Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser 22 Jun 1904 Wiveliscombe Sad Occurrence Death of Son of Philip RADFORD White Hart Hotel

Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 22 Jun 1904
Page 5 Column 7


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SAD OCCURRENCE. - Much sympathy is felt for Mr. and Mrs. RADFORD, of the White Hart Hotel, in the sad loss they have sustained in the death of their son, who was found drowned on Wednesday morning. The deceased had been in indifferent health for some time, and was under medical treatment. About 8.30 on Wednesday morning he eluded the vigilance of his parents, and after much searching was found about 1 p.m. in an ornamental pond of Abbotsfield. When taken out of the water artificial respiration was resorted to, but in vain. Deceased was about 22 years of age. - The inquest was held on Thursday at the White Hart Hotel. - The Rev. McCRIRICK was elected foreman of the jury. - Mr. Philip RADFORD stated that deceased was his son. His age was 22, and he had been a clerk at Bristol. Since returning from his holiday at Bristol on May 21st, deceased had been in a very low depressed state. Witness consulted Dr. PENBERTHY, who had since then attended him. On Wednesday morning deceased went into the orchard at eight o'clock to feed the fowls. He was then not looking so well. Later on he said “I think I shall go in and have my breakfast.” and he then walked towards the house. Witness afterwards went into the house, and not finding deceased he went back and searched for him. - Mr. F. BOWLEY, coachman at Abbotsfield, deposed that his dog attracted witness's attention to deceased in the pond. He was lying face downwards in about 2½ feet of water, and with his head stuck in the mud. Witness being unable to remove the body alone, got help. The body was cold and fully dressed. There was no appearance of a struggle. - Dr. PENBERTHY stated that he had attended deceased since Whit-Sunday. He was suffering from melancholia, had delusions, and he was morbidly religious. Witness saw deceased on the Tuesday, and considered him brighter than usual. Death was due to drowning. - The verdict of the jury was “That deceased drowned himself whilst of unsound mind.” - The Foreman of the jury (Rev. McCRIRICK) expressed the deep sympathy of the jury and the whole town with the relatives in their bereavement. - The jury handed their fees to the Dispensary Funds. - P.C. HOOK was in attendance.

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