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Taunton Courier, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 01 Aug 1900

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SALE OF WORK. - The annual sale of needlework, &c., was held at the Board Schools on Friday. There was a large number of purchasers.

OUTING.” - The annual “outing” of the employees of Messrs. THORNE Bros. took place on Thursday. The party, to the number of nearly 50, were conveyed in Mr. BULSFORD's brakes to Haddon. The weather was beautifully fine, and the “outing” quite a success.

SERIOUS SCYTHE ACCIDENT. - On Saturday William CORNISH, aged 19, a farm labourer, of Wiveliscombe, slipped down, his left arm coming in contact with a scythe, cutting it severely. He was removed to the Taunton and Somerset Hospital, where it was found necessary to amputate the arm between the wrist and the elbow. He is now progressing as favourably as can be expected.

SERIOUS ACCIDENT. - Mr. Henry SELLICK, of Harwood Farm, met with a serious accident on Thursday. Whilst taking some sheep to be dipped one of them strayed to the top of a field near Gunn's Quarry. In his endeavour to get hold of the sheep he slipped, and caught hold of a railing, which snapped. The unfortunate man was precipitated into the disused quarry, a distance of about 40 feet. The overgrowth at the bottom fortunately broke some of the force of the fall. He was, however, badly injured about the head. It was 16 hours afterwards before he was found. He is slowly improving.


TUESDAY. - Before Messrs. E. L. HANCOCK, W. Macadam SMITH, and the Rev. P. P. BROADMEAD.

WITHOUT A LICENSE. - Charles CRIDDLE was summoned by the Inland Revenue Authorities for carrying a gun without a license at Milverton on the 13th June last. - P.S. COLLINS stated the facts, and defendant was fined 10s and 10s costs, and allowed a fortnight to pay.

BAD LANGUAGE. - George FOURACRE, timber merchant, of Milverton, was summoned for using obscene language at Milverton on the 2nd July inst. - P.S. COLLINS proved the charge. - Defendant was fined £1 and 6s costs.

ALLEGED ASSAULT. - Frederick COLLINS, son of P.S. COLLINS, of Milverton, was summoned by George FOURACRE, the defendant in the last case, for unlawfully assaulting and beating him on 2nd July last at Milverton. - The complainant gave evidence, and then called upon Mr. R. W. SHEPPERD, farmer, of Milverton, as a witness on his behalf. - Mr. SHEPPARD refused to give evidence until his expenses had been paid, whereupon FOURACRE handed him 5s. - SHEPPARD's evidence was then given to the effect that COLLINS never struck complainant in any form. High words took place on the occasion, but no blows were struck. - Frederick BICKNELL and E. WINTER, called by the defendant COLLINS, corroborated SHEPPARD's statement. - The Bench dismissed the case, and ordered the costs, amounting to 15s, to be divided between both parties.

VACCINATION. - Two applications for exemption from vaccination were granted.

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