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Dec 16, 2005
I have discontinuted the ability to add items to this guestbook. Spammers have made it their mission to fill Rootsweb guestbooks with garbage entries and I don't have time to do the necessary cleanup. Past entries are still visible by clicking on the view guestbook entries button above. Until Rootsweb does something to curb the ability of spammers to take advantage of this service this site will no longer allow guestbook entries.

If you would like to see this guestbook back online please contact Rootsweb and voice your support for added guestbook security. Please be kind and remember Rootsweb IS a free service and many of the people behind the scenes are volunteers.

Update Dec 27, 2005
It appears the spammers do not need the entry form to get garbage into the books as the spam still continues to show up. I have requested a change in the guestbook number from Rootsweb which should take care of the problem at least temporarily AND keep the old entries. I have not yet heard back whether or not the programmers are willing to do that. When I hear anything I'll post it here.

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