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Help! How do I print a picture?

If you find a picture of yourself, family or friends and would like to print out a few pages for yourself you have my blessing. I just ask that you do not print the entire book and offer it for sale somewhere.

There are many ways to print out the pages on this site. The one way that usually DOES NOT work is to hit print while in your web browser. The images are usually too large and the browser does not seem to know how to resize the photos to fit on the page. That being said I'll outline two ways I have found work well.

Both of these require you to save the picture to your hard drive prior to printing. Saving is easy, just right click on the image and choose Save or Save As. You will be asked where you want to save it on your hard drive. The desktop or the my pictures folder is a good place. Where ever you tell it to save just remember where that is.

Print using a word processor program

The following instructions are for Word 2003. Older versions of Word and WordPerfect should be similar. When the instructions have > between the steps that means do the next step. For example. Open the fridge > take out the milk > pour it in a glass.

1. Open a word processor such as Microsoft Word or WordPerfect. It helps to reset your margins to 1/2" on all sides. To do this click on the following: File > Page Setup > Margins. Set all to .50 and click ok.

2. Insert the picture. Click the following: Insert > Picture > From File. Find the file you just saved and click Insert.

3. Resize the picture to just inside the margins. Usually you can set it to just inside either the top/bottom margins or the left/right margins.

4. Print using photo quality settings.

Printing using a photoprinting software.

I use Arcsoft PhotoPrinter. It came with my digital camera and is a great little piece of software. It lets you drag and drop photos into a template and print. It automatically adjusts margins, allows multiple copies to be printed etc.

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