Interesting Ancestors & Relatives of the Harlock and O'Grady Families

Interesting Ancestors & Relatives of the
Harlock and O'Grady Families

If you're related to me, then they are part of your family too!

Col. John Armstrong - VETERAN - Revolutionary War Officer; Explorer; Judge and Magistrate in Ohio

John Hilditch Armstrong - VETERAN - Civil War soldier; member of Co. "A", 151st Indiana Regiment; youngest son of Col. John Armstrong

Thomas Bliss, Sr. - Progenitor of the American Bliss Family

Abner Chapin - VETERAN - served in Capt. Paul Langdon's company at the siege of Boston and in the Canadian campaign during the Revolutionary War

Henry Chapin - Captain of merchant ship c. 1655; Rep. to the General Court in 1689

Deacon Samuel Chapin - One of the founders of Springfield, MA; Selectman, Auditor, Magistrate and Church Deacon; Immigrant ancestor

William Harrison Chapin, Sr. - VETERAN - Civil War soldier: member of Co. "I", 27th Regiment Mass. Volunteer Infantry

Hon. Stephen Grover Cleveland - 22nd & 24th President of the United States; Governor of New York, Mayor of Buffalo, New York, NY

Benjamin Cooley - One of founders of Springfield, MA; town's only cloth weaver; immigrant ancestor

Ralph Waldo Emerson - US Poet, Essayist, and Lecturer

Major William Goforth - VETERAN - Revolutionary war officer, Judge of Hamilton County, Ohio

Dr, William Goforth - Physician, Pioneer, probably the first to vaccinate west of the Alleghanies

Marion Michael "John Wayne" Morrison - Hollywood Actor and Film Star

Daniel Joseph O'Grady - VETERAN - WWI Sgt. First Class in Aero Squadron; Inventor of Patent #1,908,174 "Drill String Coupling" for oil field production work.

Mary Bliss Parsons - Accused of being a witch during the New England "witch trials"

President William Howard Taft - 27th President of the United States

Noah Webster - VETERAN - American Lexicorgapher, author, teacher, journalist, lawyer, Revolutionary War soldier


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