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Ella Nora Keller married Mahlen R. Scherer. Their children were: Edward Vincent Scherer born November 1, 1937, Barbara Marie Scherer born June 9, 1941 and Mary Joanne Scherer born April 10, 1946. Ella Keller died on January 18, 1985 in Westminster ,MD and is buried with Mahlen at Veteran’s Cemetery in Baltimore.

“Ella Nora Keller was born on October 14,1914 to Henry George and Mary Ann Keller. She was the eldest of 7 children and helped take care of her younger brothers and sisters. Her siblings were: Lawrence,Isabel,Henry,Raymond,John and Mary Elizabeth.The family lived on Montgomery Road with the mailing address of Ellicott City,MD As a result of helping out with the younger children and with chores on the farm, Ella did not have much formal schooling. As a young woman, Ella gained employment as a maid for the Froelinger family. She only worked there a few years but must have been appreciated as Christmas presents came from that family at least 20 years after she left their employ.

For some reason, Ella liked to go to the movies on her day off. One day, she went uptown Baltimore to the movies and a man was watching her buy her ticket. He bought a ticket also and found a seat beside her in the movie. They conversed a little before the movie. After the movie was over, they talked about it on the way out and the man asked if she would have coffee with him.. That started her relationship with Mahlen Robert Scherer. Mahlen and Ella had three children- Edward Vincent, Barbara Marie and Mary Joanne. There was not much money then and the family had a small one bedroom apartment at 31 E. Hamburg St. in Baltimore. Ella hated living in the apartment and hated living in the city. Living in the city was all that Mahlen knew! Ella and Mahlen took their children to the Keller farm to visit occasionally. Life was not really wonderful for them. They were poor and Ella was always intimidated by others. She did not work outside the home so the apartment was where she was every day. In October of 1952, Mahlen was ill at work. He wound up in Veteran's Hospital with a diagnosis of stomach cancer. He only had four months to live. Mahlen died on February 7,1953. Ella's family was very supportive of her with Mahlen's death. In June of that year, Ella and her three children moved to her brother John's farm in Westminster.”

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