The West Somerset Free Press 10 Jul 1869 Local and District News Death of Mr John VICKERY Worked for Mr HANCOCK's Brewery

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The West Somerset Free Press, and Williton and Watchet Journal. Saturday 10 Jul 1869

Page 4 Column 5


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DEATH OF MR. JOHN VICKERY. - We have to record, in our columns this week, the death of Mr. John VICKERY, of Wiveliscombe The deceased was well-known and highly-respected throughout this neighbourgood [sic], having for upwards of sixty years filled important offices in connection with Mr. HANCOCK's brewery, and he was greatly esteemed by his employer. Mr. VICKERY had been suffering for some months past from complicated ailments, and expressed a wish to visit Watchet for a change of air, where he arrived with some of his family and several grandchildren on Friday, the 23rd ultimo. He often expressed himself as much better, and on Monday the 28th[?], accompanied his relatives in an excursion-trip, per steamer, to Ilfracombe, appearing to enjoy the day very much. He made a tolerably good supper after the voyage, and then cheerfully commended his grandchildren to God in an appropriate prayer. About midnight he was taken vomiting, and the following morning, soon after seven o'clock, he was seized with paralysis, which entirely deprived him of speech and consciousness. Medical aid was called in immediately, but all remedial means appeared to have no effect. Dr. EDWARDS, of Wiveliscombe, was sent for, and professionally attended to him before his death. He received great kindness and attention from his employer, W. HANCOCK, Esq., and also from Mrs. HANCOCK, who visited him several times, appearing to sympathize deeply in his affliction. He expired on Sunday morning, the 4th instant, and his body was removed to his residence at Wiveliscombe on the same evening.

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<NOTES: John VICKERY, married Elizabeth LANGDON>