Taunton Courier 15 Aug 1908 Wiveliscombe Dance Obituary Mrs Lucy VICKERY Wife of John VICKERY of the Market Place Accident inc John UPHAM Messrs Hancock and Sons

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The West Somerset Free Press, and Williton, Minehead, and Watchet Journal. Saturday 15 Aug 1908

Page 6 Column 7


DANCE. - An invitation dance was given by the president (Mr. F. Willoughby HANCOCK) and the committee of the Brewery Cricket Club on Saturday evening last. The dancing, which took place in one of the brewery malthouses, commenced at eight o'clock, and continued until 11.30. About 160 were present, including most of the brewery employés and others, and a very enjoyable evening was spent. Refreshments were provided during the evening, and the dance music was supplied by the Wiveliscombe Town Band.

OBITUARY. - The death is regretfully announced of Mrs. Lucy VICKERY, the wife of Mr. John VICKERY, of the Market Place, printer and stationer. Deceased, who had attained the age of 58 years, expired at her residence on Sunday last, after a somewhat prolonged illness, and much sympathy is felt in the town for Mr. VICKERY and his family in their sad loss.

ACCIDENT. - An accident of rather an alarming through happily not of a serious character occurred to a motor-car and its occupants at that part of Fleet Hill known as the “elbow” on Monday last. It appears that John UPHAM, in charge of a brewery waggon belonging to Messrs. Hancock and Sons, was proceeding up the hill, and was about to take the higher turn of the elbow when a motor-car, containing a lady and her chauffeur, coming from the opposite direction, to avoid colliding with the waggon ran up the bank and completely overturned. The occupants escaped with but little injury, whilst the car, though the hood was shattered a good deal, was not much otherwise damaged. Had the car gone straight on, instead of running up the bank, the consequences would possibly have been more serious, as there is a deep drop into the field beyond, and the hedge would probably not have proved of sufficient resistance to stop the car.

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<NOTES: Mrs Lucy VICKERY is Lucy HAWKINS daughter of George HAWKINS and Harriet HEYWOOD, married John VICKERY

John VICKERY, son of John VICKERY and Elizabeth LANGDON, married Caroline COLLARD and Lucy HAWKINS>