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Cheddon Fitzpaine, Somerset

Below is a list of all the records that I have for the parish of Cheddon Fitzpaine, Somerset:


Cheddon Fitzpaine parish register transcriptions can be found on Martin Southwood's website


1851 Census Cheddon Fitzpaine

1861 Census Norton Fitzwarren Staplegrove Cheddon Fitzpaine West Monkton

1871 Census Cheddon Fitzpaine Bathpool West Monkton Kingston

1891 Census Taunton St James Bishops Hull Norton Fitzwarren Staplegrove Cheddon Fitzpaine Bathpool West Monkton Kingston (Cheddon Fitzpaine only)

Cheddon Fitzpaine Church:

St Mary the Virgin (includes monumental inscriptions for some of the graves)

Kelly's Directory:

Cheddon Fitzpaine 1875

Useful Websites:


Cheddon Fitzpaine Village Hall

Cheddon Fitzpaine Parish Council

Find A Grave – Cheddon Fitzpaine

A Middle Bronze Age Enclosure … at Nerrols Farm

BBC WW2 People's War Story about German Bomber that Crashed nr Hestercombe on 27th/28th Mar 1944

Wikipedia – Hestercombe

Bombing Campaign 1944/1945 inc the Hestercombe Crash

Broomfield a Window on the Past inc Junkers JU88 Crash at Hestercombe House

Newspaper Articles:

15 Dec 1814 Trewmans Exeter Flying Post Rowford House To Be Let By Private Contract A New Built Dwelling House inc Mr J. BUNCOMBE Mount House Taunton

15 Aug 1838 Taunton Courier Taunton Accident at West Monkton includes Miss WARRE of Hestercombe

06 Apr 1839 Somerset County Gazette Somerset Lent Assizes includes OATEN Pitminster Stealing Turkeys Nisi Prius

25 Mar 1846 Taunton Courier Vale of Taunton Deane Somerset To Be Let Rowford Lodge Cheddon Fitzpaine

14 Sep 1853 Taunton Courier Taunton includes Suicide Joseph HEAL Huntworth North Petherton HILL West Monkton Joseph CONYBEARE Labourer of KING of Pyrland Hall

23 Aug 1854 Taunton Courier Suicide at Cheddon Joel SPARKS Master Blacksmith of Cheddon Fitzpaine was Found in Pond at Hestercombe Park

29 Nov 1854 Taunton Courier Taunton includes COGAN Staplegrove John ELLETT Ball Combe North Petherton PAINE and WARRE Hestercombe Stoke Sub Hamdon Mr GALE

18 Apr 1860 Taunton Courier Cheddon Fitzpaine Somerset Sell by Auction Dwelling House and Garden known as Gadd's Bottom in Occupation of Mr ELLETT and John FOX

14 Aug 1861 Taunton Courier Re-opening of Cheddon Fitzpaine Church inc BELL WARRE CARTER LING JEBOULT STAGG ASHWORTH UNWIN

23 Apr 1862 Taunton Courier Sale by Mr KINGSBURY of Contents of Rowford House Cheddon near Taunton

01 Jul 1865 West Somerset Free Press Sale of Corrick's House Cheddon Fitzpaine Late in the Occupation of John BARROWFORTH Esq Deceased

06 Jul 1867 Somerset County Gazette Cheddon Green Cheddon Fitzpaine Preparatory School for Young Ladies and Young Gentlemen Miss KNIGHT

13 May 1868 Taunton Courier Taunton News includes Fire Mr KNIGHT Kingston Severe Accident Rowford House Robert THORNE and Charles OATEN

09 Sep 1868 Taunton Courier The River Town and its Tributaries Preservation of Salmon Mr Frank BUCKLAND at Taunton inc Miss WARRE Hestercombe

15 May 1872 Taunton Courier The Late Miss Elizabeth Maria Tyndale WARRE of Hestercombe Cheddon Fitzpaine

23 Jul 1873 Taunton Courier Cheddon Cottage Cheddon Fitzpaine Select Boarding and Day School The Misses KNIGHT

27 Aug 1873 Taunton Courier The Melancholy Case of Drowning at Taunton Henry HAWKINS Bricklayer of No 8 The Mount Taunton son of Emmanuel HAWKINS

12 Apr 1876 Taunton Courier Taunton News Overseers List inc Angersleigh Bishops Hull Cheddon Fitzpaine Corfe OATEN Creech St Michael Hillfarrance Kingston

19 May 1877 Somerset County Gazette Cheddon Inquest at Gadd's Bottom Annie CRIDLAND aged Two Years and Two Months includes Mr BENDELL of Creech St Michael

07 May 1884 Taunton Courier Taunton Police Court includes Mary Ann GREGG TUCKER and STRICKLAND Bishop's Hull Thomas CRIDLAND Cheddon Fitzpaine

30 Jul 1884 Taunton Courier Cheddon Fitzpaine Fatal Accident Thomas CRIDLAND of Up Cheddon

12 Oct 1887 Taunton Courier Taunton Police Court includes Jane CRIDLAND of Upper Cheddon Cheddon Fitzpaine Samuel LEWIS Alfred BIFFIN Charles POOL Kingston

16 Jun 1888 Somerset County Gazette Fashionable Marriage Cheddon Fitzpaine Elinor Hope UNWIN to Rev Ambrose Millett FOSTER Vicar Christchurch Weston Super Mare

17 Oct 1891 West Somerset Free Press Shocking Suicide in Fishpond of Hestercombe Park Miss Lucy SHEERE Adopted Daughter of Mr and Mrs T. H. BANFIELD of Gotten Farm

21 Jun 1893 Taunton Courier Death of Mr. Edward JEBOULT of Station Road Taunton Biographical Sketch

10 Aug 1898 Taunton Courier Notes and Queries includes DUDDERIDGE and HAYES

31 Aug 1898 Taunton Courier Notes and Queries The History of Hillcommon HAYES, The Burglary at Pyrland Hall

08 Feb 1899 Taunton Courier Wedding Pitminster H. OATEN to F. BROOKS, Taunton Vale Foxhounds PORTMAN Hestercombe

12 Jul 1899 Taunton Courier Taunton Police Court Isaac HAWKINS taskmaster at Workhouse, Cruelty to a Mare James OATEN

04 Apr 1900 Taunton Courier Taunton County Petty Sessions includes Francis Dening HEWETT at Cheddon Fitzpaine

19 Jul 1902 Devon and Exeter Gazette Gruesome Discovery at Cheddon Fitzpaine Ten Days Under A Rick Francis BINDING

25 Jul 1902 The Shepton Mallet Journal Suicide at 70 Inquest Manor Farm Cheddon Fitzpaine Francis BINDING Harriet NOWALL Upper Cheddon George ROY William SAUNDERS

31 Oct 1902 The Shepton Mallet Journal Death of Mr Robert BRUFORD formerly of Nerrol's Farm Cheddon Fitzpaine

08 Nov 1902 The West Somerset Free Press Taunton includes Funeral of Mr Robert BRUFORD Formerly of Nerrols Cheddon Fitzpaine

21 Apr 1911 The Western Gazette Taunton The Late Archdeacon Ven William Henry ASKWITH Impressive Funeral

17 Aug 1912 The Bath Chronicle Will of Lieut-Colonel Arthur G. BOYLE to his brother Mr Reginald Courtenay BOYLE of The Grove Cheddon Fitzpaine

05 Feb 1913 Taunton Courier Taunton County Petty Sessions DENMAN North Curry BRUFORD Cheddon Fitzpaine OATEN Pitminster PAUL Stoke St Gregory HOLLEY Ruishton

22 Jul 1914 Taunton Courier Taunton Borough Police Court inc KIRBY STEVENS Henry Thomas ROWSELL and Helen ROWSELL Turkey Court and Rowford CHAPMAN BARTLETT BALE CORRICK

15 Mar 1916 Taunton Courier Taunton Rural Tribunal MUSGRAVE Upper Cheddon, Kingston, WYATT West Monkton, Harry MILLER North Curry

12 Apr 1916 Taunton Courier Somerset Appeal Tribunal Taunton Rural and Borough Claims

17 May 1916 Taunton Courier Taunton Rural District Tribunal North Curry Norton Fitzwarren Bishops Hull West Monkton Rowford Bathpool Staplegrove Pitminster

20 Sep 1916 Taunton Courier Donyatt Marriage Miss Caroline HELLIAR to Hedley Coles MUSGRAVE Son of Mr and Mrs E. MUSGRAVE of Upper Cheddon House Taunton

03 Apr 1918 Taunton Courier St Georges Church Taunton The Rev L. J. MUSGRAVE on his Catholic Conversion Son of Mr and Mrs Edward MUGRAVE of Cheddon Fitzpaine

22 May 1918 Taunton Courier Cheddon Fitzpaine Awarded the DSO Major K. M. BALL RFA inc Captain Harold MORGAN of Cheddoncote Cheddon Fitzpaine

03 Jul 1918 Taunton Courier Taunton County Petty Sessions inc BLACKMORE Bishops Hull COLES Pitminster HOLLY Creech BURROWS CHATTERLEY PAYNE PARKER 3 Court East Reach

05 Aug 1918 Western Daily Press District Items includes Horses Ernest Albert OATEN of Lower Ashley Road and Mr BRUFORD Nerrols Farm orchard

16 Jan 1920 The Wells Journal A Farmer and His Milk Robert MEAD of Volis Cheddon Fitzpaine

20 May 1925 Taunton Courier Double Diamond Wedding Celebrations at Cheddon Fitzpaine Mr and Mrs James SPARKES and Mr and Mrs Robert HOOPER of Priorswood Cheddon

22 May 1925 The Shepton Mallet Journal Cheddon Fitzpaine Two Diamond Weddings Mr and Mrs James SPARKES and Mr and Mrs Robert HOOPER

20 Jan 1926 Taunton Courier Cheddon Fitzpaine Death of Mr Frank J. MERSON of Cheddon Cote Cheddon Fitzpaine Formerly of Farringdon North Petherton

18 Aug 1926 Taunton Courier Tetton Park Kingston Edward Alan Mervyn Henry Molyneaux HERBERT Son Mervyn HERBERT inc PAWSON Rowford House Cheddon Fitzpaine

27 Feb 1929 Taunton Courier Cheddon Fitzpaine Sell of Bungalow Known As Wilmaury

19 Jun 1929 Taunton Courier Taunton Police Court DAVEY Brooks Farm Bickley Tiverton MORRIS 2 Weymouth Street London BURKE Gotton Lodge Cheddon Fitzpaine

27 Nov 1929 Taunton Courier Poor Law Changes includes Mr Robert BRUFORD and Cheddon Fitzpaine

29 Mar 1930 The Langport and Somerton Herald Death James SPARKES Cheddon Fitzpaine

09 Dec 1931 Cheddon Fitzpaine Dr INGLES Successor Another Naval Chaplain as Rector Rev. Christopher GRAHAM M.A. O.B.E.

06 Jul 1932 Taunton Courier Cheddon Fitzpaine Local Will Mr Francis William Russell HEWETT of Carrownaffe Cheddon Fitzpaine and Mrs Lilian Maud HEWETT

21 Jun 1933 Taunton Courier North Petherton Shocking Fatality Miss Florence Elsie MARCHANT of High Street North Petherton

25 Apr 1934 Taunton Courier Found Drowned Henry LETHERBY Albert Edward MANLEY 66 Wood Street Taunton Herbert George OAKSFORD 5 Fairwater Terrace BISHOP

18 Jul 1934 Taunton Courier Floods in Taunton Violent Storm Ends Drought Lightning Strike on Residence of Colonel and Mrs C. M. G. LYON Cheddon Fitzpaine

25 Jul 1934 Taunton Courier Church Fete at Cheddon Fitzpaine For Church Funds at Cheddon Fitzpaine Rectory inc Rev C. GRAHAM Miss BRUFORD of the Nerrols INGLES Trull

03 Oct 1934 Taunton Courier Taunton Borough Court includes DUDDRIDGE Samuel CRIDLAND North Town Terrace HOLMAN Upper Cheddon House JERVIS Pitminster Lodge

10 Oct 1934 Taunton Courier Golden Wedding Celebrations Sir William and Lady MEADE-KING nee Agneta Sophia HARRISON of Walford House West Monkton

19 Dec 1934 Taunton Courier Cheddon Fitzpaine Presentation to Weston Vicar and Women's Meeting

20 May 1936 Taunton Courier Taunton Woman Drowned Mrs Lilla SALTER Wife of Walter Tom SALTER of 48 Portman Street Taunton at Cheddon Fitzpaine

24 Jun 1936 Taunton Courier Cheddon Fitzpaine Kingston West Monkton Curry Mallet

02 Oct 1936 Somerset County Herald Taunton News Marriage John William BRUFORD Son of Robert BRUFORD of Fons George House to Miss Betty RONALD Daughter of Mr and Mrs RONALD


15 May 1937 Somerset County Herald Cheddon Fitzpaine A Memorable Day Coronation Day Celebrations

14 Aug 1937 Somerset County Herald Goosenford Cheddon Fitzpaine Sell of Bungalow Known as Woodville

14 Aug 1937 Somerset County Herald Cheddon Fitzpaine Marriage Dorothy Eileen Baumont GRAHAM Dau of Rev Christopher GRAHAM to John Reginald Martin SMITH of Bruton

18 Sep 1937 Somerset County Herald Middlezoy Wedding of Mr Edward DAVID of Cheddon Fitzpaine and Miss Hazel Irene Kate TUCKER of Southam Middlezoy

27 Nov 1937 Somerset County Herald Cheddon Fitzpaine Church Rectors Thankoffering Electric Lighting Installed in Church Mothers Union Started

12 Mar 1938 Somerset County Herald Cheddon Fitzpaine Aged Resident Funeral of Mrs Amelia Matilda CARTER of Cheddon Fitzpaine Native of Pitminster

24 Sep 1938 Somerset County Herald Mayor's Tribute to Fellow Workers. Taunton V.A.D. fun fair includes HAWKINS, OATEN, MALE

21 Oct 1939 Somerset County Herald Went Down in Royal Oak Son of Rector of Cheddon Fitzpaine Philip GRAHAM Mr and Mrs DEAN Roy WARD Kenneth WILLOUGHBY

06 Jan 1940 Bath Weekly Chronicle Somerset Ex M.P. Dead Mr Robert BRUFORD's life of Public Service Formerly of Nerrols Cheddon Fitzpaine

13 Jan 1940 Somerset County Herald Cheddon Fitzpaine Dairyman Hurt Mr MANNING of Goosenford Dairy Cheddon Fitzpaine

27 Jan 1940 Someset County Herald A Quantock Scramble Scouts Hike in the Snow inc Up Cheddon Gadds Bottom Kingston Buncombe Hill Cothelstone Beacon

17 Feb 1940 Somerset County Herald Cheddon Fitzpaine Marriage of Harold Arthur SING and Kathleen Maud WESTACOTT Dau of Mrs WESTACOTT of Cheddon Fitzpaine

20 Dec 1941 Somerset County Herald Taunton Men Saved Battleships inc Norman John Edwards Richard Norman HARVEY William Henry George MOCKRIDGE George HAYES

21 Mar 1942 Somerset County Herald Shapwick Late Mr Henry SAWTELL died at Home of Daughter Mrs BROWNING of Goosenford Stores Cheddon Fitzpaine

04 Jul 1942 Somerset County Herald Married 55 Years John WINTER and Mrs Emma Jane WINTER nee JONES of 102 Park Gate Cheddon Fitzpaine inc Robert BRUFORD Ald KINGSBURY

26 Jun 1943 Somerset County Herald Tricycling at 84 Cheddon Couple Married 56 Years John WINTER 102 Park Gate Cheddon Fitzpaine Mrs WINTER Dau Samuel JONES Milverton

02 Oct 1943 Somerset County Herald West Monkton Farm Stock Sale at Goosenford West Monkton for Mr W. H. MANNING

15 Jan 1944 Somerset County Herald Death of Mr Cecil Maurice Barnard BYLES Former Resident of Laverstock of Rowford Lodge Cheddon Fitzpaine

29 Jan 1944 Somerset County Herald Taunton Rural Food Control Committee Mrs H. L. BURT 89 Cheddon Fitzpaine

19 Feb 1944 Somerset County Herald Cheddon Fitzpaine Wedding Rev Robert Edward MARSDEN and Miss Gertrude GRAHAM Daughter Rev Christopher GRAHAM O.B.E. R.N.

26 Feb 1944 Western Daily Press The Estate of the Late C. M. Barnard BYLES Esq Rowford Lodge Cheddon Fitzpaine Sale by Auction

28 Mar 1944 Halifax Courier Eleven German Raiders Down Last Night Berlin Say Bristol Bombed

29 Mar 1944 The Western Morning News Western Wills Devon and Somerset Estates inc Rev KNIGHT Formerly of Taunton C. M. B. BYLES Rowford Lodge Cheddon Fitzpaine

30 Sep 1944 Somerset County Herald North Petherton inc Late Mr Charles Henry CLATWORTHY of Orchard Villas

01 Dec 1945 Somerset County Herald Naval Wedding Cheddon Fitzpaine Rector's Daughter Leading Wren Eve Helen Sheila GRAHAM to Lieut Erlend Richard Storer CLOUSTON

22 Jun 1946 Somerset County Herald Geologists at Hestercombe Igneous Rocks

03 May 1947 Somerset County Herald Ammunition Dump for Home Guard Discovered at Cheddon Fitzpaine includes Mr Mortimer WHITE of Nerrols Farm

05 Jun 1948 Somerset County Herald West Monkton Home Guard Outing to Weymouth inc Cheddon Home Guard Colonel V. B. THURSTON Mr J. PRIDHAM Mr D. TRIGGOL

20 Nov 1948 Somerset County Herald Gaiety 'Bus Stop Too Congested Inquest on Mr John BOND Retired Farmer of Cheddon Fitzpaine

11 Mar 1950 Somerset County Herald Hotel Owner's Poor Health Basis of Taunton Tenancy Action includes Mrs Hilda Mary PURCHASE of Gotten Cheddon Fitzpaine

13 May 1950 Somerset County Herald Lord WHARTON Sells Halswell Estate and Properties at Goathurst North Petherton Broomfield West Monkton Clarence HARRIS Bishops Hull

22 Jul 1950 Somerset County Herald Cheddon Fitzpaine Postmistress Hurt in Car Collision Miss Annie CREEDY and Mr W. MORGANs Antique Shop East Reach

09 Sep 1950 Somerset County Herald No Pot Hunting at Cheddon Fitzpaine Childrens Gymkhana Awards at Rowford Field Cheddon Fitzpaine inc Mr H. C. MUSGRAVE

09 Sep 1950 Somerset County Herald Taunton Officer Under Fire Lieut John Egerton D'Oyly HINDE of Rowford Lodge Cheddon Fitzpaine

30 Dec 1950 Somerset County Herald Attended Czars Coronation Death of Colonel Ernest St Clair PEMBERTON of Pyrland Hall Taunton Funeral at Cheddon Fitzpaine

25 Aug 1956 Somerset County Herald Cheddon Pony Show near Rowford Bus Stop inc Sybil Viscountess PORTMAN Mayor and Mayoress Mr and Mrs R. F. WINKWORTH and Major W. M. FOX

25 Oct 1958 Somerset County Herald Death of Brigadier Francis James Hurley PRING of Talbot House The Avenue Taunton Brother Rev C. J. PRING of Cheddon Fitzpaine

24 Jan 1959 Somerset County Herald Postal Worker for 44 Years Imperial Medal for Mr Arthur H. WHITE of Peveril Cheddon Fitzpaine

30 May 1959 Somerset County Herald Several Drink Summonses includes Frederick John POOLE of 6 School Cottages Cheddon Fitzpaine

29 Oct 1960 Somerset County Herald Hunting Man Dies Funeral at Cheddon Fitzpaine of Mr Frederick John POOLE of 78 Lees Cottage Priorswood

03 Jun 1961 Somerset County Herald Well Known Taunton Dairyman Nearly 150 Wreaths for Late Mr Frederick Mark SHATTOCK of Frieze Hill Dairies

07 Apr 1962 Somerset County Herald Cheddon Fitzpaine No Licence Raymond POOLE Milkman of 6 School Cottages

28 Jul 1962 Somerset County Herald Nursery Firms Problem at Rowford Cheddon Fitzpaine Owners Green End Nursery Ltd Mr Arthur RANDALL Managing Director

15 Jun 1963 Somerset County Herald Cheddon Fitzpaine Elderly Widow Died Mrs Harriet Annie ROY of 88 Cheddon Fitzpaine Widow of Mr Jack ROY inc SCOTT-WHITING

Also see Newspaper Articles Somerset for articles that include multiple parishes and may include this parish eg the Petty Sessions, Police Courts, Births Marriage and Deaths etc

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