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We have been trying for years to trace the ancestry of PHILIP MYERS married to CATHERINE CLINE of Stormont County , Ontario, Canada

---------- Photographs
Philip Myers (1807-1904)& Catherine Cline (1829-1901)
John Sylvester Myers (1860-1947) & Elizabeth Graham (1857-1940)B>
John Houston Myers (1893-1982) & Clara McElheran (1895-1989) & Family
John Houston Myers (1893-1982) & Clara McElheran (1895-1989)
William Franklin Myers (1876-1941) & Kenneth Roy Myers (1915-1987) taken in 1916
Photographs of Myers tombstones - Woodlawn Cemetery July 2000
Photograph of Ruby McElheran & Russell Presley - Hillcrest Cemetery, Newington Ontario
Photograph of George Arthur McElheran (1887-1952)

---------- Possible Ancestry of PHILIP MYERS
Information on possible Myers lineage

Information sheet on Michael Myers UEL & Elizabeth Eamer
Information sheet on Godfrey Myers & Abigail Campbell
Information sheet on Michael Myers & Ann Clark
Information sheet on Philip Myers & Catherine Cline
Information sheet on William Micheal Myers & Julia Ann Eastman
Information sheet on John Sylvester Myers & Elizabeth Graham

Descendants of Philip Myers & Catherine Cline
Descendants of William Michael Myers & Julia Ann Eastman
Descendants of John Sylvester Myers & Elizabeth Graham
Descendants of Hiram Edwin Myers & Henrietta Ferguson
Descendants of Mary Caroline Myers & Robert Loney

---------- McELHERAN
Descendants of Charles McElheran & Susan Thompson
Descendants of Alexander Charles McElheran & Mary Campbell
Descendants of George McElheran & Mary Ann Murdock
Descendants of William John McElheran & Jane Kirk & Christy Grant

Descendants of Michael Gallinger Sr. U.E.L.

Descendants of Michael Cline Sr. U.E.L.

---------- GRAHAM - CLYDE
Descendants of William Graham & Sarah Clyde

Sources of Information "References"

I will be uploading the descendants and information as I get them typed up, so visit often to see updates.

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Compiled by Sue and Brian Myers 2000

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Last updated November 4, 2001