The Shepton Mallet Journal 28 Apr 1871 Somerton Petty Sessions includes Lydia FOURACRE Picts Hill Selling Cider Without a License

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The Shepton Mallet Journal. Friday 28 Apr 1871

Page 3 Column 6 and 7


SUDDEN DEATH. On Sunday afternoon last, a little lad named TROTT, dropped down dead while entering a chapel to attend the Sunday school. The lad who is about 14 years of age, appeared to be in his usual health before leaving home, and no cause is assigned for his death – A lad named Ephraim VILE, was charged with stealing a lock valued 4d., ro m <sic> a gate, the property of Mr. F. HUISH, carpenter, of Street. The case was adjourned.

PETTY SESSIONS, Monday. - Before Messrs. T. B. UTTERMARE and F. M. EASTMENT. - Lydia FOURACRE of Picts Hill, was summoned for selling cider without a license, on March 17th last. George TOUL, jun., of Langport, swore to having several pints of cider at defendant's house, and to drinking the same on the premises. He tendered a shilling to pay for it and received the change from Mrs. FOURACRE. For the defence, defendant said the witness came to her house and brought goods at the shop, but he did not have any cider to pay for. A man named BIRT was called to prove TOUL drank with him, while having it. BIRT lived in the house with defendant, and he paid 6s. a week for board and lodgings, including drink. The Bench inflicted a fine of £5. - James EADES was brought up in custody charged with assaulting W. EADES, his brother, at Aller, on April 10th. Archibald WALKER, assistant to Dr. PRANKERD, Langport, deposed that he was sent on the 10th(?) of April to attend William EADES. On examination(?) he found six cuts in the head from half an inch to(?) two inches in length, and a great discharge of blood(?). He found a severe bruise on the left wrist, also a(?) cut(?) on the elbow and a bruise on the shoulder. The(?) next day he found four more wounds. He attends(?) him up to the present time. By the Bench: He(?) thought the injury was done by a stick. Prisoner(?) pleaded guilty, and with much contrition said he(?) was sorry for what he had done, and as soon as he(?) was able would do all that lay in his power to(?) help his brother. Committed for one month's hard(?) labour. - John BOWDEN and James COLLINS, both of(?) Babcary, were fined 2s. 6d. and costs, for allowing(?) donkeys to stray on the highway. Police-constable(?) WATTS proved the case. - John CROSSMAN, of High(?) Ham, was summoned for allowing a calf and goat(?) to stray at High Ham. Fined 5s. and costs – Wm Henry SAVERY, of Babcary, charged(?) William COPPING, of the same place, for using(?) threatening language towards him. The Bench(?) dismissed the case. - Edward ROGERS, of Street(?) was summoned by Annie VILE, of the same place, to(?) show cause why he should not contributed towards(?) the support of her illegitimate child. Order made(?) for 1s 6d per week with costs. Mr. HOBBS, of Wells, appeared for defendant.

<this section had missing bits, have guessed some words or endings and put a '(?)' to indicate which words were affected>

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<NOTES: Lydia FOURACRE is Lydia KING daughter of Edward KING and Betty, married Robert FOURACRE>