Somerset: Puckington D/P/Puc. 2/1/2 Marriages 1754-1812


Index to the Marriages



Page 1


1          William ROOD and Anne RUSH

2          Robert RUSH and Joan RUSH

3          William GONINGHAM and Joan PAIN

4          William HAWKINS and Hannah LOCK


                        Page 2

5          Joseph MEAD and Mary HOOPER

6          John EDMONDS and Elizabeth BAXTER

7          William TUCKER and Betty WHITE

8          John VIRGIN and Anne HOOPER


                        Page 3

9          Mr John EDMONDS and Mrs Annis BAKER

10        Moses BROWN and Mary RIGS

11        Andrew DENMAN and Mary SHONWAY

12        John HEBDITCH and Joan HUTCHINS


                        Page 4

13        Robert STOWER and Annes DABINET

14        Joseph DABINET and Mary STOWER

15        William VILE and Mary EDMONDS

16        Lawrence HAWKENS and Susannah PITTERD?


                        Page 5

17        Thomas DIAMOND and Susannah MALE

18        Samuel JONES and Elizabeth STOWER

19        John STREET and Elizabeth HOOPER

20        John DENMAN and Anne MEAD


Page 6

21        John SAMPSON Esq and Mrs Mary GAPPER

22        Lawrence HARDING and Elizabeth BAXTEN?

23        Giles HEXT? and Jenny HOOPER

24        Thomas BEST? and Mary DAVY


                        Page 7

25        John SYMES? and John BRIDGES?

26        George OLD and Jane VINCENT

27        Daniel MEAD and Hannah MALE

28        George DOBLE and Sarah HOOPER


                        Page 8

29        Henry BRIDGE and Betty BITCHER?

30        Wm FRENCH and Mary DORSTER??

31        Wm MEAD and Edith SYLLA??

32        Samuel CAVE and Nanny RUSH???


                        Page 9

33        Wm STACEY? and Susannah EDMONDS?

34        John SAVIDGE? and Joan? WIMBRIDGE

35        Richard BRIDGES? and Mary? BARROWES?


                        Page 10

36        Thos. HOOPER and Elizabeth BRIDGE??

37        John JEFFERY?? and Elizabeth MAYE???

38        Robert MITCHEL? and Martha MALE

39        Thos. LAWRENCE?? and Ann? WELCH?


                        Page 11

40        John NORTH and Betty VILE?

41        Samuel BRIDGE and Mary? OLD

42        Revd? William ROACH Clerk and Susanna HILLARD

43        John BISHOP and Mary JEFFERY?


                        Page 12

44        John JEFFERY? and Martha? MEAD?

45        Charles? ADAMS and Susanna? STOWER?

46        Thomas TEMPLEMAN? and Amelia BAKER

47        George DONISTHORP? Clerk and Anna Maria Susanna Donna DONNE


                        Page 13

48        Samuel BACK? and Hannah? DAVY?

49        William VILE and Mary PHILIPS?


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