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Research on early Saylor emigrants to America and Upper Canada.

 Sayler, Seyler, Sailor, Sailer, Seiler

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Origin of the name Saylor

The purpose of this page is three fold.
  1. To encourage male Saylor descendants to consider getting their Y-DNA test done to better understand the connectedness of various branches of the surname.
  2. To provide links to research on this site to Saylor settlers in the USA and Upper Canada.
  3. To present records of the original emigrants - Seiler, Saylor, Seyler, etc - came to America, 1700's.
Randy Saylor, 2009 & later updates

The project is administered by Stewart Saylor using FamilyTreeDNA. Male Saylor descendants can take a Y-DNA test and have their results added to the findings.

Canadian Saylor Y DNA test results
So far we have two Canadian Y-DNA tests that have been done for two paternal descendants of Charles Saylor, youngest son of Samuel Sayler of Burlington Co., NJ. The results are posted on the Saylor DNA project web site.

Take note of these two tests on the above web site.
Group 3 - 100884 - Descendant of Charles Saylor b. 1786 via son William Saylor b. 1823
Group 3 - 154198 - Descendant of Charles Saylor b. 1786 via son John Saylor b. 1821

Test 110884 and 154198 match 36/37 and indicate a very recent paternal common ancestor. Both men who were tested are 5 generations from Charles Saylor so we can say conclusively that the common ancestor is Charles Saylor. It can also be said that their results identify the Y-DNA of Samuel Sayler b. 1750, the father of Charles Saylor.

Note that these compare closely with other Saylor tests (groups 3 and 4) a few of whom know they came from Binninngen or Bottmingen, Switzerland. Both of these are today suburbs of Basel, Switzerland. Given these close results it can also be concluded that the Saylor ancestors of Charles Saylor came from in and around Basel, Switzerland.

We need tests for descendants of Henry Chambers Saylor and Peter Saylor of Willoughby Township.

The German/Swiss authorities were concerned about the large number of emigrants leaving for America c1750. Restrictions and taxes were created to discourage emigration and many of the European records have survived about these emigrants. These, matched with the ship lists of Philadelphia and other early American records can, in a few lucky cases, give a continuous record of a settling family. The Y-DNA Project has been a successful tool for people to connect into these records. Below are my notes from various books.

Early American records of SAYLOR arrivals in America.
          TRL = Toronto Reference Library
European records of SAYLOR's leaving the Palatine area of Germany and Switzerland for America.
Selected families that know their European roots.
          This is just a start. Contact me if you descend from any of the above or have information to add to this list.

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