Berkshire Chronicle 01 Sep 1855 Extraordingary Longevity Betty OATEN Pitminster

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Berkshire Chronicle Saturday 01 Sep 1855
Page 4 Column 5

EXTRAORDINARY LONGEVITY. - A woman named Betty OATEN, died last week in the village of Pitminster, at the wonderful age of 108, which she had completed on the 7th of July last. Up to within a few months of her decease, although she had lost her sight, she was perfectly sensible, and was able to sing a song. She had been but once married, and had one son and seven daughters, the eldest of whom is living, and is 80 years old, and the youngest is 60. These eight have had 43 children, and the offspring of the 43 amount to 103 one of whom is married, and has three children. Thus the old woman lived to see her great great-grandchildren, and her family has afforded an instance of five co-existent generations, numbering 157 person, as far as we can ascertain, although we believe they are still more numerous. - Taunton Courier.

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<NOTES: Betty OATEN is Elizabeth or Betty SEYMOUR, married George OATEN>