I1047: Andrew BAKER (Abt. 1692 - ____)

Andrew BAKER


Abt. 1692 - ____

Family 1 : Mary "Molly" BOLLING
  1.  Bolling BAKER
  2.  Robert BAKER
  3.  Elijah BAKER
  4.  Cuthbert BAKER
  5.  Richard BAKER
  6. +John Renta BAKER

[24] "Andy" Baker born Abt 1604, Buckinghamshire, England emigrated to Boston Massachusetts in 1624. It is believed his son John was born there 1624-1630. John had two known sons, Robert (James) and Samuel.

Robert and Samuel were gunsmiths and settle in Chester/Lancaster Co, PA, develops The Pennsylvania Rifle later known as the "Kentucky Long Rifle". He and his brother Samuel were the FIRST gunmakers in Lancaster Co, PA., considered by historians, as the CRADLE of gunmaking in America. There is no record of Samuel here. This history is about the descendants of Robert (James)Baker, possibility America's first Gunsmith. Robert Baker, SR, his son Caleb Baker & his brother Samuel Baker are found in the book, GUNSMITHS OF LANCASTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA by John bisher Whiskers.

Andrew Baker, son or Robert (James) married Mary Mollie Bowling who is believed to be from the same Bollin family with ties to Pocahontus

John "Renta" Baker, son of Andrew & Mary Mollie Bowling, was one of the famous "Longhunters". Men who went west of the Blue Ridge Mountains for the first time on extended hunting & trapping trips. He was also a memeber of the "Cleveland Bull Dogs", who ran the Tories out of Wilkes/Ashe County, NC and surrounding areas just before the Revolutionary War. John "Renta' Baker's exploits are described in several books currently in print! These are, THE LONG HUNT by ted Franklin Belue; THE LIFE OF DANIEL BOONE by Lyman C. Draper edited by Ted Franklin Belue & KING'S MOUNTAIN & IT'S HEROES by Lyman c. Draper.


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Family 1 : Carla Jo MCLAIN