The Queenealogist’s Old Homepage The Queenealogist bids RootsWeb farewell



The Queenealogist’s Old Homepage


We have moved our castle to a fine new domain:

Why? Because is retiring portions of RootsWeb:

“Hosted websites will become read‐only beginning in early 2024. At that time, all logins will be disabled, but hosted sites will remain on RootsWeb as static content. Website owners wishing to maintain their sites must migrate to a different hosting provider before 2024.”

It’s been a good run. We’re grateful for the years we were able to share our family stories via RootsWeb’s Freepages – which were, indeed, free.


We’ve removed our family history articles from this site. You can find all of them at our new website, Please visit us there!



Our original site was launched 30 Dec 2004

We moved to RootsWeb on 1 Oct 2009

Around 20 Dec 2017 this site went dark during the Great RootsWeb Blackout
On 5 Sep 2018 it rose from the ashes when RootsWeb reinstated it, along with thousands of others

This page was updated for the very last time on 28 March 2023