Yearbooks I'm Looking For

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Yearbooks I'm Looking For

Here are specific books (actual books or scanned copies) I am looking for.

  • Pre 1940 Kenton Co. KY Schools

  • 1940 Newport High School, Newport, KY

  • 1940 or 1941 Western Hills High School, Cincinnati, OH

  • 1943-1945 Tawana, Trenton High School & Jr. College, Trenton, MO

  • Pre 1950 African American Schools

  • Pre 1950 Grant Co. Ky Schools (Crittenden School or Grant Co. School)

  • 1975-1976 Patrick Henry Jr. High, Sunnyvale, CA

  • 1976 and/or 1977 Marion A. Peterson High School, Sunnyvale, CA

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