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Kingston St Mary, Somerset

Below is a list of all the records that I have for the parish of Kingston St Mary, Somerset:


Kingston St Mary parish register transcriptions can be found on Martin Southwood's website.

Roy Parkhouse's Genealogy Site also contains some parish record transcriptions for Kingston St Mary.


1871 Census Cheddon Fitzpaine Bathpool West Monkton Kingston

Useful Websites:

Martin Southwood's website

Roy Parkhouse's Genealogy Site

Kingston St Mary Website

Find A Grave – Blessed Virgin Mary Churchyard, Kingston St Mary

Newspaper Articles:

13 Feb 1822 Taunton Courier Guildhall Taunton includes Charlotte TABRETT of Kingston

29 Oct 1851 Taunton Courier Kingston Ploughing Match includes Thomas TABRET

03 Oct 1855 Taunton Courier Longevity Somerset BULT Kingston Churchyard John BULT Elizabeth James BULT John BULT Thomas BULT Sarah Kilmersdon Ann ABRAHAM 104th Year

18 Jun 1856 Taunton Courier Magisterial Proceedings includes Thomas TABRET at Kingston

25 Jun 1856 Taunton Courier Magisterial Proceedings includes Mr DURSTON of Swan Inn Kingston and TABRET

09 Jul 1856 Taunton Courier Somerset Quarter Sessions includes John OATEN stealing lead Pitminster Church

23 Mar 1858 Somerset County Gazette Taunton Death Mr Charles EDEN of the Grange Kingston Died Helouan Near Cairo Egypt inc Admiral Sir Charles EDEN Right Rev Robert EDEN

18 Apr 1860 Taunton Courier Cheddon Fitzpaine Somerset Sell by Auction Dwelling House and Garden known as Gadd's Bottom in Occupation of Mr ELLETT and John FOX

14 Feb 1866 Taunton Courier Taunton Police Court Assault Miss Lydia PELLY or Mrs Timber Dick of South Street

29 Jun 1867 The Somerset County Gazette and West of England Advertiser Kingston Sale of Property and Land Under the Will of Mrs HADDEN inc William DOMMETT

13 May 1868 Taunton Courier Taunton News includes Fire Mr KNIGHT Kingston Severe Accident Rowford House Robert THORNE and Charles OATEN

07 Jul 1869 Taunton Couriter Somerset Midsummer Sessions inc DOMMETT BICKHAM Kingston WINTER HAWKINS Durston DOLLIN Ruishton BURGE Bradford

23 Aug 1871 Taunton Courier Taunton Police Court inc SPARKES Thos Edward PRING Boalch's Court Paul Street FOSTER TUTTIETT TUCKER SMITH PARKER LONG PALFREY TUCKER etc

10 Sep 1873 Taunton Courier Inquests includes Anna HUTCHINGS of Marsh Farm Kingston Thomas POPE at Corfe Daughter of Lydia PELLY and Abraham ESCOTT of 8 South Street Taunton

12 Apr 1876 Taunton Courier Taunton News County Police inc Milk James TUCK Otterford COLES Chard WARMAN HARRIS Bishops Hull John Cornish ALLEN Wellington

12 Apr 1876 Taunton Courier Taunton News Overseers List inc Angersleigh Bishops Hull Cheddon Fitzpaine Corfe OATEN Creech St Michael Hillfarrance Kingston

28 May 1884 Taunton Courier Taunton Police Court includes School Attendance William CHEDZEY of Kingston and William DOMMETT of Mill Cross Kingston

08 Oct 1884 Taunton Courier Collumpton Curry Rivel Kingston

16 Jan 1885 Western Gazette Fivehead Hambridge Kingsbury Episcopi Seavington Shepton Beauchamp Taunton

01 Dec 1886 Taunton Courier Kingston Wiveliscombe Petty Sessions includes theft from W S HAY of Hillcommon

12 Oct 1887 Taunton Courier Taunton Police Court includes Jane CRIDLAND of Upper Cheddon Cheddon Fitzpaine Samuel LEWIS Alfred BIFFIN Charles POOL Kingston

24 Dec 1890 Taunton Courier Taunton Police Court inc Albert POOLE Edward BARTON Francis BEAL Maria SATURLEY of Cothelstone Sidney THORNE at Creech St Michael

05 Sep 1894 Taunton Courier Broomfield Destructive Fire at Fyne Court includes Mrs HAMILTON and Mentions Mr Andrew CROSSE

19 Sep 1894 Taunton Courier Births Marriages and Deaths

12 Jul 1899 Taunton Courier Taunton Police Court Isaac HAWKINS taskmaster at Workhouse, Cruelty to a Mare James OATEN

02 Sep 1899 West Somerset Free Press Marriage Captain Arthur STREET and Violet Cecile EDEN daughter of Late Charles Calvert EDEN H.B.M. and Mrs EDEN of the Grange Kingston

17 Mar 1900 West Somerset Free Press Births Marriages Deaths inc Frederick Robert LLOYD to Clair DUDDERIDGE and William Charles OATEN 14 Victoria Street Taunton

06 Jan 1904 Taunton Courier Taunton County Petty Sessions includes George GAGE Kingston Frederick HAWKER Pitminster Ellen FOURACRE and Elizabeth OATEN Trull

13 Apr 1904 Taunton Courier Death William GRILLS includes Jane OATEN Kingston Huish Episcopi Isle Brewers Marriage MUNDEN COLE Ilton

01 Mar 1905 Taunton Courier Kingston

07 Jun 1905 Taunton Courier Taunton and It's Townsmen Interesting Record of the Past Decade 1784-1793 by Mr G. H. BROCKLEHURST First of a Series of Articles inc MOGGRIDGE

21 Apr 1911 The Western Gazette Taunton The Late Archdeacon Ven William Henry ASKWITH Impressive Funeral

15 Mar 1916 Taunton Courier Taunton Rural Tribunal MUSGRAVE Upper Cheddon, Kingston, WYATT West Monkton, Harry MILLER North Curry

08 Nov 1916 Taunton Courier Taunton Borough Tribunal inc Taunton Walter George OATEN Trull North Curry Alfred Wm MALE Bickenhall Creech St Michael Kingston

12 Jun 1918 Taunton Courier Somerset Appeal Tribunal

19 Nov 1919 Taunton Courier Local Notes and Queries Old Somerset Families includes JENNINGS DUDDERIDGE Hillcommon HAYES

10 Jan 1923 Taunton Courier Taunton County Petty Sessions inc Fleetwood BOOBYER Burrowbridge PRING of Swan Inn FUDGE TOTTERDELL and WHITE all of Kingston

18 Jul 1923 Taunton Courier Taunton Police Court includes Bessie TALBOT and GRIFFITHS, and William Thomas WHITE of Kingston

11 Jun 1924 Taunton Courier Notes John DUDDERIDGE of Norton Fitzwarren and his Romantic Wedding Son of Richard DUDDERIDGE and Rachel NORCOTT

18 Aug 1926 Taunton Courier Tetton Park Kingston Edward Alan Mervyn Henry Molyneaux HERBERT Son Mervyn HERBERT inc PAWSON Rowford House Cheddon Fitzpaine

09 May 1928 Taunton Courier Taunton Tragedy Death Four Days After Marriage William John TAYLOR includes Sarah Elizabeth MEARS and Clifford BISHOP of Kingston

04 Jul 1928 Taunton Courier Kingston and Cothelstone Property includes Yarford Smithy and Frank WEBBER of Cothelstone

11 Jun 1930 Taunton Courier Pitminster Wedding Percy Henry OATEN and Gertrude Rose LONG, Kingston Death of Walter William GAMBLIN

22 Jul 1931 Taunton Courier Kingston Gun Tragedy Farmers Son Shot Dead John RICH of Grenada Kingston inc Arthur Chas MANNING of School Hill Kingston Henry RICH

19 Jan 1933 North Devon Journal Swimbridge Inn Keepers Sudden Death Mr William Charles PRING Licencee of the Coach and Horses Swimbridge and Swan Inn Kingston

06 Sep 1933 Taunton Courier Taunton News inc SOUTHWOOD FOURACRE MALE COX COOK Death Holy Edith Charlotte BILLETT Late Thomas Dawson GOODMAN Death Rev Dr Gerald SHARP

05 Sep 1934 Taunton Courier Taunton Carnival Revels includes OATEN and MANUEL

07 Sep 1934 The Shepton Mallet Journal Successful Carnival Taunton

26 Dec 1934 Taunton Courier Taunton News Funeral of Mrs Sarah Ann BICKHAM of 98 Lyngford Square

04 Dec 1935 Taunton Courier Kingston Musical Successes includes Elizabeth DEAN

01 Jan 1936 Taunton Courier Kingston Fire Winpenny Farm Kingston Burnt 30 Years Ago inc the Late Miss EDEN of the Grange Kingston Mr Fred CREECH

24 Jun 1936 Taunton Courier Cheddon Fitzpaine Kingston West Monkton Curry Mallet


29 May 1937 Somerset County Herald Kingston Coronation Honour Colonel William Elworthy KIDNER of Dodhill Kingston Funeral Cyril Mervyn WHITE at Kingston

02 Jul 1938 Somerset County Herald Kingston School Successes includes Nesta BROMFIELD Elizabeth DEAN Marion PUGSLEY Cecil BREED and Richard LOWMAN

01 Oct 1938 Taunton Courier After Separation Albert Charles BISHOP of 4 Yarde Place Wood Street Taunton includes Mrs Elizabeth May BISHOP and Mrs PHILLIPS

08 Oct 1938 Taunton Courier Attempted Suicide Albert Charles BISHOP and Mrs BISHOP of 4 Yarde Place Taunton

22 Oct 1938 Somerset County Herald A Serious Charge Albert C. BISHOP of Cushuish Kingston Charged on Remand at Taunton Borough Petty Sessions

19 Nov 1938 Somerset County Herald Kingston Motor Cyclist Injured Edward Victor FUDGE of Cushuish Kingston Taken to Taunton and Somerset Hospital

03 Dec 1938 Somerset County Herald Two Men Acquitted Albert Charles BISHOP of Cushuish Kingston and Wood Street Leslie George SANDY 6 Wheatley Crescent Taunton

10 Dec 1938 Somerset County Herald Husband Succeeds Albert Charles BISHOP Mrs PHILLIPS Cushuish Kingston Elizabeth M. BISHOP of 4 Yarde Place and William CRIDLAND of 2 Yarde Place Taunton

28 Oct 1939 Somerset County Herald Pitney Mothers Union Talk from Mrs MARSH of Kingston Taunton Late of Cambridge Mission Delhi

27 Jan 1940 Someset County Herald A Quantock Scramble Scouts Hike in the Snow inc Up Cheddon Gadds Bottom Kingston Buncombe Hill Cothelstone Beacon

01 Mar 1941 Somerset County Herald Death Walter Tom LANE Marldon 69 Whitmore Road Taunton Son of William LANE Crowcombe inc DARBY GREED PORTER VILLIS

20 Dec 1941 Somerset County Herald Taunton Men Saved Battleships inc Norman John Edwards Richard Norman HARVEY William Henry George MOCKRIDGE George HAYES

17 Oct 1942 Somerset County Herald Broomfield Harvest Thanksgiving Services inc Rev. J. W. VALLANCE Mrs BATHGATE Mrs VALLANCE and Miss LODER Kingston Church Choir

08 Jan 1944 Somerset County Herald Death of Mr Arthur Wrayford DUDER Chairman of County Stores Ltd inc Squadron Leader Eric DUDER D.F.C., D.S.O., Rugby Player

29 Jul 1944 Somerset County Herald Had 20 Children Death of Mrs Grace BULPIN 14 Palmerston Road Frieze Hill Taunton Native of Kingston Widow of James BULPIN

02 Jun 1945 Somerset County Herald Taunton includes Gordon Robert BISHOP of 5 Tanyard Cottages Staplegrove Links with Abyssinia Hitler Effigy

01 Sep 1945 Somerset County Herald More VJ Treats at Taunton Teas Carnivals Fireworks Various Roads inc BISHOP HOOPER SAGE REED MOGGRIDGE BILLETT DUDDRIDGE DEAN

20 Apr 1946 Somerset County Herald Kingston Death of Mr L. S. HAWKINGS Headmaster

21 May 1949 Somerset County Herald West Hatch Death Inquest on Mrs Louisa NAPPER Native of Ruishton Funeral at West Hatch inc HARRIS VAULTER PULSFORD

30 Dec 1950 Somerset County Herald Former Licensees Wife Caroline CRIDLAND 38 Winchester Street Taunton Mr and Mrs Jack CATTLE White Hart Hotel East Reach

20 Apr 1957 Somerset County Herald Trull Late Mrs Alice FOURACRE of 1 Jubilee Terrace Trull Widow of Mr. C. J. FOURACRE

30 May 1959 Somerset County Herald 170 at Kingston Wedding Mr David Andrew ROSS STEWART and Miss Susan ROUTH of Hillside Kingston St Mary

30 May 1959 Somerset County Herald The Grange Kingston In The Market inc Mrs B. E. L. CHATTERON Miss C. A. C. EDEN Sir Anthony EDEN

21 Jan 1961 Somerset County Herald Married 60 years Frederick John BETTY and Beatrice Eliza BETTY nee TUCKER 58 Greenway Crescent Taunton

15 Apr 1961 Somerset County Herald Mistook Cleaning Fluid for Gin Taunton Inquest on Mr Frederick John BETTY of 58 Greenway Crescent Taunton

03 Jun 1961 Somerset County Herald Well Known Taunton Dairyman Nearly 150 Wreaths for Late Mr Frederick Mark SHATTOCK of Frieze Hill Dairies

Also see Newspaper Articles Somerset for articles that include multiple parishes and may include this parish eg the Petty Sessions, Police Courts, Births Marriage and Deaths etc.

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