Taunton Courier Supplement 04 Jul 1855 Somerset Midsummer Sessions includes William OATEN stealing two fowls Pitminster

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Supplement to the Taunton Courier Wednesday 04 Jul 1855

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ON BAIL. - James TARR, stealing hay at Dulverton; James Bradford CROCKER, charged with embezzling six several sums of money, at Taunton St. Mary Magdalene, belonging to his employer; George MAUNDER, stealing iron, at Martock; John WOOLFREY, the elder, and John WOOLFREY, the younger, stealing a pump-trough, and a quatity of lead, at Wilton; William OATEN, stealing two fowls, at Pitminster; Thomas SAUNDERS, stealing an ash tree, at Broomfield; Robert WARNER, stealing wood, at North Petherton; Maria SANDY, stealing one shilling at Pawlett; Caroline REED, stealing a brooch and scarf, at Cannington; Emily GARRET, stealing boots, at Yeovil; William BALE, stealing an oak stick, at Dulverton; Mary TAYLOR, stealing a loaf of bread, at Dulverton.

IN GAOL. - Joseph HOLMES, stealing pork, at West Buckland; James WAKELEY, stealing a hatchet, at Martock; Robert GRAVES, stealing a pocket-book and letter, at Taunton – died in Gaol. - Maria HAYWARD, stealing from the person, at Bridgwater; John READER, stealing lead, at Mudford; William HURTNELL, stealing two boards, at Oake; Mary Ann MOUNTER, stealing shoes, at Martock; Harriett WINTER, stealing a mortar, &c., at Taunton; Elizabeth DAYMAN, stealing a time-piece, at Yeovil; Wm. WATTS, stealing a knife at Wilton; James MARSHALL, stealing a drake, at Bishop's Hull; Mary SHIER, stealing gloves, at East Chinnock; Walter TURNER, stealing a rail, at Yeovil; Mary Ann POTTER, stealing a gown, at Taunton; James BRYANT, stealing a silver tea-spoon, at Taunton; Sarah CHANT, stealing gloves at Stoke-under-Hamdon; John TURNER, stealing potatoes at Odcombe; Ann SLOCOMBE, stealing from the person, at Taunton; Ann COMEDY, stealing pork, at Yeovil; Edward HOOPER, stealing wood at South Petherton; Joseph MARSH, stealing a hoe, at Odcombe; Mary Ann GUARD, stealing a shawl, at Ruishton; Robert RICHARDS, stealing 21 ducks, at Kingsbury Episcopi; Jane FRY, stealing a ploughshare, at West Chinnock; Mary WHORWOOD, stealing a ploughshare, at Haselbury Plunknett; Hannah JOHNSON, and Annie JOHNSON, stealing gloves, at Ilminster; Elizabeth STARK, stealing from the person, at Taunton; James PIKE, stealing from the person, at Hardington Mandeville; Joseph HOCKEY, stealing a pint of milk, at Stoke-under-Hamdon; Samuel BUTLER, stealing an ass, at Preston; James CROCKER, stealing a shirt, at Exmore Forest; James GARLAND, stealing one pair of trowsers, and six skains of yarn, at Lopen; William PHILLIPS, the younger, stealing one ewe sheep, at Carhampton; Job PAVORD, stealing an oil can and other articles, at Crewkerne; Mary Ann SCOTT, stealing an iron screw wrench, at Chard.

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