husband
Relatives: Wife Bertha 30, Kentucky
Husband's Full Name: General H. Miller
Birth 27 Dec 1888 Wayne Co., Ky
Marr. 1 Aug 1909
Death 4 July 1955 Wayne Co. ,KY
Burial Wayne Co. ,KY Parmleys Grove Baptist Church
Places of Residence Eadsville
Occupation Church Affilliation Military Record
Other wives, if any No. (1) (2) etc
Make seperate sheet for each marr.
His Father General George Washington Miller Mother's maiden name Nancy Ida Hart
Wife's Full Maiden Name: Bertha Coffey
Birth 1 April 1879 Wayne Co. Ky
Marr. 1 Aug 1909 Wayne Co. Ky
Death 13 Oct 1944 Wayne Co Ky
Burial Parmleys Grove Baptist Church
Places of Residence Eadsville
Occupation Church Affilliation Military Record
Other wives, if any No. (1) (2) etc
Make seperate sheet for each marr.
Her Father Thomas Coffey Mother's maiden name Martha "Mattie" Toler
Sex Children's names (in order of birth) Day Month Year m m 1 Birth 14 June 1910 Wayne Co KY
Herman Marr.
Full Name of Spouse Death 8 Aug. 1989
Margaret Johnson Burial 12 Aug 1989 Crown Hill Memorial Park, Mt. Healthy
m M 2 Birth ca 1912
Harrison Lee Marr.
Full Name of Spouse Death 13 May 1987 Chattanooga Tn
Burial 15 May 1987
m 3 Birth 1914
Fred Marr. I don't remember this one being mentioned but listed in obit
Full Name of Spouse Death
m m 4 Birth 1916
Bob Marr. I don't remember this one being mentioned but listed in obit
Full Name of Spouse Death
f F 5 Birth ca 1917
Elgie Marr.
Full Name of Spouse Death
f 6 Birth ca 1919
Chlora Ethel Marr.
Full Name of Spouse Death
f 7 Birth 22 May 1920 Wayne Co Ky
Bonnie Edna "Opal" Marr. 21 July 1934 Wayne Co Ky
Full Name of Spouse Death 11March 1991 Russell Co Ky
Ruel Irvin Popplewell Burial Square Oak Cemetery, Russell Co Ky
f 8 Birth ca 1922 Wayne Co Ky
Alene Marr.
Full Name of Spouse Death Wayne Co Ky
Luther McClain Burial Parmleys Grove Cemetery Wayne Co Ky

Descendants of General H. Miller

1 General H. Miller 1888 - 1955
.. +Bertha Coffey 1879 - 1944
2 Herman Miller 1910 - 1989
.. +Margaret Thompson - 1989
2 Harrison Lee Miller 1912 - 1987
2 Fred Miller 1914 -
2 Bob Miller 1916 -
2 Elgie Miller 1917 -
2 Chlora Ethel Miller 1919 -
2 Bonnie Edna Miller 1920 - 1991
.. +Ruel Irvin Popplewell
2 Alene Miller 1922 - 1993
.. +McClain


The Harts, Millers, Coffeys and Bolens were all part of the communities most strongly affected by the flooding of the bottomland for flood control. Families living on each side of the river had long used the ferry or the locks to cross to see their relatives. My own grandparents courtship is evidence of this. My grandpa rode his mule from ONO in Russell County to the "crossing place" and back up the hill at Eadsville in Wayne County to "court" my grandmother, Bonnie Edna Miller. She was General H's daughter. My grandmother told me this before she died. This was a distance of 8 miles. My dad talked about riding over as a little fellow to see his Miller and Coffey grandparents on the Wayne county side of the river.

Luther E. Miller - 2nd son of GGW Miller and Nancy Ida Hart
No information

Clint W. Miller - 3rd son of GGW Miller and Nancy Ida Hart
No information

Sammerley Miller - 4th son of GGW Miller and Nancy Ida Hart
No information

Vandelia Miller - 1st daughter of GGW Miller and Nancy Ida Hart
Mother of Harold W. Groves, my father.
Vandelia was married three times. Her first husband was William Groves, the father of Harold Groves. They were married in 1917 in Springfield, Illinois. He was 20 years older than Vandelia. Her first and only child, Harold Groves, was born in 1920.

In 1923 they had divorced and she married Guy Hunter on January 13 of that year.She divorced Guy Hunter for abuse and married Samuel Sheibly in 1933.

I did not know my grandmother who died when I was 4 years old. She did not have the opportunity to tell her story. I only know that when died she was an active member of the Four Square Gospel Church and died of a heart attach on her way to services.

She is buried at Fairlawn Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois. She went by the nick name of "Fannie".

The photo is of Vandelia (Fannie) Miller and her son Harold Groves. It was very damaged with large tears across her face. I have tried to repair it. I hope I have not distorted her appearance. Harold was born in 1920 so this photo was taken in 1921 or 1922, probably in Springfield, Illinois, where he was born.

Sarah Miller - 2nd daughter of G.G.W. Miller and Nancy Ida Hart
firtst married Cleveland Coffey, 2nd marriage to Joseph Booker. Relocated to Springfield, Illinois. She had no known children.

John B. Miller-
9. JOHN BALLINGER4 MILLER (NANCY IDA3 HART, NANCY2 BROWN, JACOB1, BROWNA) was born 1905, and died Abt. 1990 in Eadsville, Wayne co, Kentucky. He married MAGGIE EDNA LYNCH, daughter of DORA.

John B. Miller age 85 born April 28, 1905 died Dec. 19, 1990
son of General George W. Miller and Nancy Ida Hart Miller
wife: Janie Hancock Miller
Daughters: Ida Burneson, Letha Meadows, Joyce West
16 grandchildren, 24 great grand children
Buried at Parmleys Grove.

Children of JOHN MILLER and MAGGIE LYNCH are:
i. IDA5 MILLER, b. 1931, Eadsville, Wayne co, Kentucky; m. RALPH C. BURNESON, June 25, 1949, Monticello, Wayne co, Kentucky; d. 1992.
iv. TROY RANDALL MILLER, d. Abt. 1977.
v. ALVIN EUGENE MILLER, b. Monticello, Wayne co, Kentucky.

retarded born w German measels and died in a home in his early twenties..

The following photos are of the Miller family. Labeled on the back as "Hals family" with no other information. I recognize Aunt Sarah Miller Booker and her husband Joe Booker in the first picture. She is under the lamp on the couch and he is seated next to the blonde. The man and wife seated on the piano stool are identified in other photos as "Uncle Jim" and his wife. I do not know who they are. The picture appears to have been taken in the late forties or early fifties.

I cannot identify anyone in this photo. Listed only as "Hals family".

Please email me if you can identify anyone in these photos.

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