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Taunton Courier, Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser 8 Feb 1899

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BRADDICK. - Jan. 25, at Bradford, Taunton, the wife of Mr. F. BRADDICK, of a daughter.

BUSSELL. - Feb. 5. at 28, Reckleford, Yeovil, the wife of R. H. BUSSELL, of a daughter.

DINHAM. - Feb. 1, at 123, Victoria-street, Bridport, the wife of Frederick William DINHAM, of a daughter.

FOWLER. - Jan 31, at Skilling Head, Bridport, the wife of Mr. E. H. FOWLER, of a son.

PLAYER. - Jan. 24, at 43, Belvedere-road, Taunton, the wife of George PLAYER, of a son.

WISCOMBE. - Feb. 5, at the King's Arms, Coombe-street, Lyme Regis, the wife of Mr. Frank WINSCOMBE, of a daughter – stillborn.

WOOLLEN. - Jan. 30, at Stanmoor, Stoke St. Gregory, the wife of Mr. William WOOLEN, of a daughter.


BATTEN-TRATT. - Jan. 25, at Charles Church, Plymouth, by the Rev. Mr. STUDY, Fred, third son of Jabez BATTEN, of Frome, to Laura Maud Mary, eldest daughter of W. H. TRATT, late of the G.P.O., Plymouth, formerly of Bridgwater.

CRABB-GUDGE. - Jan. 23, at Monkton Wyld, Mr. C. CRABB to Miss M. GUDGE, both of Harcombe Valley.

LOCK-DIMENT. - Jan. 31, at the Parish Church, Combe St. Nicholas, by the Rev. G. ELWELL, William Lewis LOCK, of Curry Rivel, Somerset, to Emily Florence DIMENT, of Combe St. Nicholas, Chard.

RAWLINGS-CASE. - Jan. 31, at St. Mary's, Ilminster, by the Rev. Harold G. S. ATCHLEY, curate, Mr. George Wm. RAWLINGs to Miss Emily May CASE, both of Ilminster.

TABRETT-ROOKLEY. - Jan. 26, at the Wembdon Parish Church, by the Rev. J. M. EVANS, vicar, Ernest H. TABRETT, third son of Mr. H. J. TABRETT, to Caroline, eldest daughter of Mr. William ROOKLEY, both of Bridgwater.

WILLIAMS-LOCK. - Jan. 26, at the Parish Church, Wellington, by license, Thomas WILLIAMS to Emily, second daughter of Mr. Isaac LOCK, of Preston, Milverton, Somerset.


BARNES. - Feb. 2, at Merriott, Somerset, Anna BARNES, aged 70.

BELLRINGER. - Jan. 27, at Wrantage, North Curry, Maria, wife of Mr. Robert BELLRINGER, aged 63.

BLACKLER. - Jan. 25, at the Workhouse, Taunton, John BLACKLER, aged 68.

CHICK. - Jan. 24, at 48, North-street, Taunton, Harriet CHICK, aged 74.

DARE. - Jan. 24, at Greenway, North Curry, William DARE aged 81.

DENMEAD. - Jan. 27, at Church-street, Martock, Mary Eileen (Molly), aged 1 year 9 months; also Feb. 2, Chas. John (Jack), aged four years two months, children of John and L. DENMEAD.

GIBBS. - Feb. 2, at 34, Acris-street, Wandsworth, Harry GIBBS, of Beaminster, aged 28.

HAKE. - Jan. 30, at Cat-tail, Combe St. Nicholas, Minnie Caroline, daughter of Mr. James HAKE, aged 9 months.

HALLETT. - Feb. 1, at Pound Dairy, Lyme Regis, Mr. James HALLETT, aged 83.

HAWKINS. - Jan. 27, at the Station House, Bristol-road, Hannah, wife of Mr. Henry HAWKINS, stationmaster S. and D.J.R., aged 48.

HOLBROOK. - Feb. 2, at Woodbines, Canton, Cardiff, George, eldest son of the late Thomas HOLBROOK, of Winsham, aged 51.

KEEN. - Jan. 25, at Lillesdon, North Curry, Ernest Joe, son of James KEEN, aged 9.

MARDON. - Jan. 27, at 88, Bristol-road, Bridgwater, Thomas MARDON, aged 66.

MARTIN. - Jan. 23rd, at 21, Elmwood-street, Sunderland, Jane, widow of Silas MARTIN, of Wellington, Somerset.

MORTIMER. - Feb. 1, at 44, East-street, Taunton, Mary MORTIMER, aged 73.

PARKER. - Jan. 24, at Canon-street, Taunton, John PARKER, aged 71.

READING. - Jan. 24, at 6, Sydenham-terrace, Bath-road, Bridgwater, Fanny, wife of Tom READING, aged 53.

REED. - Jan 27, at the Bridgwater Workhouse, John REED, aged 46.

SANDERSON. - Jan. 26, at 6, Mount-terrace, Taunton, Eliza Burnell SANDERSON, aged 76.

SPARKES. - Jan. 30, at the Workhouse, Taunton, George SPARKES, aged 69.

STOKES. - Jan. 28, at Rosemary Cottage, Woodbury, Tom STOKES, aged 48.

STREET. - Jan. 26, at the Club, King-square, Bridgwater, Joseph Cooper STREET, aged 66.

TURNER. - Jan. 29, at the Bridgwater Infirmary, Sarah TURNER, aged 40.

TURNER. - Jan. 21, at Church-street, Creech St. Michael, Albert TURNER, aged 38.

WARR. - Jan. 29, at Barrack-street, Bridport, Alfred WARR aged 39.

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