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Richard BALDWIN (J504)
(Son of Richard BALDWIN & Alice KILBERY)
Born: after 28 Feb 1618/9 
(under 21 in father's will)
Buried: 17 May 1693, West Kington WIL
Will: written 29 Apr 1693; proved 20 Oct 1693, Wiltshire Archdeaconry
Occupation: Yeoman



Eleanor ?? (J505) (see Notes)
Died: 14 May 1674; buried 16 May 1674, Quaker Burial Ground, Luckington WIL (of Littleton Drew)

(Order not fully known)

Roger BALDWIN (J252)
buried: ? 22 Apr 1729, West Kington WIL ?
married: William TAYLOR
? Anne BALDWIN ?
buried: 26 Aug 1673, Nettleton WIL
married: George ALBORNE, 7 Jul 1672, Nettleton WIL



Although given as wife of Richard BALDEN (sic) at her burial in 1674, Eleanor may not have been mother of any or all of his children, as she may have been a second or subsequent wife.

Richard BALDWIN is listed as churchwarden in Littleton Drew at various times between 1662 and 1678, and in West Kington in 1686.

Variant spellings of the surname BALDWIN include BALDEN, BALDWINE and BALDWYN.


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