The Western Gazette 11 Jul 1884 Ilminster Police William GULLY for assaulting Sarah Ann MALE daughter of Henry MALE at Fivehead

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The Western Gazette Friday 11 Jul 1884

Page 7 Column 1 and 2


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POLICE. - On Tuesday, before Mr. J. W. SHEPHERD, William GULLY, on remand, was charged with having, on the 1st inst., indecently assaulted, with intent, Sarah Ann MALE, aged 10 years, daughter of Henry MALE, labourer, Fivehead. The prosecutrix said: On the 1st of July (last Tuesday) I was at the Fivehead club with my little brother. Prisoner came to me and asked me to go into a field to look at my father's potatoes. I went with him, and when he got inside he assaulted me. I cried as loud as I could and a woman named Elizabeth MALE ran to my assistance. - Elizabeth MALE deposed to seeing prisoner and the child enter the field, and hearing the child crying aloud she went to the place and found the prisoner kneeling on the ground by the side of the child, who was lying down, and with her hat off. - Vincent MALE, brother to the prosecutrix, aged 12, said prisoner came and asked him to fetch his sister, which he did. He saw prisoner take her into the field. He knew prisoner perfectly well. - Acting-Sergt. JENNINGS, stationed at Puckington, said:- On the 1st inst., in the evening, I received information of the outrage, and went in search of the prisoner, but could not find him. I went to the scene of the outrage, and in the field by the side of a ditch I found the grass pressed down as if a struggle had taken place. I afterwards went to the field with the girl and Elizabeth MALE, who both pointed out to me the place I had previously seen. Prisoner absconded, but was apprehended at Norton-sub-Hamdon on the following Saturday. - Prisoner, who asked to be at once dealt with, was committed for trial at the assizes to be held at Wells on the 16th inst.

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