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Taunton Courier, Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser 26 Dec 1917



A supplement to the “London Gazette” contains a despatch (dated November 7th, 1917), from Field-Marshal Sir Douglas HAIG, in which the following are “mentioned” for distinguished service:-


Major F D. BELLOW, D.S.O., M.C.

Temporary Second-Lieut. W. H. BOND

Major (Temporary Lt.-Col.) H. G. B. BURGES-SHORT.

Temporary Second-Lieut. H. E. DUDLEY

Temporary Major J. H. M. HARDYMAN, M.C.

Temporary Lieut. E. P. JONES.

Second-Lieut. (Temporary Capt.) E. C. LANCE.

Capt. (Act.-Lt.-Col.) V. H. B. MAJENDIE, D.S.O.

Second-Lieut. (Act. Capt.) E. PAUL, M.C.

Temporary Major R. P. PRESTON-WHYTE.

Major (Temporary Lt.-Col.) T. F. RITCHIE, D.S.O.

Major (Temporary Lt.-Col.) C. J. TROYTE-BULLOCK, D.S.O.

Lieut. C. B. TUBB, M.C.

Lance-Corporal J. J. COOLER, No. 15962.

Sergt. V. E. HAMMOND, No 9748.

R.Q.M.S. F. W. HEARD, No. 4098

Corpl. (Act. Sergt.) J. HIBBERT, No. 34914.

Priv. (L.-Corpl.) W. SEABRIGHT, No. 14580

C.S.M F J. YEARNCOM-E[?] No. 7866.

Priv. W. WAY. No. 27046.


Captain H. S. COORINGTON (Res. of Officers).

Capt. (Act. Major) C. W. M. FIRTH, M.C.

Lieut.-Col. C. C. HANNAY.

Qrtmr. and Hon. Lt. V. T. A. HAYDEN, M. C.

Capt. (Act. Lt.-Col.) Hon, E. J. HEWITT, D.S.O.

Second-Lieut. Lieut. R. W. MILLER.

Major (Temporary Lt.-Col.) A. L. MOULTON-BARRETT.

Bt.-Major (Temporary Lt. Col.) A. L. RANSOME, M.C.

Lieut. (Act. Capt.) D. J. P. P. STAYNER.

Major (Temporary Lt.-Col.) V. B. THURSTON.

Second-Lieut. H. R. TYNER.

Prive. F. C. AHRENS

Regt.-Quartermaster-Sergt. J. W. BODDIE.


Priv. H. J. EYRES.

Sergt. W. MITCHELL (died of wounds).

Quartermaster-Sergt. (O.R. Sergt.) H. E. PERKER[?] [or PARKER]

Priv. E. C. SUTTON.

Corpl. (Act. Quartermaster-Sergt.) S. THOMPSON.

Co-Sergt. Major (Temporary Regt.-Sergt.-Major) C. WELLS.


Tempy. Sec.-Lt. (Act. Maj.) R. J. ANDREWS, D.S.O., M.C.

Lt. (Act. Capt.) H. ARCHER, D.S.O. (Spec Res.).

Maj. (Temp. Lt.-Col.) D. H. BLUNT?, D.S.O.

Capt. (Act. Maj.) F. R. COBB, M.C.

Sec.-Lt. R. GARNEWORTHY[?], D.S.O.

Sec.-Lt. L. A. GIBBE[?]

Sec.-Lt. (Act. Capt.) A. R. NEWTON.

Sec.-Lt. G. PARKER

Sec.-Lt. H. PARKER[?].

Tempy. Sec.-Lt. H. A. PORTEOUS

Tempy. Capt. R. P. PRIDHAM[?].

Maj. (Tempy. Lt.-Col.) A. J. E. SUNDERLAND.

Lt. (Act. Lt.-Col.) A. TILLETT, M.C.

Lt. Sir B. R. WILLIAMS, Bt[?].

Maj. (Tempy. Lt.-Col.) P. R. WORRALL, M.C.

Col.-Sgt.-Maj. J. H. BAUER, No. 7673.

Priv. J. W. BRAZIL[?], No. 15570.

C.Q.M.S. S. G. CARTHEW, No. 7296.

C.Q.M.S. S. W. J. COX, No. 8140.

R.S.M. J. FARRELL, No. 8635.

Priv. H. HAMLEY[?], No. 15569.

Sgt. S. G. MILTON, No. 3/7556.

Cpl. G. PROWSE[?], No. 6760.

C.S.M. W. F. RANDALL[?], N. 12539.

Col. Sgt. (O.R. Sgt.) W. SAUNDERS, N. 3131.

Sgt. F. M. WILLIAMS, No. 10930.


Gnr? A. S. MILUM, R.F.A. (Exmouth).

Pte. F. RABJOHNS, R.A.M.C. (Wellington).

Pte. T. A. RUCKLEY, Hants R. (North Petherton).

Sgt. L. J. SAUNDERS, R. E. (“E,” Exeter).

Spr. F. B. SHEAR, R. E. (Exeter).

Pte. A. WHITE, Wilts R. (Shepton Mallet).

L./C, R. C. YELDON, R.E. (Exeter).

Sgt. F. YELLAND, London R. (Exeter).

Pte, C. F. COMPTON, Wilts R. (Salisbury),

Pte. E. J. CORNISH, Welsh R. (Wells).

Cpl. G. EDWARDS, Wilts R. (Salisbury).

Spr. L. N. EDWARDS, R. E. (“E.” Swindon).

Pte (L./C.) E. GORE, Wilts R. (Trowbridge).

Cpl. H. W. HOLLOWAY, R. F. A. (Salisbury).

Pte. C. F. KENT, A.S.C. (Swindon).

Cpl. H. J. KING, R.F.A. (Wincanton).

Pte. R. A. KITLEY, Wilts R. (Imber).

Sgt. S. MERCHANT, M.G. Corps (Swindon).

L./C. J. PARK, A.C.C. (Melksham).

Gnr. (A./Bombr.) E. PONTING, R.F.A. (Purton, Wilts).

L./C. W. PORCH, R. E. (“E.” Bath).

Pte. T. READ, Wilts R. (Salisbury).

Pte. F. C. REEVES[?], Wilts R. (Parkstone).

Cpl. F. YANDLE, London R. (Martock).

Pte. J. O. YEATES, Worc. R. (Swindon).

Another supplement to the “London Gazette” contains the following among other announcements of the award of the Military Medal:-

Corpl. E. C. BESANT. R.G.A. (Walton, Somerset).

Gnr. W. BODLEY. R.G.A. (Bridgwater).

C.Q.M.S. C. H. GOATER. Devon R., attd. W. Indies R. (Uplyme).

Gnr. W. J. GOULD, R.G.A. (Dorset).

Pri. A. H. LANGDON, R.A.M.C. (Exeter).

L.-Corpl. (Act.-Sergt.) T. NORRIS, R.E. (Taunton.

Priv. (L.Corpl.) G H, WALROND. Manchester R. (Exeter).

Priv. G. DENMAN, Som. L.I. (Stoke-under-Ham).

Sergt. W. MORRIS Som, L.I. (Winchester).

Lance-Corpl. (A/Sergt.) T. NORRIS, R. E. ([E] Taunton).

Corpl. F. E. PERCIVAL. Som. L.I. (Bournemouth).

Sergt. G. WATTS, Som. L.I. (Bedminster)


E. C. Quartermaster-Sergt. (A/Supt. Clk.) T. DAVIS, R.E. (Calne, Wilts).

Priv. (A./Sergt.) R. FERRIS, A.S.C. (Corsham).

Sergt. (A./R.S.M.) C. WINDEATT, Devon R. (Weston-super-Mare)

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