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My cousin and I have researched our family lines for numerous years. We are still researching the family lines. As, you well know genealogy is a never ending cycle...

As we were researching our lines. We found that our family tree, didn't look like a tree at all. Ours looked like a great big spirograph! So we decided to research the entire County of Scott, Virginia.

Remember, to always make sure you check for sources. Do not take our research as final proof! We are constantly updating our research on a daily basis with new source material. Our Surname Index will be updated monthly.

  Our Research is not at this site!!!

 You must e-mail us with your requests

Our Guideline to Receive our Information:

  • Our Material is Copyrighted
  • Share your immediate family line with us in exchange for our research.
  • Remember! We will list you as the contributor, not ourselves, when we publish our books!

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