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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser. Wednesday 07 Feb 1923

Page 3 Column 3


SATURDAY. - Before Mr. A. E. EASTWOOD (in the chair), Lieut.-Colonel W. W. MARWOOD-ELTON, Messrs. W. O. E. MEADE-KING, F. S. COPLESTON, W. J. VILLAR, and C. Leslie FOX.


On the application of Mr. T. BROOMHEAD the license of the King's Arms Inn, Churchstanton, was permanently transferred from Mr. Harry TRIMM to Mr. Albert Ed. SHERRY.


Supt. CHAPMAN presented his annual report for the division, which showed that there were 36 alehouses, 14 beerhouses on, and 3 grocers' and other licenses. The population of the district was 13,199, this being one on licensed house to every 264 inhabitants. There were four registered clubs. Three males were proceeded against for drunkenness, two of whom were convicted and one dismissed, as compared with three males convicted during the previous year, all being residents. One licensee had beene [sic] convicted during the year for supplying intoxicating liquor during non-permitted hours. Since the last adjourned annual licensing meeting compensation had been paid in regard to the Red Lion alehouse, Bishop's Hull, and the license expired on the 30th March, 1922. At the last adjourned annual licensing meeting the licenses of one alehouse, the White Horse Inn, Creech St. Michael, and two beerhouses, the Gardeners Arms, Howleigh, Pitminster, and the Cottage Inn, Athelney, were referred for compensation. This, however, had not yet been paid, and the three licenses existed temporarily only. The licensed houses, on the whole, had been well conducted.

Mr. F. W. WILLMOTT (Messrs. C. P. Clarke & Co.) appeared on behalf of the licensees in the district, and applied for the renewal of all the licenses in the area. It was a great satisfaction to know, he said, that all the houses had been well conducted.

The Bench renewed all the licenses, commented on the Superintendent's good report, and said that they hoped next year it would be even better, and that no proceedings would be taken at all.


Samuel Chas. LLOYD, of the Prince's Hotel, Jermyn-street, London, S.W. 1, was summoned for driving a motor-car at a speed dangerous to the public on the 18th December.

Mr. E. T. ALMS, the magistrates' clerk, read a telegram from the defendant asking that the case might be adjourned as he was unable to be present that day.

The Bench adjourned the case for a fortnight.


Bessie HONNIBALL, of Brookfield Farm, Blagdon, pleaded guilty to riding a bicycle without a light at Pitminster on the 14th January.

P.C. PROUT stated that at 7.55 p.m. He saw the defendant riding a lightless cycle at Howleigh, and he stopped her. Her reason for doing so was that she did not intend to stay away long. After walking about 100 years down the road the defendant mounted the cycle again.

Defendant said she had lent her lamp to someone else, and she was in a hurry to get home to see a friend.

A fine of 7s 6d was imposed.


Elizabeth W. JONES, of Creech Heathfield, Taunton, summoned her husband, Philip F. JONES, a carpenter, for assaulting and beating her on the 30th January.

Inspector PEARCE, of the N.S.P.C.C., informed the Bench that at the request of both complainant and defendant he asked that the summons might be withdrawn, as they did not wish the case to be gone into.

The complainant said “Upon the advice of Mr. PEARCE I should like to give my husband another chance.”

The magistrates allowed the summons to be withdrawn.


Mr. W. F. B. DAWE, clerk to the Taunton Rural District Council, made an application to the Bench for two of the magistrates to be appointed to visit and report on Rook's-road, Otterford, with a view to its closure, it being unnecessary for public use. Mr. DAWE pointed out that the parish wanted to get rid of liability to repair.

The Bench appointed Messrs. A. E. EASTWOOD and F. S. COPLESTON to visit and report on the road.

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