The Shepton Mallet Journal 02 Sep 1910 Pitminster A Long Lived Somerset Family Mr. and Mrs. H. OATEN

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The Shepton Mallet Journal Friday 02 Sep 1910
Page 2 Column 4



The OATEN family, of Poundisford, Pitminster, where the Right Rev. Dr. MOORHOUSE, formerly Bishop of Manchester, is spending a green old age, affords a striking instance of longevity. Mr. and Mrs. H. OATEN have just celebrated their golden wedding, and their family embraces four generations, including seven children, 34 grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. The united ages of five of those present at the golden wedding celebration totalled 369 years. Two of Mr. and Mrs. OATEN's daughters have celebrated their silver wedding during the present year. Mr. OATEN's grandmother attained the extraordinary age of 108 years, and two of his aunts also lived to be contenarians <sic>.

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<NOTES: H. OATEN is probably Henry OATEN son of William OATEN and Elizabeth MITCHEM or MEECHAM, married Mary Ann WESTERN – they married on the 23 Aug 1860 at Taunton Holy Trinity Somerset

Mrs OATEN is Elizabeth or Betty SEYMOUR, married George OATEN>