Somerset: Puckington D/P/Puc. 2/1/2 Marriage Banns 1754-1844


Index to the Banns


                        Page 1


1          William ROOD and Anne RUSH

2          Robert RUSH and Joan RUSH

3          John EDMONDS and Elizabeth BAXTER

4          John PAIN and Elizabeth WALDING

5          John VIRGIN and Anne HOOPER


                        Page 2

1          George JEFFERY and Elizabeth CRABB

2          Moses BROWN and Mary RIGS

3          Andrew DENMAN and Mary SHONWAY

4          John HEBDITCH and Joan HUTCHINS

5          Robert STOWER and Anne DABINET


                        Page 3

1          Joseph DABINET and Mary STOWER

2          William VILE? and Mary EDMONDS

3          Lawrence HAWKINS and Susannah PETTERD??

4          Thomas DIAMOND and Susannah MALE

5          Samuel JONES and Elizabeth STOWER


            Page 4

1          John STREET and Elizabeth HOOPER

2          John ROWSELL and Susannah RUFSEL

3          John DENMAN and Anne MEAD

4          Lawrence HARDING and Elizabeth BAXTER



<This is not a complete list of all the banns in the book, the latter ones have not been included by the writer of the list>