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The Western Gazette Saturday 14 Jan 1865

Page 7 Column 2 & 3


ASSAULTING THE POLICE. - A man named William PERRY is in custody on a charge of assaulting A. S. STICKLAND. It appears that whilst on his beat near Mrs SPARKS's, at Huish, about half-past eleven on Tuesday night in company with P.C. REDWOOD, of High Ham, PERRY, who was intoxicated, jostled against STICKAND. He was requested to proceed home quietly, but became very abusive, and struck Sergt. STICKLAND. A struggle ensued, during which P.C. REDWOOD, also received a blow, but PERRY was ultimately handcuffed and taken to the lock-up.

COUNTY COURT, Thursday. - Before C. SAUNDERS, Esq., Judge. - There were 63 new plaints, four judgement summonses, and four adjourned cases. - Thomas PLOWMAN, surgeon, North Curry, v. William BOBBETT, lock-keeper, Ilton, Ilminster. - 13s for medicine and medical attendance. Mr. J. WESTLAKE for plaintiff. According to plaintiff's account, he was sent for to attend defendant's wife; but as he was ill at the time he sent a substitute. Defendant denied that either plaintiff or any other medical man attended, and said that his wife was attended by a woman, to whom he paid 2s 6d. Judgement for defendant. - Same v. George HILES, teazleman, Keinton. - £7 9s 6d for medicine and medical attendance. Mr. WESTLAKE for plaintiff. The account commenced in 1860. At the time the debt was incurred defendant was living at Kingsdon, and plaintiff was employed to attend defendant's wife. Defendant said he had only employed plaintiff on one occasion, and that three bills had been sent in, all differing in amount. The lowest amount was for £6 2s, for which sum his Honour gave judgment at 5s a month. - George JEREMY, Lea Court House, Axminster, v. John HOWE and Thomas BENNING, of Aller. £1 for possession of cottage and garden at Aller. Mr. LOUCH for plaintiff. This was an adjourned case, from last court. The defendant HOWE had sold the property to plaintiff's wife before their marriage, but had been allowed to retain possession until he could get another house. He had now given up possession, but BENNING, his son-in-law, who had occupied part of the premises, refused to leave, alleging that HOWE had no right to sell the property, as he had occupied it thirteen years, during which time he had repaired the premises and paid no rent. As it appeared that BENNING had never been treated as tenant, and HOWE no longer held possession, His Honour said he had no jurisdiction – Ann SPEARING, of Curry Rivel, v. - OSTLER, Waldron's Park, Westport £3 5 for the use of plaintiff's entire horse. There was £1 2s 6d paid into court under tender. John PHILLIPS, who attended the horse, said that in 1861 plaintiff's horse served two of defendant's mares. The agreement was for £1 a single mare, or 15s each for two, and 2s 6d to the groom for each mare. According to defendant, the agreement was for 30s each foal, and the money paid in was for a third mare. Judgment for 30s besides amount paid in. - Andrew WORNER, Load, v. James DYER, Charlton. £3 3s 4d for hay. Defendant did not appear. Judgment for plaintiff. - John J. CHANT, baker, Stoke sub-Hamdon, v. Ebenezer MALL, sawyer, Barrington. £2 19s 7d for bread. Defendant did not appear. Order for 5s a month – Same v. Robert WINTER, Barrington 7s 6d balance of account. Judgment for 4s a month. Same v. Henry MALE, Barrington, 11s 3d balance for beard. Judgment for 4s a month. - Same v. Vincent MALE, 14s 1d; Enos MALE 0s 2d; and George BRIDGE, 12s 9d; the parties had paid part of the amounts and judgment was given for 4s a month for the remainder. Ann GILLARD, 6s 6d, 3s a month. - Thomas HILLETT, 10s 4d, 4s a month; Mark GUNNER, £1 6s 7d, 5s a month. – James ROD?, Low ham, v George LOADER, of the same place. 6s for a drill of potatoes. The parties occupied potato ground adjoining each other. According to plaintiff he had eight drills and defendant had seven. Defendant on the other hand said he had eight drills and plaintiff only seven. When defendant took up the potatoes he dug eight drills, and plaintiff now sued for the value of the eighth drill – Judgment for defendant, without costs. - Richard WALKER, tailor, Isle Brewers, v. Robert MAKER, Fivehead. £1 2s for work and materials. Defendant admitted the debt. Judgment for 4s a month. – John STONE, Barton St. David, v. Mary CHALKER, Keinton. £6 16s 10d balance f account. Defendant did not appear. Judgment for plaintiff – Thomas MARTIN, Somerton, v. James WOOL, Load. 2s 6d balance for clover sold in 1833. The bill was for 7s 6d and defendant had paid 5s. Judgment for plaintiff. - Robert BLAKE, shoemaker, Langport, v. John WILLIAMS, quarryman, Kingsdon. 7s 9d balance of account. - Judgment for plaintiff. - Same v. Richard MORRIS, Kingsdon. 5s balance of account, 2s a month. - Same v. Samuel SQUIRE, 6s balance of account, 2s a month. - Frederick SALWAY, Fivehead, v. Charles FOSTER, labourer, North Curry, 10s for damage done to plaintiff's gun. Defendant went to plaintiff's house and took the gun from the place where it hung. In hanging it up he let it fall. Plaintiff had paid £1 for repairs, and sued for only half the amount. Judgment for plaintiff. - William WILLCOX, farmer, Middlezoy, v. Robert MORRIS, Stoke St. Gregory, £1 for the use of plaintiff's entire horse. LEWIS, the groom, who attended the horse, proved the service of a horse which he understood to be defendant's, at the residence of Mr HOUSE, at Stathe. Defendant did not appear, and as the witness could not swear that the mare belonged to defendant, the case was adjourned – Matthew WAGLAND, Babcary, v. Charles PHELPS, farmer, South Barrow. 8s loss sustained for non-delivery of a dead horse, according to agreement. As it appeared that there was no agreement to deliver the carcas, his Honour gave judgemnt for defendant without costs. - Thomas WINSOR, farmer, Wearne, v. William WINSOR, labourer, Ham, 8s for the keep of two bullocks, one month. - Judgment for plaintiff, 4s a month. - Edwin BROWN, butcher, Somerton, v. James PETTY, Somerton. £1 15s 0d balance of account. Defendant did not appear. Judgment for 7s 6d per month. - Agnes MUNCKTON, Southernhay-street, Exeter, v. William PHELPS, Fifehead. £7 for money paid. Mr. WESTLAKE for defendant. According to plaintiff's statement she rented a piece of land of defendant at Fifehead. She agreed to pay him £8 for cropping it, and advanced £7 on account. Owing to a dispute as to the way in which the land was cropped, and as to the payment of tithes, defendant promised to take possession of the land and return the £7. Defendant denied this, and as no agreement was proved, plaintiff was nonsuited. - Mrs. FOURACRES, Picks hill, Langport, v George BARBER, of same place. 12s 1d for bread and coal. This case was adjourned from last court to enable plaintiff to produce her books, but it now appeared that she kept none. Defendant and his wife denied owing anything for bread and coal, but said there may be something owing for cider, which plaintiff sold without a license, and for which she had charged as bread and coal. His Honour said that it appeared that defendant was content to drink what was sold by an unlicensed person, but wanted to escape payment. Judgment for plaintiff at 4s a month.

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