Taunton Courier 20 Nov 1935 Curry Mallet Death of Mr William ASHTON Death of Mrs Emily BURT nee COLLARD

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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 20 Nov 1935

Page 7 Column 4


DEATH OF MR. WILLIAM ASHTON. - Another very well known figure in the parish has been removed by the death, on Sunday, of Mr. John William ASHTON, at the age of 74. Mr. ASHTON had been in failing health for some time and his end was not unexpected. His sister, Miss Elizabeth ASHTON, with whom he lived latterly, has been very devoted during his illness. Mr. ASHTON's wife died 13 years ago and for some time he lived alone. There are no children. The funeral took place on Wednesday at the Parish Church, when the Rev. H. C. TRITTON officiated, Miss E. PESTER being at the organ. The mourners were:- Miss Elizabeth ASHTON (sister), Mr. L. ASHTON, Ilminster (cousin), Mr. V. W. BRETT, Mr. J. BRETT, and Mr. H. BRETT (nephews), Mrs. J. BOBBETT, Mrs. J. WHITE, Mrs. R. WRIGHT (cousins). Mr. ASHTON's other sister (Mrs. H. BRETT) was not able to attend. The bearers, all nephews of deceased,were:- Messrs. Albert, Walter, Edward, and Frank BAWLER. There were many beautiful flowers sent.

DEATH OF MRS. EMILY BURT. - Sincere regret is felt throughout the parish at the death of Mrs. Emily BURT, which occurred on November 5th. She was 82 years of age. Mrs. BURT, whose husband was the late Mr. William BURT, was a very charming old lady and the possessor of a sweet and loving disposition. Since her husband's death, 12 years ago, she had lived alone until the last year of her life, and her comfortable home was always spotlessly clean. Latterly her daughter, Miss Florence BURT, has been living with her mother, whom she has nursed with devotion. Mrs. BURT was the youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs William COLLARD, and therefore belonged to an old established family in Curry Mallet. In her younger days she regularly attended the Parish Church and was a member of the choir and always a willing helper in assisting to raise funds for church requirements. She will be much missed. Six of her eight children are living, one son died in infancy and another son (Mr. Ernest BURT) died in India. Her other children are Mr. Walter BURT (Uphill), Mr. Albert BURT (Beercrocombe), Mrs. GREENFIELD (Essex), Mrs. LING (Essex), Mrs. MALE (Curry Rivel), and Miss Florence BURT. The funeral, which was well attended, took place at the Parish Church on Saturday last, when the Rector (Rev. H. C. TRITTON) officiated, and Miss Margery PAULL (a personal friend of deceased) presided at the organ. The mourners were:- Mr. W. BURT and Mr. A. BURT (sons), Miss F. BURT, Mrs. LING, and Mrs. H. MALE (daughters), Mrs. W. BURT and Mrs. A. BURT (daughters-in-law), Mr. H. MALE (son-in-law), Misses Emily and Edith BURT and Mr. A. BURT (grandchildren), Mrs. S. STOCKELL (niece), Misses Eunice and Barbara TAYLOR. The bearers were:- Messrs. S. STODGELL, F. BAWLER, E. BAULD and L. BOWER. There were many beautiful wreaths.

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<NOTES: John William or William ASHTON son of Job ASHTON and Elizabeth PRIDDLE, married Mary Jane CRABB

Mrs Emily BURT is Emily COLLARD daughter of William COLLARD and Ann SMITH, married William BURT>