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Ancestors of David William WEAVER


1858096754. Payn FITZJOHN

BIOGRAPHY: PAYN FITZJOHN, probably 1st son and heir, was born before 1100. He was one of those minor barons who rose to importance and wealth as officers of Henry I, and from 1120 or earlier he constantly attests royal charters. In 1126 he became the King's vice-gerent in the palatine county of Shropshire. In 1130 he was acting as a Justice in cos. Stafford, Gloucester and Northants, usually in conjunction with Miles of Gloucester. He is said to have built Pain's Castle, co. Radnor; and in 1134 the Welsh burnt his castle of Caus, Salop, and slew all its inmates. At the death of Henry I he was vice-gerent of cos. Hereford and Salop; and he and Miles abovenamed, who ruled co. Gloucester, had extended their power over the Marches from the Severn to the sea. With other officers of the late King they would not go to court without a safe-conduct, fearing that they might be forced to disgorge the wealth which they had accumulated. Eventually they joined Stephen at Reading for the late King's funeral in January 1135/6. At Easter Payn was with Stephen at Westminster and he proceeded with the King to Oxford.

BIOGRAPHY: He married Sibyl, daughter of Geoffrey TALBOT, by Agnes, probably daughter of Walter DE LACY. Payn gave Sibyl as dower land from his own inheritance. He was killed when pursuing Welsh marauders by a javelin which pierced his head, and so died s.p.m. 10 July 1137 and was buried in the chapter-house of Gloucester Abbey. Sibyl survived him (j). [Complete Peerage XII/2:270-1, (transcribed by Dave Utzinger)]

BIOGRAPHY: (j) Shortly after her husband's death the Bishop of Salisbury, as Chief Justiciar, ordered her to restore the property of her late husband removed by her since the confirmation of his possessions to their elder daughter, Cecily and her husband Roger, son of Miles de Gloucester, in particular the wheat, hay and wine. As Sybil de Lacy, for her soul and for the soul of her lord Pay FitzJohn, she confirmed a grant to her uncle, Walter de Lacy, Abbot of Gloucester.

1858404352. Robert LE GROSVENOR

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2  PLAC Received a grant from Budworth in Cheshire, England from a later Earl of Chester, Hugh Kavelioc (1153-1181)