Somerset County Herald 22 Jan 1944 Burrowbridge Late Mrs Caroline HECTOR Wife of Benjamin HECTOR Stathe inc STEPHENS DENMAN CHAMPION PEARCE

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier. Saturday 22 Jan 1944

Page 3 Column 3 and 4



The funeral took place at Stoke St. Gregory Baptist Church on Tuesday week of Mrs Caroline HECTOR, wife of Mr. Benjamin HECTOR, Stathe, who died on Thursday, January 6th, at the age of 72. Mrs. HECTOR had been a staunch worker in the Baptist Church all her life, both at Stathe and Burrowbridge.

The officiating ministers were the Revs. W. W. HAZELTON (Burrowbridge) and E. R. FOWLES (Rockwell Green, formerly of Burrowbridge Baptist Church).

The family mourners were Mr. B. HECTOR (husband), Bob, Fred, Jack, and Cecil (sons), Cis, May, and Flo (daughters), Maud, Edith, and Mabel (daughters-in-law), Tom Sidney, and Horace (sons-in-law), Phyllis (grand-daughter), Mrs. Emily STEPHENS (sister), Messrs. Charlie and Jack DENMAN (brothers), Mrs. W. CHAMPION (sister-in-law), Mr. V. PEARCE (nephew), Gladys (niece), Hilda, Pontypridd (niece).

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<NOTES: Caroline HECTOR is Caroline DENMAN daughter of Eli DENMAN and Charlotte BOOBYER, married Benjamin HECTOR>