The Western Gazette 02 Jun 1865 Deaf and Dumb Institution Exeter inc CULLEN Langport GOFF Wellington HOLLAND WINES South Petherton PAUL Curry Mallet RENDELL Taunton

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The Western Gazette. Friday 02 Jun 1865

Page 4 Column 5


<section not transcribed>

DEAF AND DUMB INSTITUTION, EXETER. - The following children from the county are now in the Institution:- George BAKER, Yeovil. George BRYAN, Haselbury. Sydney BUTTS, Burnham. Charles CULLEN, Langport. Hugh GOFF, Wellington. Samuel HOLLAND, South Petherton. Gilbert WINES, South Petherton. Joseph WOODBOURNE, Drayton, Taunton. Eliza BAKER, Combe Florey. Sarah HILLYER, Yeovil. Sa ah [sic] A. PAUL, Curry Mallet. Elizabeth PEARSE, Montacute. Eve PHILLIPS, Yeovil. Elizabeth RENDELL, Taunton.

<section not transcribed>

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<NOTES: Sarah A. PAUL, Curry Mallet – the 'r' is missing in the original>