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The Western Gazette Friday 16 Jan 1885
Page 7 Column Various


LECTURE. - On Monday evening, Mr. J. D. ALFORD, of Birmingham, delivered a lecture in this parish on agricultural depression. The title of the lecture, as announced was “Why are good harvests followed by bad times?” the “bad times” having reference to the agricultural interest. In dealing with the question, the lecturer showed how uniformly, the prices of corn came down after good general harvests, as in 1823, 1830, and 1884, whilst the farmers whose rents were generally based upon a much higher price of grain, had to pay high rentals, however low the markets might be, thus bringing many into difficulties and to ruin. He advocated the establishment of fair and judicial rents; freedom of contract; freedom of sale; fixity of tenure; and legal compensation for unexhausted improvement. Speaking of the last Agricultural Holdings Act, he regretted that it did not deal with the ease of sitting tenants. - A discussion followed; the Rev. J. COMPSTON (Fivehead), Mr. T. MEADE (Middleney), Rev. E. CURTIS (Hatch Beauchamp), Mr. F. WILCOX (Listock), Rev. G. ROBERTSON (Curry Rivel), Mr. R. HALLETT (Fivehead), and the Rev. W. FRY (North Curry) taking part therein. One speaker opposed the views of the lecturer, and contended for the necessity of Protection in a moderate degree; but the rest strongly sustained the lecturer's positions, which were evidently acceptable to the great majority of the meeting. - A cordial vote of thanks was tendered to Mr. ALFORD, who responded in suitable terms, and replied to criticisms. - The same gentleman lectured at Hatch Beauchamp on Wednesday evening, on “The English Land Laws and Customs.”


Concert. - A vocal and instrumental concert was given in the Church Room, in this village, on Wednesday. The arrangements were in the hands of the Misses GRUEBER, Mr. S. GRUEBER, and Mr. J. G. TAYLOR (the church-warden), and were carried out in an admirable manner. The platform was nicely arranged, the front being prettily draped with lace curtains, the whole having an imposing effect. The programme was gone though in a very satisfactory and effective style, as the numerous encores noticed in the subjoined programme will show. The glees were given in good time and tune, and the toy symphony (a novel feature in a village concert) was greatly appreciated, the notes of the cuckoo, the bird call, and the drum being remarkably effective. The room was crammed, and the promoters must be congratulated on the success which attended their efforts in every way. The following is the programme: Pianoforte solo, Miss Kepple TAYLOUR; “The Village Blacksmith,” Mr. John DUNN; song, “Auntie” (encored), Mrs. Hugh POOLE; glee, “Let the hills resound,” the choir; song, “Whistling Pat” (encored), Mr. TAYLOR; trio, “Will you come to my mountain home?” the Misses GRUEBER; flute solo, “Nell Gwynne.” Mr. H. WALTERS; song, “The Old Lock” (encore, “The Fisherwoman”), Miss H. GRUEBER; comic song, Mr. HIGGINS; “Toy Symphony;” solo, “I love her,” Mr. TAYLOR, glee, “The New Year,” choir; song, “The Vagabond,” Mr. John DUNN; quartet, “Still I love thee,” the Misses GRUEBER, Messrs. S. TAYLOR and Norman; flute solo (encored), Mr. H. WALTERS; pianoforte solo, Miss Kepple TAYLOUR; song, “O, rippling tide,” Misses Hugh POOLE; song, “At the ferry” (encore, “Tit for Tat”), Miss H. GRUEBER; comic song, “Is it possible?” (encored), Mr. HIGGINS; “Nursery Rhymes;” “God save the Queen.”


A TEMPERANCE LECTURE was delivered in the Wesleyan school-room on Wednesday evening, Jan. 7, by Mr. W. GRIBBLE, of the Western Temperance League, on “Health, Home, and Happiness.” Mr. George ENGLAND presided over the meeting, and the lecture was of a very interesting character. The room was well filled. A vote of thanks to the lecturer was proposed by M. J. R. SAVIDGE, and seconded by Mr. James DUCK.


THE PROPOSED NEW WESLEYAN CHAPEL. - On Saturday evening, a meeting of the trustees of the proposed new Wesleyan Chapel, was held at South Petherton, when the tender of Mr. James WALTER, of that town, was accepted.


CONCERT. - On Monday evening, a successful concert was given in the school-room, which was well filled. Sub-joined is the programme:- Glee, “Oh! The roast beef;” song, “Tit for tat,” Miss STONE; song, “The Three Foreigners,” Mr. GARRETT: song, “Shoeing and Wooing,” Mrs. GARRETT; quartet, “Oh joy, oh rapture!” song, “The Outlaw,” Mr. CREATON; song, “The Little Tin Soldier,” Miss REES; song and chorus, “The Ruler of the Queen's Navee,” Mr. FOX; song, “Surely,” Miss WOOD; song and chorus, “The Policeman's Song,” Mr. AXTELL; duet, Miss STONE and Miss WOOD; piano-forte duet, “The Sleigh Gallop,” Misses WOOLCOTT; song, “Ring out, wild bells,” Mrs. GARRETT; song, Mr. AXTELL; catch, “Poor Thomas Day,” Messrs. AXTELL, CREATON, and FOX; song, “In the north countree,” Miss STONE; song, “The Muddle Puddle Porter,” Mr. FOX; song, “The Blue Alsation Mountains,” Miss REES; trio, “We are warriors three,” Messrs. FOX, GARRETT, and AXTELL; song. “Somebody's Waiting,” Miss SPILLER; song “The PowdeMonkey,” Mr. GARRETT; song, Miss WOOD; glee, “Bonnie Dundee.”


THE OUTBREAK OF SMALL-POX. - From the report of the Medical Officer (Dr. HARTFORD) it appears that the deaths during the past month were 60; or 43.32 per 1,000. Fifteen were infants under one year, and ten person of 60 years of age and upwards. The number of deaths from zymotic diseases was 19. Six deaths occurred in the workhouse, 3 in the Taunton and Somerset Hospital.

POLICE, Saturday. - Thomas LEAKEY, a labourer, of Kingston, was sent to prison for 14 days for stealing a workbox containing six sovereigns and a metal watch and chain, the property of Daniel BROWN, his father-in-law. - Prisoner lodged with the prosecutor, and during his absence on Wednesday last, the workbox and its contents were stolen. When accused of the theft prisoner said he had been on a spree to Exeter with the money. He gave up 50s and promised the prosecutor to repay the remainder. There was no desire to press the charge, as prisoner had two children ill. - Margaret RICHARDS, wife of a pensioner, charged with the theft of three cotton sheets and a blanket, was fined 10s and costs and ordered to redeem the articles from pledge. - Thomas HILT, farm labourer, was fined 3s and costs for carrying a gun without a license, at Trull, on the 2nd inst.

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