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Fivehead, Somerset

Below is a list of all the records that I have for the parish of Fivehead, Somerset:

Fivehead Friendly Society circa 1910 Lantern Slide

Fivehead War Memorial circa 1948


Fivehead Baptisms 1802-1812

Fivehead Baptisms 1813-1898

Fivehead Burials 1803-1812

Fivehead Burials 1813-1887

Fivehead Marriages 1813-1885


1841 Census Fivehead

1851 Census Curry Rivel Hambridge Earnshill Westmoor Swell Moortown Curry Rivel Drayton Fivehead (Curry Rivel not done)

1861 Census Hambridge Earnshill Drayton Swell Fivehead

1871 Census Drayton Swell Drayton Fivehead Curry Rivel Fivehead Curry Mallett

1891 Census Drayton Fivehead Swell Moortown Swell Fivehead Curry Mallet Beercrocombe Isle Abbotts

1901 Census Fivehead

Kelly's Directory:

Fivehead 1875

Fivehead 1939

Useful Websites:

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Francis Frith – Fivehead

Somerset England Churchyards and Cemeteries

Find a Grave – Fivehead

Photographs of Fivehead - James Parsons

Newspaper Articles:

14 Oct 1790 The Bath Chronicle Fivehead RIDING SEAL ages amount to 428 years

19 Apr 1798 The Bath Chronicle includes marriage of Mr RICHARDFON of Fivehead

02 Jul 1801 The Bath Chronicle BATH includes James CHURCHILL of Fivehead

11 Oct 1804 The Bath Chronicle Auction Burton Pynsent Estate includes Curry Rivel Drayton Fivehead Swell

23 Mar 1809 The Bath Chronicle Births Married Died includes Edward BROWN of Fivehead

14 Mar 1811 The Bath Chronicle Died Mr CRANE at Fivehead House

15 Oct 1812 Taunton Courier To be Let by Tender Estate in Ilton Estate in Fivehead

01 Sep 1814 Taunton Courier Proposal for Act of Parliament includes Isle Abbotts Fivehead Swell Curry Mallett Curry Rivell Beercrocombe Ashill Ilton Whitelackington Isle Brewers

08 Sep 1814 Taunton Courier Joanna SOUTHCOTT not pregnant taken to Fivehead DIED includes Hannah MURTON slept in a coffin when ill

09 Feb 1815 Taunton Courier To be Let by Auction Land and Properties in Fivehead

24 Aug 1815 Taunton Courier includes Beercrocombe Barrington Curry Mallett Curry Rivell Fivehead Isle Abbotts Isle Brewers Ilton Swell

25 Apr 1816 Taunton Courier Isle Moor Inclosure includes Isle Abbotts Fivehead Swell Curry Mallet Beercrocombe Ilton Isle Brewers

24 Apr 1817 Taunton Courier Murder and Suicide at Fivehead

29 May 1817 Taunton Courier Sale of Land includes Fivehead Swell Curry Rivell Isle Abbotts Shepton Beauchamp

11 Jun 1818 Taunton Courier Farms to let Muchelney Meeting Week Moor Inclosures includes Curry Rivell Drayton Swell Fivehead

09 Jul 1818 Taunton Courier Meeting Week Moor inclosure includes Curry Rivell Drayton Swell Fivehead, Manor of Creech St Michael to be sold by auction

01 Apr 1854 The Wells Journal Somerset Quarter Sessions Sentences of The Prisoners inc Shadrach WEBBER Stephen MEAD Fivehead Kingsbury Episcopi Drayton PESTER

26 Jan 1856 Langport Herald Marriage Mr Henry RICHARDSON of Fivehead to Miss Camilla WHITCOMBE of Foxhound Fivehead


14 Jan 1865 The Western Gazette Langport County Court includes MALE Barrington Isle Brewers Fivehead Mrs FOURACRES Picks Hill Langport

06 Jul 1866 The Western Gazette Fivehead Friendly Society Club Anniversary

17 Aug 1866 The Western Gazette Langport County Court inc PHILLIPS Fivehead HARDWICH West Lambrook RUSSELL Kingsbury PAUL Curry Mallet ADAMS Isle Abbots

21 Sep 1866 The Western Gazette Fivehead The New Baptist Chapel

30 Mar 1867 Somerset County Gazette Fivehead

10 Apr 1867 Taunton Courier Milverton Fivehead

17 Jan 1868 Western Gazette and Flying Post Creech St Michael Fivehead Pitney

27 Oct 1869 Taunton Courier Fivehead Ploughing Match


05 Oct 1870 Taunton Courier Langport Foxhunting Extraordinary Bridegroom Disappears on Wedding Day at Fivehead

26 Oct 1870 Taunton Courier Fivehead Agricultural Association

03 May 1871 Taunton Courier Births Marriages Deaths includes MEADE of Fivehead, Mary OWENS of Rowbarton daughter of Betty OATEN

30 Oct 1874 The Western Gazette Ilminster inc Petty Sessions HOMINEY WHITEHEAD South Petherton FOX Fivehead COOK Mark MALE Barrington VILE Isle Brewers MALE

08 Mar 1876 Taunton Courier Fivehead Inquest Miss Sophia Louisa LAMBERT

22 Feb 1878 The Western Gazette Fivehead Hambridge

10 Aug 1878 Somerset County Gazette Fivehead and Wrantage auction of properties

27 Sep 1878 The Western Gazette Fivehead Recognition Service for Rev J. COMPSTON

23 Nov 1878 Somerset County Gazette Taunton Police Court includes John OATEN Yeovil Inquest Mary CHORLEY's child Ilminster Frederick SALWAY Fivehead

28 Feb 1879 The Western Gazette Ilminster Petty Sessions MALE Barrington LANGFORD Curry Rivel FOX Fivehead HAYES Buckland St Mary ROWSWELL Shepton Beauchamp

27 Jun 1879 The Western Gazette Fivehead

27 Jun 1879 The Western Gazette Ilminster County Petty Sessions

05 Sep 1879 The Western Gazette Fivehead Strange Death of a Pig Mr. LOUCH

05 Mar 1880 The Western Gazette Fivehead Injuring a cow

18 Jun 1880 The Western Gazette Pitney Fivehead Isle Abbots Shepton Beauchamp

29 Oct 1880 The Western Gazette Fivehead Prayer Day Sunday School

31 Dec 1880 The Western Gazette Barrington Curry Rivel Drayton Fivehead Hambridge Huish Episcopi Ilton Seavington St Michael Shepton Beauchamp

08 Apr 1881 The Western Gazette Fivehead

21 Apr 1882 The Western Gazette The New Manse Fivehead

31 Jan 1883 Taunton Courier Watchet Wreck near The Flat Holmes, Honiton More Salvation Army Riots, Fivehead Death of Mrs STEEVENS age 31 years

11 Jul 1884 The Western Gazette Ilminster William GULLY for assaulting Sarah Ann MALE daughter of Henry MALE of Fivehead

16 Jan 1885 The Western Gazette Fivehead Hambridge Kingsbury Episcopi Seavington Shepton Beauchamp Taunton

06 Jun 1888 Taunton Courier Ilminster Ilminster Petty Sessions includes Herbert ROWSWELL and Sarah Best of Shepton Beauchamp and Wm CROCKER of Fivehead

13 Jul 1888 The Western Gazette Fivehead Funeral of the Rev R. W. LAMBERT

09 Nov 1888 The Western Gazette Dowlish Wake Fivehead Ilton Kingsbury Episcopi Seavington St Mary Shepton Beauchamp

13 May 1891 Taunton Courier Langport County Court includes Albert FOURACRE Picts Hill, the Census, Norton trap accident Mr and Mrs FOURACRE Crown Inn Pitminster

06 Jan 1893 The Western Chronicle Curry Mallet Over a Century Death of Mrs Sarah PAUL who resided with her grandson John PAUL of Rock House

08 Sep 1894 Chard and Ilminster News Ilminster Petty Sessions includes MALE of Kingsbury Joseph MEAD of Barrington Charles TUCKER of Fivehead

05 Dec 1894 Taunton Courier Fivehead Baptist Pastor's Farewell Rev E. FRANCIS

08 May 1895 Taunton Courier Fivehead Death of Tramp William LITTLE Sidney SMALL LOCK Hillards Farm Curry Rivel Phillip MEAD Fivehead Robert MILLER Langport

06 Nov 1895 Taunton Courier Ilminster inc Petty Sessions PAUL PRIDDLE Curry Mallet BEALEY Shepton Beauchamp MALE WILMINGTON Isle Abbots GENGE Fivehead

05 Oct 1898 Taunton Courier Taunton Police Court Fivehead Shepton Beauchamp Middle Lambrook Curry Rivel Muchelney Ilminster Petty Sessions

21 Nov 1900 Taunton Courier Fivehead Return from the War Mr John THYER with the 2nd Somerset Light Infantry in South Africa Rural Postman at Fivehead

03 May 1902 Chard and Ilminster News Ilminster Petty Sessions includes Richard HILLARD of Fivehead and John MEAD and Joseph MEAD of Barrington

01 Mar 1905 Taunton Courier Langport Petty Sessions includes Francis MALE of Curry Rivel Rev and Mrs S JONES Joseph EDMONDS of Fivehead

30 May 1908 Chard and Ilminster News North Curry Evening Continuation School Pretty Wedding Kate Mary DERHAM to Charles Edward PESTER


25 Nov 1910 The Western Chronicle Ilton Shepton Beauchamp Puckington Kingsbury Episcopi Hambridge Curry Rivel Fivehead

04 Apr 1913 The Western Chronicle Fivehead The Funeral of Mr William Vile LENTON

24 Oct 1913 The Western Chronicle Fivehead Homecoming Festivities MATTERSON

24 Apr 1915 The Aberdare Leader Aberdare Obituary Mrs BRISTER wife of Mr Fred BRISTER of Cross Street

06 Sep 1916 Taunton Courier Somerset Appeal Tribunal More Langport Appeals

12 Jun 1918 Taunton Courier Somerset Appeal Tribunal

03 Jul 1918 Taunton Courier Fivehead Local Soldiers Death Albert George CHORLEY

24 Jul 1918 Taunton Courier Sale of Bryants Farm in the Parishes of West Hatch and Fivehead

16 Feb 1921 Western Daily Press Married Sixty Years Mr and Mrs Frederick WILCOX Celebrated at Stowey Farm Somerset Married on Valentines Day 1861 at Cullompton Devon

23 Feb 1921 Western Daily Press Sixty Years Married Mr and Mrs Frederick WILCOX of Stowey Farm Fivehead Somerset Married on Valentines Day 1861 at Cullompton Devon

27 May 1922 The Langport and Somerton Herald Fivehead Male Friendly Society

27 May 1922 The Langport and Somerton Herald Obituary Heman SALWAY Fivehead

12 Jul 1922 Taunton Courier Fivehead Marriage of Tom MERRITT and Miss Dorothy BURGE daughter of Mr and Mrs Geo BURGE of Swell

06 Oct 1922 The Wells Journal Charge of Stealing a Pony and Trap John PAYNE alias Jack GIBBS of No Fixed Abode A Native of Fivehead

14 Nov 1924 The Western Gazette Fivehead Death of Mrs. Camilia RICHARDSON widow of Mr. William Henry RICHARDSON of Langford Manor Fivehead

25 Sep 1925 The Western Gazette Fivehead Farmers £7000 deficiency Silvester Henry PIMM

26 Oct 1929 Langport and Somerton Herald Fivehead inc Death and Funeral Mary Jane HUTCHINGS Formerly of Crown Inn now of The Old Vicarage Fivehead inc PESTER MALE

29 Jan 1930 Taunton Courier Somerset Assize inc Mrs Beatrice Ann SMITH of 7 Court East Reach Taunton and Mr Francis Henry DUDDRIDGE 29 Eastleigh Road

22 Mar 1930 The Langport and Somerton Herald Obituary Mrs Ellen LOUCH Fivehead

21 Jun 1930 The Langport and Somerton Herald Inquest Drowning & Obituary Edward John MALE Fivehead

04 Apr 1931 Langport and Somerton Herald Fivehead Funeral Mr George Tolman ADAMS inc DYER CHOWN MILLER ENGLAND DERHAM MALE PESTER

18 Jul 1931 Langport and Somerton Herald Ile Brewers Funeral of Mr JAMES inc LOWMAN CASE COOMBES CHANT BRADFORD

30 Mar 1932 Taunton Courier Death of Mr George THYER of 12 Stephen Street Native of Fivehead Daughter Mrs HAWKER of Canon Street

07 May 1932 Langport and Somerton Herald Ile Brewers' New Vicar Former Chaplain To The Forces Induction Service Rev William Beaumont RUSSELL

29 Oct 1932 Langport and Somerton Herald Oldest Inhabitant Dies at 96 Years John PAUL of Mount Pleasant Fivehead inc Foxhound Inn Fivehead Rock House Inn Curry Mallet

23 Aug 1933 Taunton Courier A Well Known Agriculturist Death of Mr William Wheadon JACOBS of Hurcott Farm Seavington St Mary

01 Nov 1933 Taunton Courier Curry Mallet Death of Mr Charles WHAITES includes WHAITES Muchelney PRIDDLE and HECTOR Fivehead DUKE Wrantage

30 Dec 1933 Langport and Somerton Herald Ile Brewers Vicar's Bereavement Death of Only Daughter Miss Joan Rosemary RUSSELL Dau of Rev W. B. RUSSELL and Mrs RUSSELL

07 Nov 1934 Taunton Courier Taunton Street Crash Fivehead Baker Summoned Francis William BELLAMY The Corner Stores Fivehead Alfred Charles HARVEY of Ashill

11 May 1935 Langport and Somerton Herald Jubilee Rejoicings in the District Kingsbury Episcopi Aller Hambridge Long Load Fivehead

20 Sep 1935 West London Observer Wedding Bells at Shepherds Bush Wedding of Olive Ada SALWAY Daughter of L. SALWAY of Fivehead to Arthur James LUCAS

08 Aug 1936 Langport and Somerton Herald Fivehead Silver Wedding Mr and Mrs W. J. SALWAY Welbeck Mansfield Road Taunton Mrs SALWAY dau of Heman SALWAY of Fivehead

08 Aug 1936 Somerset County Herald Records Eclipsed North Petherton's Festival Bank Holiday Show and Sports

03 Oct 1936 Somerset County Herald Late James Frederick SLADE of Burton Pynsent Farm Curry Rivel Burial at Isle Abbotts Baptist Chapel Married Miss Susie COSSINS in 1895

28 Nov 1936 Somerset County Herald The Late Dr R. H. VEREKER Impressive Funeral Tributes Freemasons Line Churchyard Path Curry Rivel

30 Jan 1937 Somerset County Herald Fivehead Failed to Halt Peter Georges HILDYARD of Ganges Farm Fivehead

05 Jun 1937 Somerset County Herald Langport Petty Sessions includes Richard Thomas MALE Wagg Drove Huish Episcopi

17 Jul 1937 Somerset County Herald Late William John SMALL Wick Farm Langport Service and Interment Curry Rivel Parish Church BURROUGH HAWKES HEMBROW BARLING GENT

02 Oct 1937 The Langport and Somerton Herald Obituary Mrs Elizabeth MALE Fivehead

02 Apr 1938 Somerset County Herald Fivehead Pitney Huish Episcopi Curry Rivel

14 May 1938 Somerset County Herald Fivehead Wedding Ethel Mary PESTER to Samuel Jeffery PERRY includes Centenarian Emma COATE

24 Sep 1938 Somerset County Herald Fivehead Death of Mr Leonard SALWAY of Brakelands House Fivehead

01 Oct 1938 Somerset County Herald Fivehead Baptist Church Harvest inc Mr Hugh MALE Late Mr Leonard SALWAY Funeral Tributes inc BURGE and MALE

22 Jan 1939 Taunton Courier Fivehead Death Mr E. KEMP

22 Jan 1939 Taunton Courier Fivehead Ile Abbots 10 year honour for baptist minister Rev S. R. WARD

13 May 1939 Somerset County Herald Isle Abbotts Wedding of Mr Clifford Henry DARE of Cad Farm Ilton to Miss Violet LEACH at Cannington Congregational Church

15 Jul 1939 Somerset County Herald Fivehead Wedding Mr George Wrexworth BROOKS to Miss Phyllis Lucy SALWAY includes Grace and Rosemary LENTON

26 Aug 1939 Somerset County Herald Fivehead Huish Episcopi Marriage Dorothy Louise Constance LANGRIDGE to Douglas Frederick SUTER

01 Sep 1939 The Western Gazette The Property Market Byron House Martock Galhampton and Castle Cary Horsey Farm Muchelney Hill View Farm Fivehead

16 Sep 1939 Somerset County Herald North Petherton Curry Rivel Fivehead Ashill

28 Oct 1939 Somerset County Herald Fivehead Sudden Death of Mrs Annie FOX of the Crown Inn Wedding of Joseph Henry RISTE to Miss Beatrice May ADAMS

15 Jun 1940 Somerset County Herald Fivehead Flanders House to House Collection Misses RICHARDS SLACK AND MATTERSON Observance of Empire Day Mr A. K. MATTERSON

12 Oct 1940 Somerset County Herald Fivehead Funeral Mr G. MALE

15 Feb 1941 Somerset County Herald Norton Fitzwarren An Officer's Funeral Second-Lieut N. L. AUNGIERS Norton Manor Death Albert Eli HARDWILL Station Road Norton Fitzwarren

29 Mar 1941 Somerset County Herald Fivehead The Funeral Service of Driver W. VICARY R.A.S.C. includes VICKERY SALWAY WHELLER HOLE

05 Jul 1941 Somerset County Herald Funeral Eric Victor FOSTER Proprietor Foster's Garage North Curry inc COLLARD WILLIAMS MERRIOTT MIDDLEZOY HOPKINS HANDELL WESTLICK

27 Sep 1941 Somerset County Herald Langport Congregational Church Wedding Sidney James BEACHAM to Marjorie Constance NICHOLLS Late Mrs Ethel May SALWAY of the Stores

04 Sep 1943 Somerset County Herald Curry Rivel Funeral of Mrs E. DABINETT includes RUSSELL LENTON MOUNTER

09 Dec 1944 Somerset County Herald Fivehead Funeral of Mrs J. MATTHEWS nee LOUCH

20 Jul 1946 Somerset County Herald Fivehead Bride Frances E. or Teddy GRIDLEY Daughter GRIDLEY Langford Lodge Fivehead and H. John BARR Son BARR Clevelands Beer Seaton

02 Apr 1949 Somerset County Herald Fivehead Late Mrs. Eliza LOUCH nee AMOR

27 May 1950 Somerset County Herald Stathe Licensees Bereavement The Late Mrs Rosina PARKER at Stoke St Gregory Wife of Mr F. R. PARKER of the George Inn Stathe

20 Apr 1957 Somerset County Herald Fivehead Cows Strayed Vincent Robt PERRIN of Butcher's Hill Fivehead

29 Mar 1958 Somerset County Herald Bridegroom from Fivehead Ceremony at Curry Rivel Mr A. S. BURGE to Jean Elizabeth PEARCEY

02 Aug 1958 Somerset County Herald Home After 35 Years Miss Alice SAWTELL of Curry Rivel Living in Marcellus near Syracuse N.Y. State

18 Oct 1958 Somerset County Herald Former Licensee at Fivehead Mr Thomas John FOX of South View Farm licensee of Crown Inn

22 Aug 1959 Somerset County Herald Wife Must Not Climb Stairs So Fivehead Man Wants to Build Bungalow Mr Herbert E. MALE Glenholme Fivehead

22 Oct 1960 Somerset County Herald Taunton Funeral Mrs Louisa Ellen DERHAM of 10 Upper Holway Road Taunton inc BEALE MUSSELWHITE WESTCOTT PINCHES MILLER of Fivehead

06 Jan 1962 Somerset County Herald Buried at Fivehead Elsie Elizabeth LUXTON The Elms North Curry inc CHEDZOY MALE HEBDITCH YARDE DIBBLE PINE GLIDE WHIDDEN LIMM FORD

Also see Newspaper Articles Somerset for articles that include multiple parishes and may include this parish eg the Petty Sessions, Police Courts, Births Marriage and Deaths etc.

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