Census Adolphustown Township 1794 - 1820

Census for the Township of Adolphustown
1794 - 1822

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Census Records
Records of the Bay of Quinte

Source 1: Appendix To The Report Of The Ontario Bureau Of Industries 1897, Warwick Bro's & Rutter, Toronto, 1899, Royal Ontario Museum Library, FC3061.A553, The People of Adolphustown, p 27-50. Note: On page 'v' of the introduction are these words:  "[The census] was kept in one book which was 'discovered' during the past year by Mr. T. W. Casey, of Napanee, among some old relics and books in the possession of the Allison family of Adolphustown. The chest containing them had been closed for many years and the existence of this record book was quite unknown or had been forgotten. .... It is printed here through the courtesy of David W. Allison, Esq, former M.P. for Lennox and Warden of the County." 
Source 2:
The 1794 census is copied in William Canniff's, History of the Settlement of Upper Canada, page 455.
Source 3: A copy of the 1794 Adolphustown census in the handwriting of Joseph B. Allison is in the William Canniff Fonds, AO, F1390, MU490, G6 (1). This letter is not dated but would be from about 1865.

Randy Saylor, March 2009. The names are transcribed as printed by Carm Foster, Doug Smith and Randy Saylor.

1794 - A return of the Inhabitants of Adolphustown, March 28th, 1794

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal  Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
Ruben Bedell11215 John Wood11....2
Paul Huff21216 Peter Ruttan, Junr11..13
Solomon Huff133310 Owen Roblin, Junr11....2
William Griffis113..4 Owen Roblin, Senr1......1
Caspar Vanduser11136 Benjamin Clapp21148
Nicholas Peterson, Sen111..3 George Rutter11237
Nicholas Peterson, Jnr11518 Jacob Ruttan11236
Isaac Ben1......1 Cornelius Vanhorn21216
Thomas Jones11..24 Robert Jones11215
Alexander Fisher323210 Paul Trumpour21238
James McMasters21238 William Hannah112..4
James Stevenson1......1 Michael Slote11114
Russel Pitman11237 Peter Ruttan, Sen113..5
Joseph Clapp11114 Dennis Oreilegh1......1
George Brooks11136 Joseph Carnahan11338
John Holcomb111..3 Thomas Dorland21216
Martin Shewman111..3 Philip Dorland21249
Joseph Cornell11114 Willet Casey22228
Peter Vallau31..15 Peter Vanalstine3......3
William Clark11316 John Vancot11327
Joseph Clark1......1 David Brown111..3
Albert Cornell21238 Peter Swade11....2
Peter Delyea4......4 William Brock221..5
John Huyck11226 Nicholas Hagerman31228
Burger Huyck2......2 Cornelius Slouter11..13
Alexander Campbell21..25 Abraham Maybe21227
Albert Benson11114
Henry Tice1......3
Gilbert Bogart11....2
Thomas Wanamaker1......1
Abraham Bogart111..3
William Ruttan122..5
Christopher German113..5
Joseph Allison2......2
William Casey114..6
John Fitzgerald11....2
Edward Barker1..113
Matthew Steel11..35
David Kelly11114
Conrad Vanduser11327
Baltus Harris11158
Henry Hoover111..3
John Canniff312713
Area Ferguson11....2
Nathaniel Somes122510
Henry Rednor11147
Peter Wannamaker11114
Andrew Huffnail11..24
Garrot Benson1......1
Daniel Cole216211
William More11114
Henry Davis11125
John Roblin111..3
James Noxon1......1
John Elms11..13

113 men, 78 women, 101 males, 110 females; total, 402

1795 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphustown 1795

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal  Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
William Casey11248 Peter Ruttan, Senr223..7
David Kelly21227 Owen Roblin21..14
John Van Sciver11125 Jacob Ruttan11216
Christopher German113..5 Peter Ruttan, Junr11..13
John German21126 Benjamin Clapp11349
Gilbert Bogart11....2 Cornelius Vanhorn12216
Abraham Bogart111..3 John Roblin111..3
Isaac Demell11158 George Rutter11327
Peter Dulyea41....5 Amos Beach11114
Albert Benson11215 Thomas Giles11..13
Alexr. Campbell23....5 James Canniff11215
Burger Huyck2......2 Joseph Carnahan22228
John Huyck11226 Solomon Huff13318
Albert Cornell21238 Henry Davis21137
William Clark31217 William Griffis113..5
Peter Vallau32..16 Casper Vandusen11136
David Denmore1......1 Henry Hoover21....3
Obediah Simson113..5 Coonrad Vandusen12238
Barrant Lewis1....12 Andrew Evans1......1
Joseph Cornell11114 Sylvenus Keeler11215
William Fox112..4 Henry Rednor232310
Robert Jones11215 Daniel Cole314210
Paul Trumpour322310 Andrew Huffnail13....4
James McMasters11237 Area Ferguson11..13
Russel Pitman11237 David Brown112..4
George Brooks11147 John Fitzgerald11....2
John Babcock23....5 William Green1......1
Alexr. Fisher31116 Abram Maybe32229
Abram Bonter11..13 Abram Steel1......1
Andrew Wannamaker11..35 William Ruttan124..7
Thomas Jones11..24 Cornelius Turner213..6
Nicholas Peterson127111 Nicholas Hagerman21328
Abram Cronk12317 Cornelius Slouter11..13
Paul Huff31217 Samuel Brock111..3
Ruben Bedell11216 Peter Swade11....2
David Jones21..14 Arthur McCormac1......1
Baltus Harris12148 Peter Vanvalkenburg221..5
John Canniff423615 John Vancot11417
Nathaniel Somes113510 Peter Vanalstine42..17
Peter Wannamaker11215 William Babcock11..13
Garrot Benson1......1 William Wannamaker12317
Jacob Benson1......1 Willet Casey22127
Michael Slote211..4 Philip Dorland22239
William More11114 Thomas Dorland31217
John Elms11..13 Isaac Benn1......1
Henry Smith11215       

115 men, 108 women 127 males, 119 females: total 489     

1796 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphustown, April 6, 1796.

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal  Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
Paul Huff32117 Sylvenus Keler11237
Casper Vandusen11136 David Brown113..5
William Griffis114..6 Henry Rednor23218
Nicho's. Peterson127111 Daniel Cole324211
Andrew Wannamaker11..35 Area Ferguson11..13
John Babcock33..28 John Fitzgerald11....2
Phillip Redick124310 Isaac Ostrander12159
Alex'r. Fisher31116 Joseph Ellison1......1
James McMaster11338 William Ruttan114..6
Russel Pitman11237 John Dorland134311
Ruben Bedell21227 Nicholas Hagerman22329
Baltus Harris12159 Abram Maybe32117
Thomas Jones11125 James Walters22116
Thomas Giles11..24 Cornelius Slouter11..13
Nathaniel Somes11338 Peter Swade11....2
James Noxon111..3 Daniel Picket11..13
Garrot Benson1......1 Samuel Brock11....2
James Canniff11215 Daniel Haight21227
Henry Smith11215 John Vancot11417
William Moor12115 Peter Vanalstine41..16
John Roblin11114 Willet Casey32139
Peter Wannamaker11226 Philip Dorland12249
Norris Carr11215 Thomas Dorland23218
Peter Ruttan, Jun21..25 William Casey22239
Owen Roblin21115 Christopher German124..7
Jacob Ruttan11226 John German11125
Benjamin Clapp11349 John Vansciver11114
John Canniff212510 Jacob German112..4
Elijha Alger11125 Gilbert Bogart11....2
George Rutter11327 Abraham Bogart112..4
Cornelius Vanhorn11215 Peter Dulyea411..6
Paul Trumpour11248 Albert Benson11215
David Barker12317 Alex'n. Campbell22..15
Robert Jones11125 Burger Huyck2......2
Michael Slote111..3 Albert Cornell21238
Peter Ruttan113..5 John Huyck11327
Joseph Carnahan22228 Obediah Simson113..5
Solomon Huff144110 Barrent Lewis11..13
Henry Davis21238 Joseph Cornell11114
Coonrad Vandusen21249 

Henry Hoover21..14 


119 men, 107 women, 139 males, 128 females; total, 493.

1797 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphustown, April 14th, 1797.

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal  Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
William Casey12249 Daniel Picket11114
Jacob German112..4 Thomas Jones11125
Christopher German114..6 James Noxon111..3
John Vanscriver11125 Ruben Bedell11226
Abram. Bogart11215 Paul Huff21115
Gilbert Bogart11....2 Solomon Huff, Jun111..3
John Snidar12126 Nicholas Peterson118212
Peter Dulyea411..6 Alex'r Fisher11114
Obidiah Simson113..5 James McMaster11327
Alex'r. Campbell13....4 Philip Redick13116
Arch. Campbell1......1 David Jones11..13
Burgar Huyck2......2 John Vannatto1......1
John Huyck11327 Solomon Huff12418
Albert Cornell21238 Jacob Dulmage11....2
William Clark21216 Baltus Harris13138
Joseph Clark1......1 Henry Davis22239
Albert Benson11226 William Griffis113..5
Barrent Lewis11114 Casper Vandusen11147
Joseph Cornell11215 Coonrad Vandusen212510
Peter Youngs112..4 Henry Hoover11..13
John Canniff222511 Jerimiah Ellison111..3
Norris Carr11215 David Brown113..5
Jacob Tice11....2 Henry Rednor22217
Robert Jones11226 Daniel Cole413210
George Rutter11338 Albert Campbell41117
Paul Trumpour21148 John Fitzgerald11....2
Benjamin Owen11114 Benjamin Ellison11215
Michael Slote211..4 William Ruttan113..5
Isaac Benn11..13 William Wannamaker11125
John German11136 William Stuart1......1
Cornelius Vanhorn11226 Nicholas Hagerman13329
Reynolds Alexander1......1 Jesse Waters1......1
David Barker142..7 Joseph Carnahan12227
Edward Barker1..113 Samuel Brock12....3
John Nix1......1 Cornelius Slouter11....2
Elijha Alger13116 Daniel Lightheart11237
Peter Ruttan113..5 Peter Swade11....2
Benjamin Clapp12339 Willet Casey21238
Peter Ruttan, Jun11..24 C. Waters1......1
Owen Roblin21115 Daniel Haight21227
William Moor12115 John Dorland233311
John Roblin11125 Richard Sharp11215
Peter Wannamaker11114 John Vancot11327
James Canniff11215 Peter Vanalstine22....4
Garrot Benson1......1 Philip Dorland11338
Nathaniel Somes11349 Thomas Dorland11215
Thomas Giles1........ Peter Maybe11....2

118 men, 108 women, 136 males, 118 females; total, 480.

1799 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphustown, April 2nd, 1799.

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal  Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
James McMasters21339 Edward Barker1..113
Philip Ridick2..4511 Joseph Leavens11315
Alexander Fisher31116 Elijah Alger11126
Nicholas Peterson326213 Cornelius Vanhorn11327
Robert Wilkins22....4 Daniel Haight21339
Paul Huff21126 Joel Haight111..3
Henry Crumly1......1 William Griff314..8
Ruben Bedell11226 Jacob Dulmage11..13
James Noxon212..5 Henry Davis223310
John Vanscriver11226 Solomon Huff12418
John Snidar11125 Baltus Harris21148
Stephen Lewis11..24 John Vannato111..3
Barrent Lewis11114 Daniel Cole31329
Joseph Cornell11215 John Vanavader111..3
John Herington31..26 Hugh Walker112..4
William Clark31217 David Brown114..6
Albert Cornell31138 Coonrad Vandusen11259
John Huyck11327 Garret De Clute11215
Burger Huyck2......2 John Fitzgerald11....2
Alexander Campbell23....5 Joseph Ellison11....2
Albert Benson11237 William Ruttan114..6
Peter Dulyea3......3 Abram Maybe21337
Gilbert Bogart11....2 William Dugal135110
Abram Bogart11215 Jonothan Allen11....2
Christopher German11316 Peter Vanalstine3..1..4
Jacob German112..4 Alex'r Vanalstine11....2
William Casey11349 William Robins31....4
William Moor122..5 Nicholas Hagerman224210
John Roblin11136 Thomas Douglass1......1
Ichabod Squares11215 Moses Jacobs11136
Francis Prindle11....2 Isaac Brown11136
Ely Dibble11237 Joseph Caranahan31116
James Canniff11226 Peter Swade11..13
Peter Ruttan. Jun11125 Jonothan Clark11..13
John Baker1......1 Resolved Cleaveland11215
Owen Roblin21216 Willet Casey11338
Peter Ruttan11316 Thomas Lyons1......1
Michael Slote11114 Benjamin Smith1......1
Benjamin Clapp313411 Philip Dorland21249
John Ryckman122..5 Thomas Dorland11215
George Rutter11338 Joshua Hicks1......1
Peter Brown11316 John Vancot11428
Paul Trumpour21159 Nazareth Hill113510
John Dorland322310 James Johnson11316
John Canniff114612 Henry Hoover11114
David Barker11226       
32 men, 92 women, 156 males, 138 females; total, 518

1800 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphus Town, 26th 3 mo, 1800

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal  Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
Reuben Begal22318 Philip Dorland313310
James Canniff11237 Peter Swade12..14
Gilbert Clapp3......3 William Snyder11114
Peter Brown11316 Joshua Conklin11..24
James Noxon213..6 William Richards11....2
John Day21..47 Stephen Lewis11114
John White111..3 John Vanskiver11226
John Cornell11215 John Snyder12126
John Vancott12317 Isaac Brown12137
Resolved Cleaveland213..6 James Persorn11114
Moses Jacobs21..36 Jonothan Cleark21..14
Thomas Duglas2......2 Daniel Haight224210
Smiten Simmons111..3 Joel Haight21115
John Dorland31239 William Griffis215..8
William Moore132..6 Jacob Dulmage11114
John Roblin12126 Henry Davise223310
Benjamin Clapp123410 Solomon Huff22217
Garret Benson1......1 Balthus Harris12148
John Canniff244413 John Vanatter211..4
Paul Trumpower312612 Joseph Carnahan1......1
Owen Roblin11215 Sarah Carnahan111..3
Peter Ratan, Jun11215 Joseph Alison11114
Cornelious Van Horn11316 Coonrad Vandusen11349
George Ruter11439 Hugh Walker112..4
Peter Ratan113..5 Henry Hover11125
John Heveland11....2 David Brown115..7
David Barker331..7 Daniel Cole51129
Joseph Leavens123..6 Peter Vanalstine, Esq2....13
Michel Slote211..4 John Fader112..4
Benjamin Owen11226 Willet Casey333211
Edward Barker1..113 William Casey314513
Robert Wilkins22....4 Christopher Germond12328
Henry Crumley1......1 Abraham Bogart11316
Paul Huff12317 Gilbert Bogart111..3
Nicholas Peterson316212 Thomas Cleark11439
Russel Pitman11215 Albert Benson1..225
Alexr. Fisher, Esqr22116 Alexander Campbell12....3
James Mc.Masters213410 Burger Hyke21..47
William Ratan114..6 John Hyke12339
William Robins32117 Albert Cornell22....4
Nicholas Hagerman225211 William Clark22228
Jonathan Allen121..4 Cornelius Valoe11....2
Abraham Maybe22116 Jeremiah Harrington11....2
Thomas Dorland. Esq21227 Barnet Lewis11114
135 men, 113 women, 156 males, 120 females; total, 524.

1801 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphustownship Taken this 27th day of April, 1801

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal  Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
Paul Trumpour51..612 Peter Brown11417
Daniel Haight21429 Paul Huff221..5
Joel Haight122..5 Reuben Bedell11327
William Griffis115..7 James Huff11..24
Jacob Dulmage11114 John Vanatto111..3
Henry Daves223310 William Pitman..........
Solomon Huff, Sen21328 Henry Crumley1..113
Daniel Bedell116..8 Peter Ruttan, Jun11136
John Jackson112..4 Alexander Fisher32117
John Roblin22138 James McMaster11338
William Moor321..6 Benjamin Owens11226
Abraham Maybee22116 Eli Dibble11215
Jonothan Allan111..3 James Noxon115..7
William Rob ns333..9 Cornelius Vanhorn11316
Nicholas Hagerman21339 James Benedick11316
Isaac Brown11147 Nicholas Brunk11..24
Abner Silver21....3 Stephen Lewis11..35
Thomas Dorland21216 Cornelius Valleau111..3
George Myers423312 Oliver Cornall11..24
Willet Casey314412 Elias Cornall11....2
Philip Dorland21339 William Clark21227
John Scott223..7 John Huycke12339
Daniel Cole32229 Burger Huycke21..47
Charles Haight11316 John Vanscriver11327
David Brown115..7 John Snider12227
Henry Hoover11....2 Alexander Campbell12....3
William Ruttan11316 Oliver Benson11338
Joseph Allison111..3 Ashby Royley1......1
Michael Sloote113..5 Barnard Cole13127
Peter Ruttan123..6 Abraham Bogart11316
John Haveland11....2 Gilbert Bogart11....2
Conrade Van Duzan213511 Christopher German11417
George Ruter11439 Elias Clark11136
Edward Barker33219 William Casey11259
Benjamin Clapp114410 Mathew Wyllie11215
Owen Roblin11226 Moses Jacobs213..6
John Canniff313612 Isaac Cole11....2
James Canniff11237 Samuel Miles11215
John Dorland31239 John Dunham343212
Gilbert Clapp111..3 John Williams11..24
John Day21..58 

121 men, 101 women, 160 males, 131 females; total, 513

1802 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphustown taken this first day of March, 1802

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal  Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
John Huyck11327 Benj'n. Owens11226
Henry Hoover11125 Peter Rattan, Jun11136
Albert Benson11338 Peter Rattan, Sen113..5
Barnard Cole11114 David Barger432211
William Casey11259 Cornelius Van Horn11316
Nath'n Wiley11215 George Rutter11439
Cornelius Vallow111..3 Michael Sloot113..5
Cornelius Greenlief11..13 Paul Trumpour311611
Nicholas Bronk11..24 John Jackson111..3
William Clark11226 John Roblin11237
Albert Cornell22..26 Owen Roblin11237
Alex'r Campbell31127 William Moore23....5
Ashby Royley111..3 John Williams11..35
Gilbert Bogart111..3  John Smyth11215
Abraham Bogart11226 John Haveland11....2
Christ. German11417 Joseph Carnehan1......1
Elias Clark11136 Peter Swade1......1
Jno. Van Sciver11428 Gilbert Clapp11..13
Jno. Snyder11237 Benj'n. Clapp124310
Jno. Dorland11237 Thomas Dorland21216
Ruben Bedell11226 Philip Dorland214310
Alex'r. Fisher32117 Willet Casey214411
Smiton Simmons11114 John Van Cott113..5
Jno. McMasters213410 Isaac Brown11417
Jas. Benedick11327 William Robins333..9
Benj'n Bradley112..4 Jonathan Allen12115
Jno. Van Atter11114 Abraham Maybee11114
Paul Huff322..8 William Rattan11316
James Noxin115..7 Nicholas Hagerman223310
Esek'l Clark11338 Joseph Allison221..5
William Griffis11518 Daniel Cole31228
Henry Davis224311 Peter Brown11417
Solomon Huff21418 Conrad Van Duzen11417
James Caniff11248 Daniel Bedell116..8
John Dunham224210 Edw'd. Barker33219
98 men, 87 women, 152 males, 112 females; total, 449

1803 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphustownship taken on the 14th of March, 1803.

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal  Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
Daniel Cole31228 Peter C. Brown11417
Henry Hoover11136 John Vn. Scyver11338
Coon'd Vn Douzen 114511 Jh'n Snyder12227
Joseph Allison221..5 Abr'm Bogart11316
William Rattan11417 Gilbert Bogart111..3
Abr'm Maybee11215 Chr'r. Germain21519
Jon'n. Allen11226 Will. Casey122510
David Brown11518 Elias Clark11136
Tunis Acker11114 Barn'd Cole11114
Nich's. Hagerman223310 Albert Benson11338
William Robins32319 Burger Huyck21..47
Philip Flagler11316 Jno. Huyck21227
Isaac Brown11136 Albert Kernel22116
Thos. Douglass211..4 Will'm. Clark31127
Sam'l How11....2 Corn's. Velleau11215
John Vn Cott1..214 James McNutt113..5
Corn's Vn Alstene11..13 Nath'n Wyley221..5
Willet Casey213511 Henry Vn Tasel11114
Philip Dorland11349 Edw'd Baker42219
Thos. Dorland22217 Cornelius Vn Horn11316
Peter Swade21....3 Paul Trumpour312612
David Lapham..1438 Geo. Rutter11338
Dan'l Haight11316 Jno. Jackson11316
Joel Haight11114 Jno. Caniffe11248
Will Griffis21418 Mich'l Sloote113..5
Jacob Dulmage11215 Peter Rattan, Sen11316
Henry Davis223310 Benj'n. Clapp11349
Sol'm. Huff21317 Peter Rattan, Jun11136
Elijah Burges11....2 Benj'n. Owens11237
John Williams11..35 Owen Roblin11226
Dan'l Outwater11..13 Jno. Roblin11237
James McMasters11439 Jno. Hevelen1......1
Alex'r Fisher521412 Will. Moore111..3
Paul Huff51118 Jas. Canniffe11237
Benj'n. Bradley212..5 Gilbert Clap11..24
James Benedick11428 Jno. Dorland11237
Reuben Bedell11316 Jno. Smith11316
James Noxin11417 Peter Young11316
Esek'l Clark114410 Jno. Thompson11316
Alex'r Campbell32..38 Jerem'h. De Garrette11114


114 men, 89 women, 165 males, 144 females; total, 512.

1804 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphustownship taken on the 13th of March, 1804.

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal  Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
Daniel Haight11417 Abraham Maybee22217
Joel Haight113..5 William Moore21115
Benj. Holly113..5 John Roblin11125
William Griffis21418 John Thompson11226
Jacob Dulmage 11215 Philip Freightinburg11..13
Henry Davis234211 John Haverland11....2
Solomon Huff, Sen41218 Owen Roblin11248
Elijah Birdsley11....2 Peter Rattan, Jun.11147
Peter C. Brown11518 Benjamin Owens11237
Daniel Outwaters11..24 John Smith11215
John William11..46 Peter Rattan, Sen.31116
Joseph Carnahan1......1 Michael Sloot223..7
Moses Carnahan211..4 Benjamin Clapp21238
Robert Pelin11....2 John Canniff213410
Nicholas Peterson217414 Jeremiah Frenchman11114
Alex. Fisher433414 George Rutter223411
Smiten Simmons11316 Paul Trumpour41..611
James Benedict11327 John Jackson12216
Daniel Van Clief11158 Cornelius Van Horn11428
Paul Huff422..8 David Barker42219
David McGregor12126 William Rattan21418
William Grant111..3 Joseph Ellison22....4
Gilbert D. Clapp11114 Coonrad Van Dusen213511
Ruben Bedell22228 John Van Neer11316
James Noxen11417 Joseph Pope111..3
Hezekiah Clark114511 Henry Hoover11136
Phineas Tyler2..1..3 David Brown11619
John Dorland21137 Daniel Cole22217
James Caniff11248 William Casey11259
Thomas Dorland211..4 Elias Clark11147
Philip Dorland314412 Christopher German225211
Willet Casey322411 Gilbert Bogart111..3
Ursula Vanalstine..2316 James Denison11338
Elisha Ames21....3 Barnard Cole11125
John Van Cott1..1..2 Cornelius Bedford31217
James Flakner113..4 Albert Benson11349
Jacob Fraleigh121..4 Alexder Campbell22127
Samuel Howe1......1 Burger Huyck1......1
Peter Swade31....4 Albert Kernell323210
Thomas Douglass11215 William Clark31127
Isaac Brown12137 Cornelius Vallow11215
Philip Flagler12126 Cornelius Greenlief11..24
Nicholas Hagerman13329 Abraham Bogart11417
Simon McNabb12126 John Van Scriver12328
Jonathan Allan11316 John Snider11327

139 men, 111 women, 179 males, 156 females; total, 585

1805 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphustown taken 4th March 1805

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal  Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
Alex. Fisher651214 John Snyder12328
Thomas Dorland221..5 John Williams11..46
Philip Dorland312410 Peter Brown11417
Willet Casy31149 Joseph Carnehan21....3
Joseph Pope11114 Benjamin Hawley113..5
Ursula Van Alstine12216 Solomon Huff31217
Elijah Berdsly11....2 Henry Davis323311
John Van Cott1..2..3 Jacob Dulmage11226
Richard Daverne211..4 Abner Silver11316
Jacob Fraleigh22....4 William Griffis114..6
Peter Swade21....3 Joel Haight11316
Thomas Douglass21115 Daniel Haight11417
Isaac Brown12148 Nicholas Peterson415414
Nicholas Hagerman14218 Smiton Simmons11215
Philip Flagler12216 John Day11..68
Simon McNabb12126 Phineas Tyler1......1
Jonathan Allan22217 Michael Sloote11215
Abraham Maybe122..5 John Caniff233210
William Rattan22318 Jeremiah De Garrette11114
Joseph Ellison211..4 Benjamin Maville12115
Benjamin Pope11136 Samuel Miller127313
John Van Meer11417 Peter Rattan, Sen.31116
Conrad Van Duzen223411 Daniel Van Clief11158
Henry Hoover11237 Paul Huff432..9
David Brown11529 James Noxon11439
Daniel Cole32117 John Dorland22127
Cornelius Bedford223310 James Caniff11259
Cornelius Greenlief11..24 John Roblin11147
Cornelius Vallow113..5 William Moore11125
William Clark22116 Owen Roblin11248
Elias Cornell13116 Peter Rattan, Jun.11136
John Huyck21227 Reuben Bedle21126
Burgar Huyck11..35 John Smith11226
Alexander Campbell21227 Daniel Outwaters11..24
Albert Benson11439 Benjamin Clapp23218
Barnet Cole11..24 George Rutter323311
Gilbert Bogart111..3 Paul Trumpour821516
Christopher German125210 Cornelius Van Horn11327
Elias Clark11147 Edward Barker321..6
William Casy122510 John Stickney11....2
Abraham Bogart11417 James Falkner113..5
John Van Scriver11316 John Haverland1......1
136 men, 119 women, 158 males, 150 females; total, 563.

1806 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphustown taken this 3rd of 3rd month 1806

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal  Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
Thomas Dorland111..3 John Heaveland11....2
Philip Dorland1..247 John Ockerman11....2
Willet Casey213410 John Stickney11114
Charles Stuart23117 William More11114
John Vancott1..2..3 Garret Benson1......1
James Flakener11316 John Dorland11226
Ritchard Davern211..4 Daniel Outwater21..25
Peter Swade111..3 Peter La Vee11215
Thomas Duglass11237 Jeremiah De Garitte11114
Nicholas Hagerman22329 Nicholas Peterson317415
Jonathan Allen11327 William Ratan216110
David McWhister12216 William Casey113611
Tunis Eckert11125 John Canniff11338
Joseph Allison21115 James Canniff11259
Conrad Vandozen116513 John Snyder11428
David Brown11529 Joseph Ratan11....2
Daniel Cole22217 Henry Hover11237
John Van Meer11338 Albert Benson11529
John Paulmeteer21238 Alexander Fisher631212
Benjamin Holley113..5 John Van Schiver11428
Alijah Birdsley11..13 Abraham Maybee212..5
Moses Carnaham21115 Noxon Harris11....2
Joseph Carnaham1......1 Abraham Bogart117110
Samuel How1..1..2 John Hyke21429
Peter Brown11417 William Clark21227
Solomon Huff21317 Gilbert Bogart11....2
Henry Davice224311 Barnet Cole11125
Jacob Dulmage11226 Christopher Germond11529
Abner Silver11316 Thomas Clark11428
William Griffis11417 Elias Clark11147
Joel Haight21317 Cornelious Valoe11316
Daniel Haight11529 Cornelious Greenlief11..24
Edward Barker222..6 Samuel Millor112..4
Cornelius Vanhorn11327 Elias Cornwall12126
Henry Crumley11....2 Reuben Bedell21126
Paul Trumpower721717 Philip Flagu'ar22116
Benjamin Clapp23218 Paul Huff341..8
George Rutter223310 Alexander Robertson2......2
Michael Slote22228 Daniel Van Cleef11259
Peter Ratan21115 Benjamin Bradley11215
Peter Ratan, Jun11136 Jeremiah Tomkins111..3
Thomas Morgen11....2 James Noxon12328
Owen Roblin11349 John Williams11147
Isaac Brown12137

29 men, 102 women, 182 males, 151 females, total, 562.

1807 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphustown taken the 2nd and 3rd days of 3rd month, 1807

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal  Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
Alexander Fisher421411 Owen Roblin11349
Philip Dorland21137 Peter Ratan21115
Albert Benson11529 George Rutter223310
William Casey222511 Cornelious Vanhorn22217
Elias Clark11158 William Brown11215
Barnet Cole11125 Edward Barker322..7
Daniel Outwater21115 Joseph Ratan11..13
Cornelious Valoe113..5 John Stickney112..4
William Clark32..16 Benjamin Bradley11316
Nicholas Peterson326415 John Huyke 22..15
Mary Grant, Wd11....2 Garret Benson1......1
Monn Creef11....2 John Van Cott111..3
Paul Peterson11125 Moses Carnaham11..13
Joseph Carnaham1......1 John Hollowday11..13
William Ratan216110 Joseph Allison221..5
Daniel Cole43..18 William Griffis11417
John Paulmeteer335213 Joel Haight21418
Willet Casey111410 Peter Van Cott1......1
Conrad Vandozen344213 Abner Silver11417
James Canniff112610 Daniel Haight21429
John Dorland22127 Elijah Birdsley11..35
Solomon Huff332..8 Thomas Dorland21..14
Henry Davies313310             Jinkins11125
Paul Trumpour421411 Charles Stuart31115
John Trumpour11..24 Ritchard Davern211..4
James Falkener113..5 John Canniff333110
Benjamin Clapp232..7 Samuel Millor113..5
Peter Swade21....3 Abraham Maybe112..4
Thomas Duglas22127 Nicholas Hagerman145111
William Ritchards21137 Henry Hover11237
Philip Flagular13116 David Brown11529
Samuel Hows1......1 Jonathan Allen11215
John Frees11215 John Snyder11428
John Vanschiver11529 Peter C. Brown11417
Widow Marvee11114 Samul Dorland11114
John Huyke, Jun111..3 Reuben Bedell21126
John Williams11147 Daniel Vancleef11259
Isaac Cole112..4 Paul Huff221..5
Elias Cornwall13116 James Noxon22329
Burger Huyke22217 Daniel Outwater, Jun.21126
Alexander Campbel1......1 Peter Van Schiver12....3
William More's family..1113 Thomas Clark124..7
Henry Rhyon11..24 Gilbert Bogert111..3
John Roblin11147
Abraham Bogert11518
John Haveland12....3
Christopher Germon215311
Isaac Brown11147
Jacob Post11..24
Thomas Morgan11..24
John Van Meer11349

149 men, 128 women, 189 males, 146 females; total, 592.

1808 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphus Town, March, 1808

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal  Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
Daniel Haight215210 John Canniff 22318
Thomas Dorland111..3 Isaac Cole111..3
David Brown116210 Daniel Cole23117
Paul Trumpour415111 Henry Hover11248
Anthony Samater11..24 Conrad Vandozen234211
John Trumpour11..13 Batese Sulore11....2
John Emery11....2 Joseph Allison21115
Joseph Ratan11114 William Ratan135110
Peter Ratan111..3 Jeremiah Allison11529
William Casey223411 Abraham Maybe112..4
George Rutter222511 Jonathan Allen11327
John Sticney11114 Peter Ratan11..13
John Dorland12317 Nicholas Hagerman144110
Peter Vanschiver121..4 Thomas Duglas12137
Peter Swade12....3 Edwar Barker22217
John Van Cott11..24 James Noxon11428
Charles Stuart22..26 Cornelious Van Horn11327
Willet Casey421512 Thomas I. Dorland111..3
Joseph Pope11226 Willliam Griffis11417
Philip Dorland23128 Noxon Harris111..3
Joseph Carnaham1......1 Garret Benson1......1
Samuel Dorland11..13 James Canniff212611
Henry Davice313310 Gilbert Bogert11....2
Solomon Huff212..5 Abraham Bogert117110
Philip Flagler11114 Samuel Hays11..13
Barnard Cole11226 Samuel Manning11136
Albert Benson115310 Archabald Campbell21238
John Williams11158 John Roblin11147
Elias Clark11259 William Moore11114
Isaac Brown12137 Elias Cornwall122..5
John Haveland11..13 Burger Huyke21328
Owen Roblin113510 Widow Huyke11114
Belyatte Outwater11226 William Clark11226
Benjamin Clapp11226 Cornelious Valoe11316
James Faulkner114..6 Samuel Miller113..5
Reuben Bedell21..25 Hezekiah Clark117514
Thomas Dorland22116 Christopher Germon115310
Paul Huff22116 Jacob Post11..24
Daniel Van Clief11259 John Vanschiver11439
Alexander Fisher342312 John Snyder115310
Benjamin Bradley11417 John Huyke11114
Widow Grant11....2 Peter Moncreef11....2
Nicholas Peterson545216 Paul Peterson11136
Daniel Outwater21227
Peter Vancott31....4

122 men, 117 women, 176 males, 153 females; total, 568.

1809 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphus Township for 1809.

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal  Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
Daniel Haight74

11 Thomas I. Dorland22

Joel Haight52

7 William Griffis52

Philip Dorland, Jun42

6 Henry Davice64

Solomon Huff41

5 Samuel Dorland22

Joseph Ratan22

4 Joseph Carnahan1..

Daniel Outwater54

9 Noxon Harris32

Nicholas Hagerman, Esq.65

11 Widow Duglas..4

Peter Swade11

2 William Benson Sole12

John Van Cott41

5 Willet Casey66

Conrad Van Dozen84

12 Philip Dorland24

Thomas Dorland, Esq.33

6 Joseph Pope33

Moses Carnahan114

15 Jeremiah Allison63

George Blume21

3 Philip Flagler23

John Williams26

8 John Trumpour23

Abraham Maybe31

4 Jonathan Allen33

David McWhister44

8 William Ratan83

Joseph Allison32

5 Henry Hover35

David Brown73

10 Isaa Cole22

Daniel Cole33

6 Peter Ratan, Sen'r11

Charles Stuart32

5 Caleb Woodward22

Edward Barker43

7 Peter Ratan, 2nd14

Christopher German65

11 John Thomson34

Isaac Brown35

8 James Canniff36

Peter Van Schiver44

8 John Dorlond43

John Havelon13

4 Garret Benson1..

Elias Clark36

9 William Casey47

Hezekiah Clark96

15 Jacob Pose31

John Vanschiver52

7 John Snyder63

John Huyke22

4 Barnard Cole33

Albert Benson63

9 Archabald Campbell54

Cornelious Valoe42

6 Burger Huyke1..

Sarah Huyke22

4 William Clark42

Elias Cornwall33

6 Samuel Millor32

Alexander Fisher, Esq.58

13 William Grant11

Daniel Vanclieaf35

8 Nicholas Peterson106

Peter Mon Creef11

2 Benjamin Bradly52

Paul Huff33

6 Reuben Bedell, Esq.23

James Noxon63

9 John Roblin25

Owen Roblin46

10 Samuel Hays13

Abraham Bogert82

10 Gilbert Bogert11

John Sticney32

5 Thomas Priestman21

Benjamin Clapp43

7 George Rutter34

John Embre11

2 Paul Trumpour, Esq.45

Cornelious Vanhorn34

William Moore32


316 Males, 276 females; total. 592

1810 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphustown taken March 1810

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal  Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
John Williams11259 Elias Cornell222..6
Philip Flagler23....5 William Clark31..15
Stephen Niles11..13 Cornelius Valow11327
George Bloom21..14 Dorland Losey11125
David Brown216211 Hezekiah Clark315514
Abraham Maybee211..4 Jacob Post11114
Conrad V. Dusen125311 John Van Skiver21238
Jacob Hoover11259 Larry Lewis11....2
Daniel Cole23..16 John Huyck11316
Henry Hoover11259 Peter V. Skiver22127
Joseph Ellison21115 Nicholas Peterson643316
William Rattan31419 Moses Carnahan11114
David McWhister21339 Robert Peling113..5
Jonathan Allen31329 Benj'n Loop11215
Nicholas Hagerman352111 Peter Rattan11..13
Thomas Dorland31..26 Edw'd. Barker432110
Philip Dorland23117 Cornelius Van Horne22228
Willet Casey421310 Paul Trumpour52..310
Caleb Woodard22..59 John Trumpour11..24
John Van Cott21..25 George Rutter233311
John B. Soles11..13 John Rattan11..13
Caroline Douglass11..35 Thos. Priestman112..4
John Goslin112..4 Benj'n Clapp13217
Noxon Harris11114 Owen Roblin123410
Dan'l Outwater, Jun.11226 John Havlin11..24
Joseph Rattan11125 Isaac Brown12227
Samuel Dorland11114 John Roblin11248
Solomon Huff311..5 Wm. Moore11215
Henry Van Dusen111..3 James Canniff32..611
Henry Davis333110 John Dorland13318
Philip Dorland, Jun.11237 Thomas Dorland, 2nd.11114
Samuel Casey11....2 James Noxon11529
Joel Haight11417 Reuben Beedle32..16
Daniel Haight22318 Paul Huff22116
William Casey234413 John Embre111..3
Elias Clark11349 Benj'n Bradley11518
Christopher German313310 Dan'l. V. Cleef21148
Abraham Bogert117110 Peter Mon Creef11....2
Barnard Cole11237 Alex'r Fisher531312
Albert Benson31329          Betteast11..13
Arch'd Campbell21429 John Stickney112..4
Sarah Huyck21115       
148 men, 123 women, 146 males, 145 females; total, 572.

1811 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphustown taken the 4th March 1811

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal  Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
John Williams11259 Hezek'h Clark325313
Philip Flager23....5 Daniel Outwater11215
Stephen Niles11..13 John Van Skiver12317
George Blume11..13 Larry Lewis21....3
David Brown215311 John Huyck113..5
Abr'm Maybee211..4 Peter Van Skiver11114
Conrad Van Dusen126211 Nicholas Peterson533314
Jacob Hoover11..13 Moses Carnahan21115
Daniel Cole25....7 Benj'n Loop11316
Henry Hoover123410 Peter Rattan21....3
Joseph Ellison111..3 Edw'd Barker422..8
William Rattan [Ruttan]21519 Corn's V. Horn22127
David McWhister21429 Paul Trumpour23128
Jonathan Allen22419 John Trumpour21..36
Nicholas Hagerman542213 Geo. Rutter233311
Thos. Dorland22116 Thomas Priestman112..4
Philip Dorland12126 Geo. Robinson111..3
Willet Casey23128 Benj Clapp11215
John Van Cott22....4 Owen Roblin123612
John B Soles22116 Isaac Brown12115
Orran Ranny32..38 John Roblin11248
John Goslin11215 Wm Moore11215
Noxon Harris31116 James Canniff31..59
Daniel Outwater, Jun11428 John Dorland133..7
Joseph Rattan11125 Thomas I Dorland11226
Samuel Dorlad11215 James Noxon125210
Solomon Huff112..4 Reuben Beedle33..17
Henry Davis333110 Paul Huff222..6
Philip Dorland, Jun11316 John Embre111..3
Samuel Casey11..24 Dan'l V. Cleef213410
Joel Haight11417 Peter Moncreef11....2
Daniel Haight12519 Alex'r Fisher54..817
William Casy244313 Gilbert Bogert111..3
Elias Clark213410 Alex'r Cameron12227
Christopher German313310 Wm. Brown11338
Abraham Bogert11619 Alex'r Cole11....2
Barnard Cole11226 Sam'l Henderson11114
Albert Benson22419 Ebenz'r Foot31..15
Arch'd Campbel213410 Otis Abbot12216
Burger Huyck, Sen213410 John Moore11237
Burger Huyck12126 Robt Bush11125
Elias Cornel233..8 Joseph Peek21....3
William Clark21115 John V Ornam21137
Cornelius Verlow11237 John Stickney114..6
Dorland Losey11226       
149 men, 141 women 176 males, 145 females: total 611  

1812 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphustown taken the 4th March 1812

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal

Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
John Williams11259
Dorland Losey11237
Philip Flager23....5
Hexek'h Clark436316
Stephen Niles11..24
Danl Outwater21115
David Brown215311
Jno Van Skiver12328
Abrm Maybe211..4
John Huyck113..5
Conrad Van Dusen126110
Peter Van Skiver11114
Daniel Cole342..9
Nicholas Peterson533314
Henry Hoover12249
Moses Carnahan21115
Jos Ellison111..3
Peter Rattan21....3
Wm Rattan11417
Edwd Barker622..10
David McWhister314210
Cornelius Van Horn23117
Jonathan Allen225110
Paul Trumpour12..25
Nicholas Hagerman442212
John Trumpour31138
Thos Dorland22116
Jos Trumpour11316
Philip Dorland12126
Geo Rutter133411
Benj Clapp31....4
Willett Casey23229
Owen Roblin113611
John Van Cott21..14
Isaac Brown12126
John B Soles11114
Jno Roblin11248
Orran Ranny22138
Wm Moore2112..
Noxon Harris11215
Jas Canniff31..59
Daniel Outwater Jun11428
Jno Dorlance12317
Joseph Rattan11125
Thos I Dorland11327
Saml Dorland112..4
Jas Noxon125210
Solomon Huff32..16
Reuben Beedle33..17
Henry Davis42219
Paul Huff22116
Philip Dorland Jun11327
John Embree111..3
Saml Casey11125
Danl Van Cleef213410
Joel Haight11518
Peter Mon Creef11....2
Daniel Haight21519
Alexr Fisher54..817
William Casey244313
Peter Wood11215
Elias Clark22217
Danl Beedle11....2
Christopher German342110
Peter Dorland11....2
Abrm Bogert217111
Barnard Cole11226
Saml Henderson11114
Albert Benson32218
John Toby11..13
Archabald Campbel11349
Gilbert Bogart21....3
Sarah Huyck22127
Peter Moore11237
Elias Cornell22116
Enoch Isman11349
Wm Clark22116
John Stickney12407
Cornelius Verlow11327

146 men, 133 women 160 males, 137 females: total 575

1813 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphustown taken the third this month 1813

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal

Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
Daniel Haight335112
Joel Haight11518
Joel Haight11518
Stephen Niles11..24
Samuel Casey11125
Thomas Dorland12115
Philip Dorland Jun11327
John Sparrow12....3
Henry Davice42219
Daniel Outwater11439
Solomon Huff221..5
John Trumpour21137
Samuel Dorland11215
Christopher German323412
Joseph Ruttan11136
Abraham Bogart119112
Samuel Henderson1......1
Gilbert Bogart11....2
Anna Flager13....4
Albert Benson332..8
Hannah Williams..1247
Archabald Campbell113611
Peter Von Skiver21115
Sarah Huyck11....2
Alexander Fisher321410
Burger Huyck21..36
William Moore11114
Elias Cornwall343111
Nicholas Peterson643215
James Clark11..13
Paul Huff22127
Dorland Losee11237
Peter Moncrief11....2
Cornelius Valaeu11338
Peter Moore11237
Barnet Cole11237
James Noxon125210
Joseph Outwater21115
Henry Davice42219
John Hyke11316
Daniel Cole2......2
John Vanskiver12328
David Brown315413
William Casey343313
Henry Hover122510
Peter Ruttan31116
Conrade Vandozen137..11
Edward Barker21328
Joseph Allison111..3
George Rutter242311
William Ruttan11417
Benjamin Clapp31..15
Margerit Brown..2316
Owen Roblin213511
Abraham Maybee211..4
Enoch Esmond11349
Jonathan Allen12418
Mary Roblin114410
David McWhister11428
James Cannif311611
Nicholas Hagerman234211
Thomas I Dorland11338
Noxon Harris11226
John Dorland132..6
Orrent Reaney12137
John Stickney135..9
Peter Formiliar11114
Joseph Trumpour21115
Peter Vancott13116
Cornelius VanHorn23117
Cornelius Vancott1......1
Daniel Van Clief213410
Willet Casey12137
Reuben Bedell12..14
Philip Dorland22127
Daniel Bedell11..13
Philip Dorland jun11327
Samuel Abbot232..7

124 men, 124omen 165 males, 140 females: total 551

1814 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphus Town taken in March 1814, 3rd month

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal

Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
Daniel Cole531110
James Noxon125311
David Brown115411
Peter Vanskiver11125
Henry Hover112610
Hannah Williams..2248
Conrad Van Dusen127212
Anna Flager12....3
William Griffis11316
Stephen Niles11..35
Joseph Allison21....3
Widow Blume..1..12
William Ruttan11417
John Trumpour11136
Jacob Hover11..24
Philip Dorland12126
Abraham Maybee111..3
Willet Casey23128
Enos McMullen11316
Dorland Losee11237
Jonathan Allen126211
Cornelious Valoe11338
Nicholas Hagerman23229
James Clark22....4
Noxen Harris11215
Elias Cornwall343111
Orren Reaney11237
John Cornwall111..3
Peter Vermilion12....3
Sarah Huycke11....2
Jessee Uptogrove11....2
Burger Huycke11..35
Daniel Outwater Jr11439
John Huycke22318
Rachel Henderson..12..3
Archabald Campbell113510
Margerit Brown11215
Albert Benson222..6
Joseph Ruttan11147
Abraham Bogert227..11
Peter Ruttan1......1
Gilbert Bogart11....2
Samuel Dorland122..5
Barnet Cole11237
Solomon Huff232..7
Christopher German342312
Peter Huff111..3
William Germond11..24
Henry Davice42219
Daniel Outwater Sen221..5
Zenas Dafoe11....2
William Casey353314
Thomas Dorland21..14
John Ruttan11114
Peter Dorland12115
John Vanskiver12328
Daniel Haight325111
Edward Barker21227
Samuel Casey11226
Cornelious Vanhorn13217
Ursley McWhister..1539
George Rutter342312
Charles Stuart11349
Benjamin Clapp31....4
Joel Haight126110
John Stickney12418
Peter Moore21137
Owen Roblin312410
Alexander Fisher511613
James Canniff221510
Nicholas Peterson643215
Jonas Canniff11..13
Peter Moncrief11....2
Joseph Trumpour342110
Daniel Vancleaf21137
Mary Roblin12339
Paul Huff121..4
William Moore11114
Reuben Bedell11 13
John Dorland132..6
Daniel Bedell11..13
Thomas I Dorland12328

1816 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphustown taken in 27th March 1816

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal

Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
Reuben Beedel11..13
John Trumpo11147
Paul Huff22....4
Cornelius Van Horn11..13
Mary Moor, widow11125
Edward Barker322..7
Danile Van Clief23117
Daniel Height224210
Peter Mon Crief11....2
Joel Height225110
Alexr Fisher, Esq431311
Samuel Casey11226
Nicholas Peterson932216
Peter Dorland11136
Thomas Lewis11226
Henry Davis52119
Cornelius Valeau11338
Solomon Huff211..4
James Clark32....5
Joseph Ruttan11248
Elias Cornell243211
David Scoot21418
Burger Huyck22228
George Douglass11....2
Archibald Campbell233412
Thomas Dorland12..25
Albert Benson222 6
Thomas Phillips214..7
Barnet Cole11237
Arent Renny11338
Abrm Bogert326112
Thomas Cook11226
Gilbert Bogert11....2
Nicholas Hagerman, Esq243110
Christopher Germin332311
Noxon Harris12227
Willm Casey342211
Rachel Henderson113....
Danile Outwater32....5
Abm Maby..........
Elias Clark12317
John Sterret21....3
Willm Germin11215
Ossee McWherter..1416
John Huyck22318
Jonathan Allen224210
Mary Roblin, widw233311
John Polmatier111..3
John Dorland231..6
Willm Ruttan223..7
Thomas Dorland11327
Richd Davern221..5
Peter Van Skiver11114
Henry Hover231511
Danial Beedel11..13
David Brown313411
James Canniff13..37
Daniel Cole12..47
Willm Moore21.. 3
Henry Cole112..4
Owen Roblin313512
Iram Murry11125
Benjamin Clapp21....3
Jacob Hover11136
John Emmory111..3
Moses Carnahan113..5
Lawrence Lewis21216
John Ruttan31127
Samuel Henderson1......1
Thomas Flager22..15
George Rutter552416
Hannah Williams..1214
Joseph Trumpo234211

133 men, 124 women, 129 males, 110 females; total 496

1820 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphustown taken between 28th March and 4th April 27th, 1820

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal

Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
Capt Thos Dorland22..15
Corn's Jones11327
Peter Dorland32117
Gilbert Clapp21126
Michal Rutter11316
Will'm Moore11114
Geo Douglas214..7
W. M. Roblin11114
Willet Casey341..8
Benj Clapp11....2
Stephen Gillet11316
Paul Clapp21115
Laz. Gilbert22228
Arch'd Campbell232310
Dan'l Gilbert11114
Edw'd Huyke11114
Gibbs Ranny11114
Burger Huyke21238
Mrs. Ranny12238
John Huyke11338
Noxen Harris21249
Mrs. Sarah Huyke..1....1
Ab'm Mabey31....4
Elias Cornell23218
James Clarke21....3
John Thompson11125
Corn's Valleau31149
Peter B Conger11114
Thomas Lewis11248
Mrs. Hagerman221..5
Albert Benson221..5
Mrs. McWister22318
Matthew Benson11....2
Jonothan Allen532212
Barnard Cole11237
James Watson11215
Albert Bogert211..4
James Bradshaw12216
Abr'm Bogert31419
John Egbert111..3
Benana Clarke13218
William Ruttan312..6
Elias Clarke223..7
Henry Hover22138
Christopher German31127
Daniel Cole31..26
William Casey442111
Caleb Briggs11125
Joseph Outwater221..5
David Brown333211
John Dorland223310
Joseph Ellison22..15
Joseph Pangran11..13
Rich'd Daverne22138
David Peterson..........
… Hoskins12227
Alex'r Fisher431311
Sam'l Casey22419
Peter Moncrief11....2
Thomas Cook125210
James Cobert111..3
John Nixon111..3
John Van Clief23117
Widow Please211..4
Eliz. Huff22....4
John Trumpour212510
Irish Family111..3
Moses Carnahan31..15
Andrew Rattan22318
Seneca Ryder112..4
James Caniffe13127
Robert Patterson112..4
Owen Roblin331..7
Capt Peter Ruttan1......1
Edw'd Barker322..7
Joseph Ruttan11338
George Rutten342..9
Sam'l Dorland12328
Larry Lewis21227
Sol'n Huff221..5
Joseph Trumpour534315
Henry Davis61..18
Corn's Vanhorn21115
Willet Potter111..3
Joel Thompson21339
Joel Haight2..619
4 Schoolmasters........4
Dan'l Haight41229

1822 - Annual Return of the Inhabitants of Adolphustown for the year 1822, taken in March

NameMen WomenMalesFemalesTotal

Men WomenMalesFemalesTotal
Peter V Dorland32117
Arch'd Campbell232310
Thomas Dorland21..25
Edward Hyke11114
Michel Rutter11316
Burgor Hyke21238
George Douglass215..8
John Hyke11338
Willet Casey74....11
Elias Cornell23218
Thomas Williams42..17
Corn's Valleau31149
Laz. Gilbert21429
James Clark21....3
Gibbs Ranney21126
Thomas Lewis11248
Orrine Ranney223411
Albert Benson221..5
Noxon Harris222410
Mathew Benson11....2
Edward Robbins44..19
Barnard Cole11237
Thomas Howard21115
Albert Bogart211..4
Jonathen Allen224311
Benona Clark13217
Jas. Walton213..6
Elias Clark223..7
Jas. Bradshaw12429
Christopher German31127
Abr'm Maybee21....3
Will'm Casey442111
John Egberte31..15
Jos. Outwater12216
Jas. McGumon11417
Thomas I Dorland223310
William Rattan222..6
David Peterson11114
Abr'm Rattan111..3
Alx Fisher331310
Joseph B. Allison11....2
Peter Moncreiff11....2
Jos. Allison Jun11114
James Cobwin21126
Rich'd Daverne22....4
John Van Cleif11....2
Daniel Daverne11....2
Daniel Van Cleif121..4
Henry Hoover22138
Eliz. Huff22....4
David Brown333211
… Conoly111..3
Jacob Hughnail22127
… Powers111..3
Daniel Cole31..26
James Caniffe12216
Moses Carnahan333211
Owen Roblin331..7
Peter Vanskiver11..13
Widow Barker..12..3
Jno Thompson21317
George Rutter342..9
Jno Nixon11215
Larry Lewis21238
Widow Williams..1..12
Jos. Trumpour534315
Samuel Casey22317
Joel Trumpour21339
Jos Rattan223310
Peter R Conger111..3
John Clegg11..13
Gilbert Clapp31127
Solomon Huff221..5
Benj Clapp11..13
Paul Huff11....2
Will. Roblin11125
Samuel Dorland22329
Will. Moore11114
Henry Davis61..18
Will. Mullett223512
Isaac Mintz111..3
Thomas Winner11..13
Willet Potter111..3
Abr'm Bogert31419
Joel Haight216211
John Trumpour212510
Daniel Haight41229
School Masters4......4

174 men, 137 women, 142 males, 118 females; total, 571