Johannes Alguire

Johannes Alguire

Johannes was born on Jul.22,1714 Heidelberg, Germany to Michael Alguire & his wife Catherine
*(source=photocopy of German baptismal/birth records G.S. m.f. #1.189.133) *********************************************************************

He arrived at Philadelphia in the early 1740s and his 2 sons Jacob and Martin arrived at Philadelphia in 1749.
*(source=article "The Alguires of New York and Canada published by G.B.Alguire-source#67) *********************************************************************

He was in Pennsylvania in 1745.
*(source=According ot research done in the 1920s by G.B.Alguire, Johannes Algeyer married Catherine Margretha Mueller on July.16,1745 in Augustus Lutheran church Collegeville, Pennsylvania. He found the records at Trappe Pennsylvania) *********************************************************************

He took the oath of Allegience in Pennsylvania in 1749.
*(source="Pennsylvania German Pioneers" by Ralph Beaver Strassburger LL.D.
[List 144C] At the Court House at Philadelphia, Tuesday the 17th 8ber 1749.
Present: Thomas Lawrence Esq.Mayor
The Foreigners whose names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Fane, Captn Wm Hyndman, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, England, did this day take the usual oaths to the Government, Palatine, Wirtemberg, Rottenstein.
By the List 119[Persons] 178.6
Johannes (+) Algeyer
page 425, 485) *********************************************************************

According to church records found of the Alguires:
they farmed in Berks county, Pennsylvania,
then moved to Albany New York around 1752/1753.
From there they went to the Mohawk Valley, Tryon county N.Y. to the settlement around Johnstown about 1762/1763.
Johannes and his 3 sons, JACOB, MARTIN and JOHN, served under Sir William Johnson against the Indians.
Johannes was recorded as being 60 years old in 1775.
*(source=research and copy of records done by G.B.Alguire) *********************************************************************

Military Record
Johannis was under Capt. Jellis Fonda in Montgomery Co. May 1785

*(source=research done by G.B.Alguire)

[NOTE: If Johannes was recorded as being 60 years old in 1775 then he would have been 70 yearsold in 1785 serving in the military?
Since his son JOHN GEORGE is also found under the name Johann, perhaps this record belongs to him and not to his father.]
*(source=research done by G.B.Alguire)


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